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Ravens Vow A SCANDALOUS ARRANGEMENTAmerican merchant John Raven had stolen the toast of the London season out from under the ton's very nose He had offered the lovely Lady Catherine Montfort freedom in exchange for marriage and she'd accepted despite her father's assertion he'd rather see the interloping colonial dead than wed to his daughterCatherine had expected nothing from Raven but her enigmatic and seductive husband in name only made her wish for a real wedding night He'd married her for convenience's sake but she feared he'd gotten than he'd bargained for had she by accepting his hand put Raven in grave danger Compré este libro de apuro en una libreria porue en el banco no me dejaban usar el celular donde tengo lo ue estoy leyendo y tenia una larga espera ante mi Es un histórico viejuno 1997 pero me encantó Si bien no es perfecto y sus protagonistas tienen mucha diferencia de edad 18 ella y 34 él cosa ue odio desde ue soy veterana me resultó una bella historia de amor y sobre todo con muy pocos tópicos aleluyaAme a Raven y Catherine merecía tener 24 años por lo menosNo cuento mucho porue es de esas ue se cocinan a fuego lento y una va descubriendo lo ue pasa con sorpresasOjo no es un Kleypas pero me dejó con una sonrisa en la cara Reviewed for THC ReviewsI first read Raven’s Vow probably close to twenty years ago not long after it was released It was actually one of the first books I ever reviewed I came up with the idea of reviewing books long before book blogs became trendy and I even found someplace to post a few of my reviews although I can’t for the life of me recall where since there were few websites of that nature at the time The review I wrote for Raven’s Vow became one of the few I posted back then and it must have been a favorable one I remember that part clearly because author Gayle Wilson found the review and contacted me with a thank you message I’ve long since lost the email but it gave me a thrill to know that an author I liked had taken notice of my work After that motherhood took precedence and reviewing got put on the back burner until about a decade later when I joined GoodReads and started my own review siteWhen I picked up Raven’s Vow for another go around I honestly didn’t recall anything about the story just that I had liked it before That being the case I don’t know precisely how my feelings on it from then compare to my feelings after re reading it I still enjoyed it but perhaps because I’ve been analyzing a large number of authors’ works over the past ten years and am now a writer myself I picked up on what I would call a few small weaknesses So while it was still good and definitely worthy of a four star rating or perhaps slightly above four it may not have been uite as good for me as it was the first time But I can’t be sureThis marriage of convenience story between an untitled American businessman and the daughter of a duke who is afraid of losing her independence if she marries someone of her own class got off to a great start with them meeting and forming a strong attraction for one another But it isn’t until he uncovers a plot between her father and the aristocrat everyone had expected her to marry to force her into that marriage that she agrees to the hero’s proposal and they make a mad dash to Gretna Green to make it legal This first third or so of the book is pretty fast paced but the middle section tended to lag a bit This is when our heroine begins to host a string of dinner parties to help her new husband make the necessary connections to find investors for his railroad venture But what really tended to slow it down for me was that the hero and heroine start fighting their feelings for one another They keep making the excuse that theirs is only a marriage of convenience and the other person couldn’t possibly feel the same way they do Therefore they have no right to ask anything of them and don’t really even try to explore the romantic side of their relationship for uite a while This made me impatient for them to just get on with it already Finally during the last third of the book their feelings begin to emerge and a plot against the hero’s life is revealed so things picked up again for a nice denouementCatherine is the only child of a duke who mostly has her daddy wrapped around her little finger He’s given her a great deal of latitude for a young woman in high society and she’s very much afraid of losing her freedom if she agrees to marry anyone of her social set She also had one lapse in judgment when at sixteen she was taken in by a smooth talking fortune hunter who got her most of the way to Gretna Green before they were caught by her father Now at eighteen her father is getting impatient for her to choose a suitor but she doesn’t want just anyone Catherine is an intelligent young woman and most of the men who would make suitable matches from a social standpoint bore her to tears Then into her life comes John Raven an impertinent American businessman who won’t take no for an answer He definitely holds her interest but knowing that her father would never approve of such a match for his daughter she keeps turning him down When Raven shows her the copy for an engagement announcement between her and a man who has made it clear that he won’t allow her to continue doing many of the things she’s used to doing she finally capitulates At least Raven has said he will give her the freedom to do as she pleases as well as keep her in the style to which she’s accustomed so he seems like the much safer choice She just didn’t expect to fall in love with her new husband and then not know how to approach him with her feelingsI like the way Catherine and Raven meet when she is defending a helpless donkey whose owner is beating it in the street She was obviously an animal lover so I dearly would have loved it if this side of her had been explored but this is really the only incident of note in this regard There are a few moments early on when Catherine comes off as slightly entitled and perhaps just a tad immature but overall I did like her She fell for Raven even though he’s nothing at all like the men she’s used to being around and her uick thinking helped to save his business venture when all might have otherwise been lost She also trusted him implicitly staunchly defending her husband to her father when he and everyone else thought Raven had simply disappeared with their moneyJohn who is simply known as Raven throughout most of the story is one uarter Native American and that part of his heritage particularly his grandmother’s teachings plays a part in the story But mostly he’s a very successful and wealthy businessman who has traveled the world and is now looking to start a coal mining and railroad business in England Unfortunately without the proper entrée into society to find the needed investors his venture is dead in the water until his man of business suggests that he needs a society wife with the proper connections When Raven sees Catherine defending the donkey he knows her fiery spirit is just what he needs and wants so he approaches her with a proposal she can have the freedom she craves in exchange for helping him It takes some doing to convince her to marry him but once she does and he gets to know her even better he becomes convinced that she is the woman his grandmother told him of from one of her visions He gradually begins to fall for Catherine but doesn’t think he has a right to ask anything from her than their original contract specifiedI really liked Raven a lot Although he probably could have stepped up his efforts at wooing Catherine a little sooner I liked that he took things a bit slower and wanted to genuinely romance his wife I also very much liked that he fully trusted her Even when he found her in a state of dishabille at the home of her former suitor he took her at her word that she’d been assaulted and defended her honor never really uestioning why she was there in the first place He got major brownie points from me for that I also couldn’t help but like his determination to get back to Catherine when he was abducted and nearly killed Raven was just an all around great guyIf not for that slow middle section Raven’s Vow probably would have earned permanent keeper status from me but even still it was a pretty good re read Except for a few minor flaws I very much liked the hero and heroine There aren’t many stand out supporting characters to speak of just Catherine’s father and her former suitor who stir up a bit of conflict for our lovebirds Overall the romance was heartfelt with some lovely sensuality when they finally reach that point in their relationship although it maybe took just a little too long to get there Otherwise I can’t think of any other complaints The writing itself was strong and it was a nicely constructed story In fact I’d say that it now has a slight edge as my favorite of Gayle Wilson’s books I’ve read to date I was disappointed While this was definitely a typical roller coaster of twists and turns I was disappointed in the lead characters The male lead for playing games and in my opinion being mildly childish in there schemes And disappointed in the female lead who was so smart independent and strong only to become a cryer instead of the direct women she was up to those points in the book It simply annoyed the crap other of me that these two pretended directness and frankness only to deliberately misunderstand each bother over and over again Stubbornness and pride at play but also stupidity at times The male lead at one point decided he was going to pursue his wife and make her love him but then all he did was keep disappearing on her I swear most of the romance was in their individual heads while they were away from each other The author definitely played her usual lunge and feint of the romance between the characters Every time they get close they then move apart for some stupid reason It just dragged after awhile This was not as emotionally gripping as her other books “His Secret Duchess” or “Lady Sarah’s Son” in particular I was just bored reading this one It really wasn’t bad just disappointing in comparison to the above mentioned other books Enjoy if you can

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 297 pages
  • Ravens Vow
  • Gayle Wilson
  • English
  • 05 October 2016
  • 9780373289493

About the Author: Gayle Wilson

Gayle Wilson is a two time RITA® Award winner taking home the RITA® Award for Best Romantic Suspense Novel in 2000 and for Best Romantic Novella in 2004 In addition to twice winning the prestigious RITA® Award Gayle’s books have garnered than 50 other awards and nominations including most recently the Daphne du Maurier Award for the Best Single Title Romantic Suspense of 2008 awarded to

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