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    Fire was a really good seuel to The Circle it had the same feel but with higher stakes and some interesting new characters Most importantly the characters I came to love in the first book all had really good development in this one Every single one of them changed in some way and I really enjoyed it It's always rare for me to read a book that's really long without realizing just how long it is Fire is the longest book I've read all year but it didn't bother me in the slightest There was a lot of backstory on the different girls' home lives but I cared enough about each of them to stay interested view spoilerThere's also a part where bodyswap is used as a plot point which is really fun to read and a great way to show the girls some of the other people's lives I think that was my favorite part of this book hide spoiler

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    A superb second piece to this trilogy I didn't realize how invested I'd become in all the girls until they were in peril again Their world expands and so does the world of the reader I was drawn in by the addition of a vaguely then not so vaguely threatening organisation and the threads that began in the first book were pulled wider into a bigger web I really loved how you felt like you were visiting a familiar place and people; I really liked how some of the adult characters were developed particularly my ueen Adriana Lopez I feel like I was prepared for the inevitable loss and had guessed correctly but that honestly didn't make it any easierI need a bit of a breather before tackling the third and final novel Mostly because if anything bad happens to the remaining girls I won't be responsible for my actions

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    AMAZING i loved this book so much so amazing just like the first one i need the last one RIGHT NOW

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    Rep lesbian mc bi mc mixed race Iranian mci want 2 fucking punch something 1 star because it was so goddamn long

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    who authorized this to hit me in the feels as hard as it did??? the ending was so I am floored and will be suaring up against anyone and anything that gets between me and reading the 3rd book asap

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    2020I have no words I’m not sure why I still feel baffled and mindblown by how amazing this series is but I still am I think that this time around Eld was a little bit weaker than Cirkeln but it’s still a MASTERPIECE and I probably prefer it still Now onto Nyckeln Gaaaah 2015Still as good as the first two times around I've been moving from lovely familiar Sweden to the US this week and reading something familiar from home has really helped me deal with things I look forward to continue and re read Nyckeln as I've only read it once

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    Oh my god This book was so so so good I can't even I usually don't like Swedish books but this series is amazing

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    For go to

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    So happy i can pick up the next book immediately

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    425 stars That ending though An entertaining book about Swedish witches and demons I really enjoyed how the story and most of the characters developed in this book I'm so nervous to how this trilogy is gonna wrap itself up Hopefully in a good way

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Eld Praised by Lev Grossman as stunning …raw real smart very thrilling and very very wicked” The Circle the first book in the internationally bestselling Engelsfors Trilogy introduced a group of high school girls with special powers who became the Chosen Ones As book two Fire begins Minoo Vanessa Linnéa Anna Karin and Ida have been struggling with their own demons all summer long Now school is back in session and whether they like it or not the five Chosen Ones must stick together stronger than ever beforeEvil is back in Engelsfors and it threatens to engulf everyone and everything—and only if the five girls accept their strengths and trust each other unconditionally will they have any chance of defeating itThe second installment of the Engelsfors Trilogy—an international sensation with rights sold in 26 countries— Fire sees the past woven together with the present the living with the dead our human world with demonic forces This spellbinding novel takes the reader on a wild journey in a world where the stakes are higher than life and death