Magical Aromatherapy The Power of Scent Llewellyn's New

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Magical Aromatherapy The Power of Scent Llewellyn's New Age Series Great book about magic for neopagans The goddess is often the centre of their worlds to learn about the goddess go on wwwyonicom He packed a lot of information into this field sized book Take it into the garden with you to gather herbs for sachets and potpourris The botanical names included are helpful when buying plants All the detail about essential oils really helped when confronted with too many choices at the store I am truly glad I decided to read this one If you love growing and using herbs I highly recommend this book Scott Cunningham shows the effects that essential oils and extracts have on our inner selves The current knowledge of the physiological and psychological effects of natural fragrances are combined with the ancient art of magical perfumery Learn how to use these tools to enhance psychic perception help finances attract love and Over 200000 copies sold Another book passed on by a friend The print date is 20 years ago The information in this book seems timeless This book has descriptions of herbs and plants the part of the plant usedthe planet the element and the magical influences also a recipe part for the mixing of essential oils to make a blend for specific purposes For example cash flow oil and protection oil A little reference book Good companion for other indepth book such Salvatore Baglia's Aromatherapy book Well written and with some interesting stuff It covers known essential oils bu also some some fruit like melon Another great Cunningham resource this one based on using aromatherapy for magical purposes This one is reference than recipes with entries for many different essential oils and plants that can be used both for aromatheraputic and for magical purposes Tons of info in this book great reference to have in any collection Difficulty Level BeginnerNo magickal background necessaryPros It's an occultPagan classicThe book is written for Pagans in generalI highly recommend getting the ebook so you can uickly find the plants you're looking for Written for practitioners at any levelThe first part of this book discusses how ancient people used aromatic plants and which plants they preferred Then aromatic plants are listed encyclopedia style with their magickal ualities and suggestions for how to use them for those purposes The suggestions are all centered around taking advantage of the plant's strong scent They're short simple spells that anyone can do; not elaborate rituals Botanical names are given to each plant so that you won't confuse them with plants that have the same common name Contains the proper warningsThere are not only warnings about plants that are dangerous to inhale burn etc but also about potential mild side effects like skin irritation and headachesCons No in text citations There's a bibliography though Doesn't contain any botanical drawings of the plantsI should note that the medicinal use of plants is not discussed nor does it say which plants are safe to ingest This is a book on their use as fragrances and magickal itemsPersonal Note This was one of my first magickal books I was infatuated with it and kept it in the car to re read during road trips I was fixated with how ancient people did magick using ingredients that were in my own kitchen cabinet no less I couldn't stay away from this book A slim little reference book that takes traditional aromatherapy one step further and describes how to apply the power of scent magickally by empowering the energy within the plants or parts of the plants being used that provide the scent as well as the scents themselves It's a handy reference with type of plant parts used magickal association and techniues for use as well as the appropriate cautions and warnings The appendices with where to get supplies and such are mostly outdated now but all in all a handy tool for a uick reference though given a choice between the two I think I prefer his Complete Book of Incense Oils and Brews