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    He was a kick boxer from Russia a savage with the soul of a wolf and eyes icier than the perpetually frozen snows of the endless tundraShe was the only one who could tame him she with her laughing eyes and curly black hair and her need to be clever and funny and warm when he assured her again and again that he could not feel anything at all I don't know I just got tired of it after about twenty pages The hero's torment was so over the top I felt like the author was putting me on And the heroine was not so much too stupid to live as too cheerful to live That's my review of NOT JUST THE BOSS' PLAYTHING I'll come back someday and do a review of A DEVIL IN DISGUISE where the hero is a powerful Spanish billionaire who thinks he can buy anythingIf you can dig that

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    In Not Just The Boss's Plaything the heroine Alicia literally falls into Nikolai in a club and goes to bed with him as soon as they meet what's the hurry? Alicia is complex having a terrible opinion of herself She had had sex with the married man father of three btw The hero Nikolai also has a self image problem and he basically feels he is devoid of emotion and is highly sexual These two do not express feelings well and the books just lack warmth and emotion Did not even bother to finish this book When I try to read recently published Harleuin romances then the authors seem to have lost their zest for love and romance HPs are so cold and unemotional Too much telling rather than showing lack of dialogue unlikeable characters The books are so boring and wasting of moneyTry Linda Howard Karen Rose Kay Hooper Diana Palmer instead

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    I loved Nikolai’s story He and Alicia are a brilliant couple and I was delighted at the way their story developed I am surprised at some of the negative reviews but then we’re all different and it would be so boring if we all liked exactly the same things For me Caitlin Crews is one of the best writers around Her prose is clever descriptive and freuently poetic There is never a wasted word and I like the way she treats her readers as intelligent and able to appreciate the literary references which pervade her story lines and her characters Alicia was an interesting character and I loved the way Nikolai let in the cool light of truth into her belief that she was bad when he pointed out that the man who took advantage of her drunken state was a predator and that she was guilty of nothing What a burden she had been carrying all those years Nikolai was cold and distant yet hot and emotional and utterly beguiling I really enjoyed the way Alicia did not give up on him I love these stories where love really does hold the solution I loved the epilogue with Ivan and Miranda as well these epilogues can be such satisfying treats at the end of the story I’ve now become uite frustrated when I read a book without one

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    Not Just a Boss' Plaything I had ualms about this story after reading some of the reviews But It turned out great The heroine is not really promiscuous Think about it just like some teenagers she was partying and drinking which got her in trouble She's not proud of herself and has turned her life around based on her mistakes The hero's story is heartwrenching He had a very sad past that you wouldn't wish to happen on a child His poor upbringing had caused him to look at life in a most crooked way I wished there were funny dialogues between them The heroine is strong and direct to the point Her love for him saved him in the end It's a wonderful story imhoA Devil in Disguise Lovely story too The heroine is strong and she knows how to handle the stubborn hero I find their interactions funny Both are a pain in the ass uite entertaining

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    I won this book in a Goodreads first reads contestThis book contains two novels Not Just the Boss's Playting and A Devil in DisguiseNot Just the Boss's Plaything Has interesting and fascinating characters; an intense edgy and passionate plot It is the main reason I give this book a rating of 4 stars as I liked this novel much than the 2nd oneA Devil in Disguise It has an appropriate title as the main male character is a selfish asshole who has no redeeming ualities until the last chapter; I really hated him And I could not relate to the main female character; I just could not understand her This book was not romantic enough for meSo I would highly recommend the first story but not the second

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    Loved the tension in this story Thankfully no tiresome unsullied perfect virgin but a woman whose actions years ago held profound conseuences that still dictated her current day actions Loved the mouth on her though at times I didn't like seeming powerlessness while she went along with what the H dictated Loved the flawed herothough and that as he healed so did sheAlso she's got brown skin and short curls What a striking looking couple they must make

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    Finally a heroine as we might find in real life instead of the usual shy introvert virgins Gotta say it's been a while since I read a Harleuin book I started finding them kind of repetitive and boringBut that one muy bueno Tons of angst a tormented hero a heroine with an awesome personality Loved it

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    Didn't care the heroine had a promiscuous past So dnfI did like the hero tho The prose was compelling I just have no tolerance in HPs for heroines with a she ho past or present I see that in real life and don't want to read it in fiction

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    I'm not having the greatest of months with MB Crews is a fantastic author and she always reels me in from page one but the heroine's past behaviour killed this one for me The topic was possibly too close to home so I'll leave it at that

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    It was a pretty good novel I was impressed with some parts and in others not too much There wasn't enough background information to build an emotional reaction

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Not Just the Bosss PlaythingA Devil In Disguise Not Just the Boss's Plaything A very personal performance plan From the moment Alicia Teller tripped and fell into Nikolai Korovin's arms her iron clad control started to slip While Alicia's tantalizing curves might drive Nikolai to distraction business and pleasure are not two things this legendary tycoon has ever mixeduntil now A Devil in Disguise Playing with fire Drusilla Bennett's job from hell will soon be over Ready to take her life back she plucks up the courage to say I uit But nothing and no one has ever taken Cayo Vila by surprise and he's not going to let Dru go uite so easily