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The Change in Di Navarra's Plan The scent of successIt’s been a long time since aspiring perfumer Holly Craig naively gave in to the practised charms and false promises of playboy Drago Di Navarra Now as the face of his next cosmetics campaign Holly will prove she’s a than worthy adversary for the intoxicating CEOOn the surface Drago is the epitome of precision and power Yet he is haunted by the memory of a seemingly innocent girl and the moment he discovered she was just like all the rest But Drago’s about to uncover the secret Holly’s been hiding and all of his carefully laid plans will come undone

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    Reread Second time around I didn't like it as much as the first time reading itWow really good story line Really enjoy this Harleuin Present Was drawn in right away and read it in one sitting Highly recommended

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    Cruel hero alert Yup A bona fide cruel hero – but not of the old skool alas Those vintage cruel heroes didn’t have an excuse for cruelty They just were This hero has a point of view and a terrible backstory so he ends up looking neurotic than cruel by the end of the story when he’s publicly begging the fed up heroine to return to himI wanted him to grovel for1 Assuming the just off the plane heroine from Louisiana was the new model for his perfume ad campaign2 For deciding to seduce her knowing she was naïve and unsure3 For kicking her out the next day after she explained the mix up and that she wanted him to buy her perfume formula4 For directing his secretary to screen his phone calls and correspondence from her5 For forgetting all about her for a year until he runs into her again while she is waitressing at a casino6 For believing a virgin went from his bed to another man’s within days to conceive a child7 For coming up with an asinine contract to have the heroine model again8 For not bothering to smell her perfume samples9 For threatening to take her son away when he found out the truth10 For making everything about him and his mommy issuesWhat he groveled forFeeling unlovable and thinking the heroine was like his mother Heroine had to assure him he was lovable and bleh What a disappointing ending Hero and heroine for that matter never admitted just how reprehensible his behavior was to the heroine when they first met or to his date when he ran into the heroine again or his date at the charity ball None of those ladies were OWs – they just had the bad luck to interact with this dude Heroine was an idiot to lie to him about her son – so hero does have standing for being angry and not trusting her It all evens out at the end I suppose Still if you’re craving a cruel hero I think you’ll be satisfied with this one

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    Okay I just reread this for some crazy reason and I had to rerate it It was better than one star for sure I think I forgot most of it and concentrated on the whole non celibacy thing and that is normally a deal breaker for me Big time deal breaker But in rereading I realize they only had one night together before he threw her out They didn't really know each other I think he overreacted in the morning when he found her perfume kit and he knew he was her first lover so I don't get why he went so unforgiving on her and so mean And I really hate that she had no other men during the separation but he had numerous women he even had one with him the night they met again And he kicked her to the curb wihthout a second thought too I just hate that premise Yet I would not want her to be with bunches of men just to even it out It really is just hard for me to accept that He really did love her in the end He made that big gesture on the train which was romantic and I bought it But he was definitely hard to like most of the time He just blew her dreams off like they weren't important He was going to take the baby away She tried to contact him to tell him about the baby but she couldn't get through She sent him a letter She didn't have money to go there so I understood that and I think he would have too if it hadn't been for his mom I just don't know I am glad they had the epilogue and I am glad I reread it but I still have reservations about it

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    Whew I almost gave up on Harleuin Presents cause they are getting worse and worse but Lynn Raye Harris saved the day again Such a talented new author Drago is a gorgeous Italian playboy who mistakes aspiring perfumer Holly for a model and spends the night with her When he realizes Holly slept with him in order to sell her fragrances he refuses to listen to her and throws her out One year later Drago sees Holly at the casino where she works and decides he wants her face on his new campaign Holly who is struggling to bring up her baby boy alone accepts and they travel to Italy But Drago is a hard ruthless man and Holly fears of Drago's reaction when he finds out he is Nicky's father LRH writing is as sensual intense and alpha male as ever The romance was passionate sexy and always center to the story I love that the heroine was a nice somewhat naive person but she also would stand up for herself and would do anything for her baby Drago was a great alpha hero whose darkness and pain only made him appealing Little Nickolas was adorable and there was a cute epilogue as well

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    375 StarsThis is a story I moderately liked The hero was pretty harsh and suspicious of all women and even most menHe had a rough childhood and apparently a pretty poor mother A woman who thought of pleasing herself than settling down to raise her son She used him as a pawn to get money from his dead father's family and used it on herself So now the son believes every woman on the planet is just like good ole mom This man is in his thirties yet he couldn't differentiate between his mother other mothers and women in general so he trusted no one Let me tell you that got boring because there was so much repetition in his thought process that it really slowed the story downThe ending was good but was too little too late for me

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    I didn't like the book At the end I didn't believe these two love each other The hero was a jerk towards the heroine most of the entire book I didn't feel him passionate and sexy I didn't feel the chemistry between them

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    I read this book years ago and for some reason gave it a crap rating I re read it today and had a completely different experience I loved Holly She is strong spunky and sassy She didn’t let Draco get away with much Draco was a total ass ay the start of the book Then he got lividly angry when he learned the truth about baby Nicky But he got over his anger with some good ole lovin’ But it took a drastic measure from Holly to bring him to his knees That train grovel was epic tooI absolutely enjoyed my second read and may come back to it in the future

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    The Change in Di Navarra's Plan Both hero and heroine annoyed me Holly and Drago shared one magical night together Afterwards Drago kicked her out of his suite when he found out she wanted to show him her perfume samples He thought she was just another gold digger When Holly found out she was pregnant she tried to call him He never got her messages She wrote him a letter that he never received 3 months after the baby was born He saw her working in a casino He gave her a ride home after work and offered her a job she was staying with him for weeks and couldn't tell him he was the father of her baby He was so angry when he found out If they could just be honest with one another they would have had a solid relationship and foundation from the start They both had to work hard to find the love that should have come easy The book didn't have any action and it didn't have anything that happened that made you hold your breath Both grew up within the chapters of the book The book had a good ending

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    The Change in Di Navarra's Plan was a pleasant engaging readAt first the heroine was a little irrational but I liked her The hero was uber wealthy alpha type I liked thatGreat drama and angstThe last chapter a bit cheeseyI liked how the hero and heroine dealt with their issues

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    Decent emotional and overall a great read I was really impressed by this novel

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