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A Born Victim A Born Victim by RP Rochford is a 2013 self published release I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI believe all suffering is caused by ignorance People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness or satisfaction Dalai Lama XIVA Born Victim begins with the story of Gill Gill is a single mother of two and if it weren't for bad luck she would have no luck as the saying goes Gill has been a victim of abuse from childhood all the way up to the present where she is now being bullied in the workplaceHer boss informs her she is a distraction and fires her only to take her to his place and coerce her into bedGill can't find work in any other way now but as a house cleanerMeanwhile there have been a some very sadistic murders of young women and Mike Watson and Lucy Taylor are investigatingMike has uncovered some gruesome cyber crimes that involves abusing women and somehow this connects to the murdered women and to GillWhen it becomes apparent that Gill is the target of a murder plot a man she works for gets drawn into the melee when his house is the location Gill nearly gets murdered Now on the run it's a race against the clock as Mike and Lucy attempt to connect the dots and track down the team of sick sadist responsibleThis mysterythriller never has a dull moment Not only is this a mystery with a great deal of action and depth but it deals with some of today's most disturbing crimes involving the internet and cyber crimes This book is not for the faint of heart Some of the crimes are just sick I found myself sitting up in a rigid position while my stomach was in knots wondering who to trust and whether or not Gill was going to survive this odd situation she found herself inI was also impressed with the contrast the author used to show the difference between evil perverted men and the good guys The character of Greg the man Gill cleans for is an example of how one good positive relationship can make all the difference to a person that has never known a man to really be respectful and gentle and caring We were also given a bit of a psychology lesson on why society or rather some in society have such a low opinion of women and treat with them as second class citizens that do not need to be respectedThe author not only thrilled us with a very imaginative plot but touched on some issues such as workplace bullying domestic violence and cyber crimes The writing was paced just right to build suspense and character development We watch as Gill begins to realize she is a person that is due respect and that she has the strength within to stand up and fight against those that try to push her aroundOverall this one is a good solid A A Born Victim by talented Author R P Rochford is his debut fictional novelhowever it reads like it's been penned by a seasoned author with a vast array of experience and knowledgeMany aspects of this mystery are new to me as I am no computer whiz but the author's area of expertise shines through One of his main characters DS Lucy Taylor manages to connect a four year old cold case with the recent murder of two young women These are no ordinary murders The women have been carefully selected abused beaten sexually assaulted and left to die a cruel death while the perpetrators capture the whole ordeal on video Taylor and fellow police officer Mike Watson manage to piece together the puzzle in order to solve these insidious and horrific crimes taking place against unsuspecting young womenOne such female born victim Gill Brogan has been bullied for the majority of her life It starts in her childhood with abuse by her parents followed by another abusive relationship with her husband of four years He subseuently leaves her with two young children and no matter what line of work she engages in she wears her victim status like a badge She is either terminated from almost every job she's ever had or she is mercilessly bullied and blamed for mistakes in the workplace that have absolutely nothing to do with her or her ability to get the job done She is everybody's scapegoat Recently fired by her boss Jacob Spencer he then sexually pursues Gill with an indescribable and depraved agenda As the plot unfolds there are many unpredictable twists and turns which take the reader on a painful roller coaster ride along with its wide cast of charactersA Born Victim grabbed my attention right from the onset and held it to the very last page Parts of this novel are very frighteningdifficult to read but impossible to put down It pretty well captures it allmystery intrigue crime and just a hint of romance to add a little spice to the storyline A very enjoyable read Congratulations to the author for a job well doneInspirational Author Book Reviewer Dolores Ayotte A well paced on the edge of your seat read Can't believe it's his first book; he writes like a seasoned pro as others have mentioned also Bought it two days ago and couldn't put it down but I had to get some sleep A Born Victim ReviewReview By Ruby From The Nerd Girl PageThis Book Was Given To Me In Exchange For An Honest ReviewI loved this book There was a sense of impending doom hanging over me all the way through it that kept me turning pages – Mostly because I read the title and then I met Gill who screams victim from the get go It was just a matter of time Gill Brogan is an unremarkable single mother of two She had cruel parents and a cruel ex husband She has worked hard her entire life to provide for her children but with little success She is constantly bullied and taken advantage of because of her submissive and shy demeanour Naturally she is targetedAs you read Gill Brogans story the book flicks to the perspectives of Cyber Crime Investigator Mike Watson and Police Investigator DS Lucy Taylor These two are investigating the deaths of several missing women who have turned up dead having been tortured within an inch of their lives The men responsible are neat and organised monsters; they never leave any evidence behind Mike soon discovers a well hidden trail of disturbing footage on the internet It becomes apparent that footage of the crimes done to these women is being sold online to those who will pay to watch it It seems as though the investigators are being mocked by these criminals who continuously evade their efforts to find themAs you read you know that at some point Gills story is going to collide with the crime investigation which makes it nerve wracking and addictive You’re constantly waiting for something to happen and wondering who the criminals are Knowing that at least one person she interacts with must be one of the men that have been murdering these women for online entertainment I often found myself yelling ‘Don’t drink that’ and ‘Don’t go in there you idiot’ And for all my guessing games the plot always surprised meThis book is brilliantly written incredibly believable and touches on some heavy issues If you like crime novels you’ll love this but it’s not for the fait hearted Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl OfficialFor information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite wwwfacebookcomNerdGirlng 5 STARS AND 3 I'S INTENSE INTRIGUING AND INCREDIBLE For the first time in almost a year I have sat spellbound for hours reading unable to put it down for very long I found myself nibbling at this novel like it was a piece of cheese cake sitting in the refrigerator calling my name This author treats the written word like a warm blanket covering the reader on a cold night When I first picked up the book I thought I would not be able to continue because of the graphic scenes sexual in nature and I thought that the author was just jumping on the 50 SHADES OF GRAY bandwagon but something told me to just keep going Once I passed that point I was hooked and there was no turning back This novel has it all sex murder torture love romance and the author has a way of making us believe it can happen or has happened for all of it can be something that we may read about in the daily newspaper or on TVThe last book I felt that way about was THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and this book is up there with that Mr Rochford is genius in his way of weaving a tale and making it all fit in the end Can't wait till his next novel 50 out of 5 stars Excellent Debut CyberThriller 2 July 2013 This review is from A Born Victim Kindle EditionI came across Richard Rochford's debut novel uite by chance and I'm so glad I didIt started uite slowly introducing the main character before leaving her behind for a bit whilst the story built up to bring her storming back inThe book covers bullying at work cyber violence that spilled into real life sexual violence verbal bullying and murder in the most horrible detail I loved itThere was also simmering romance running through the book some ended happily others never took offThere were twists and turns galore Just when I thought I knew who the perpetrators were I was cleverly and I was happy it wasn't who I thought they were shown who they really wereI really liked the way the main characters were all linked together and thought their personalities were well developed and on the whole very likeable The bad guys were described in a way that made me want to reach through the pages and cause them pain and fear like they did to their innocent victimsI received this excellent novel from the author himself Richard Rochford in exchange for a fair and honest review Thank You Richard a well researched debut and I very much look forward to reading your future books 'A Born Victim' is the story of Gill Brogan a young single mother who is pushed deep into despair by workplace bullying Just when she thinks nothing could get any worse she finds herself narrowly escaping an attempt on her lifeSet against this troubled life is the story of Lucy Taylor an ambitious young detective who has dedicated herself to investigating violent crimes against women which all too often go unsolved As she investigates case after case each one disturbing than the last Taylor begins to see common threads which she hopes she can unravel to find the villains and bring them to justiceThe book reaches a climax as a determined well organised criminal group emerges from the shadowy world of cyber space to carry out one last crime in the real world Lucy Taylor and her geeky side kick Mike Watson are all that stand between the criminals and their victimsThroughout the book psychological themes are analysed lending a deeper serious note to the fast paced thriller as the author explores the factors which have formed our attitudes toward women and the acceptability of violence against them This is an excellent novel by a very talented author To be able to write so convincingly about abuse and it's causes and effects is a rare gift I find many authors come across as patronising or worse but not Mr Rochford To then be able to intertwine this sensitive subject with murder intrigue suspense and passion is so refreshing and make for a very enjoyable read The characters are presented full of personality and purpose and the plot will have you guessing until the end All in all I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone and everyone I must admit I read A Born Victim in almost one sitting having found it difficult to put my Kindle down for any length of time Fascinating chilling engaging touching deep psychological aspects of our modern day society this novel is not of the kind to leave the reader indifferent or unmoved The thriller parts of the story were breathtaking progressing in just the right pace to keep the readers on the edge of their seats worrying about the characters fearing for them At the same time the psychological aspect was incredibly enriching a read in itself It set this novel apart from the usual thrillers for me Chancing a spoiler I admit rereading the part where two detectives went to consult the famous psychologist and the conclusions of this conversation Women are in perpetual risk of violence in our times as much as in any others even though one might expect the society to grow up and deal with its issues by now 'A Born Victim' explores this and many other aspects of violence and crime why some people seem to put up with being a victim while others prey on this problem and insecurity or even exploit it to the fullestI truly hope there will be a seuel to this book coming out soon as I didn't want to part my ways with Mike and Lucy Gill and Greg and many other fascinating characters of this story Predators preying on previously abused womenhow chilling Women who are easy targets for than one reason are sought out groomed and then taken to become actors in movies created for depraved online viewing audiences willing to pay for the privilege of watching how they live out their last days on earth Gill Brogan a divorced mother of two young children almost becomes one of the prey but finds a protector that ultimately keeps her safe and eventually provides her with a man she can trust and rely on The main predator is eventually rounded up as are most of his gang BUT the uestion at the end of the story is whether or not all were collected and the knowing that this will no doubt happen again somewhere This is not an easy happy read but one that made me think about evil then contemplate why some people are evil and enjoy being so and finally think about what can be done to prevent the evils mentioned in this book from happening in the future This is a well paced well written novel with wonderful characters The story has a few twists and turns and a few surprises toward the end 45 stars

  • Kindle Edition
  • 293 pages
  • A Born Victim
  • R.P. Rochford
  • English
  • 12 October 2014

About the Author: R.P. Rochford

R P Rochford was born in Essex UK to Australian parents and lived for some years in Wales before returning to England He has a first degree in design a Masters in Computing and now teaches and lectures in both subjects He has been writing academic material for some time but really started with fiction in early 2010 initially writing short stories then beginning work on A Born Victim When not