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Killian's Passion THE MILLIONAIRE'S MISSION Killian Shawnessy was arrogant imposingand worth a bundle And it was up to feisty Cara Sinclair to deliver the brooding heir to his long lost family Yet after locating the mysterious millionaire Cara discovered the sexy loner's true passion did not lie in his secret fortune What he really desired washer In Killian's strong embrace Cara's long repressed desires were metand mastered Yet too soon she realized her dream lover's mind wasn't on marriage but on a hush hush mission he'd sworn to fulfill Could Cara prove to Killian that power of love before their hourglass ran out

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    So we're on to the last of the yummy bad boys trio of Wolf River Ian Shawnessy The stunts that Ian and Cara pull at each other in this book had me in splits He calls her Blondie and she calls him FlashIan is staying at an isolated cabin in the mountains until his best friend Nick's wedding that was to take place in two weeks time He finds himself being spied on by a gorgeous blonde He catches her while she's at it and drags her to his cabin Before that he was stunned to find what a wallop the feisty woman could pack Tossing the backpack onto the worn leather couch facing the fireplace he hunkered down beside the woman draping one arm casually over his knee while he studied his prey Chin lifted she stared right back her eyes shooting green lightning bolts that matched the ferocity of the storm outside He leaned in close brought his face within an inch of hers and caught the scent of raspberry drifting from her wet hair “I’ll make you a deal Miss Sinclair You tell me the truth and maybe just maybe I’ll let you go”“I’ll make you a deal Shawnessy” she purred back “You let me go and maybe just maybe I’ll let you live”He chuckled actually enjoying himself for the first time since this pain in the butt had shown up His laughter was cut short by the sudden pounding on his front door The woman’s eyes opened wide then her mouth as she sucked in air to call out He did the easiest and fastest thing he could do to shut her up He kissed herIt was Nick who'd come to check on Ian The scene thereafter was so hillarious with Ian trying to send Nick packing while wondering about the spitting and snarling she cat he'd left gagged and tied up in his bathtub only to find her calmly walking out of the bathroom calling him honey and darling stunning both him and Nick which Nick couldn't help rub it in later on when he told Lucas about it while they were playing poolCara was fun and feisty Growing up with four older headstrong brothers she'd learnt how to handle men although I thought she was pretty cruel when she kept digging her heels onto Ian's foot at that first encounter with Nick She's been hired by her business partner who is a wealthy woman to find Ian whom she believes is her grandson When she tells Ian the truth he tells her he's not interested and although he's attracted to her he asks her to stay away from him But when he learns someone is after Cara her brakes had been tampered with the lock of the cabin she'd been staying in also almost picked he gets her to move in with him in order to protect her Living with him Cara finds herself warmly welcomed into the family circle of Ian's buddies and their wives and children She's convinced she'll be able to take Ian to his grandmother but Ian is adamant that he'll be leaving for his pre scheduled overseas work assignment the very next day of the wedding and they have a bet on it But the morning of his scheduled leaving Cara's cabin explodes She escapes death because she was with Ian at that time Ian then decides to take Cara home and meet with his grandmother too and finds himself bonding with his sweet adorable grandmother over a bottle of Jack Daniels He also finds out clues as to who wants Cara dead although I'd guessed it way before But by the time he finds that out Cara's life is in danger Even there Cara proves to be gutsy and between the two of them they manage to tackle the attackersThis book had everything romance tension between the lead pair family bonding mystery and lots of humour The only thing lacking in the book is a good epilogue Would have loved to see all three Bad Boys Trio happy with their wives and children The previous two books had such good epilogue It's sad that the series on the trio has come to an end I enjoyed it a lot I can see the series moving on to Cara's four alpha brothers We were introduced to the eldest Gabe and the next oldest Lucian who seemed such a badass in this book Looking forward to reading about them

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    I love Harleuins Cara has found the grandson of a dear friend He was abandoned as an infant and his adoptive parents were killed when he was a young child Over 30 years later his grandmother has never given up Killian has been alone for most of his life He has no family and has grown to like it that way Until he meets Cara And now someone is trying to kill her He will protect her But will he learn to believe in family? Always a HEA

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    Excellent romance great plot even though a little predictable great characters but super well written

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