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Webster Grove Webster Grove #1 5 A complete compilation of the Webster Grove novellas The New Girl Under the Mistletoe Secrets to Keep Coming Out and All Good ThingsSeventeen year old Steph has her heart set on a new beginning for the eleventh time A move to Webster Grove introduces her to a new school new friends and new experiences— including a few tender glances from her sexy English teacher As if it’s not bad enough that she’s crushing on the most forbidden guy in school Steph soon suspects that maybe her teacher has developed some feelings of his own And when she learns that Mr Rivera is only a few months away from becoming family—his brother is marrying her mom—she must do whatever she can to fight everyone’s growing suspicions about the time they’re spending together When odd family circumstances only push her closer to the man she’s dreaming of Steph has no choice but to hold it together or risk losing it all 35 rating overall for the whole series enjoyed it What I rated each individual part of the Webster Grove seriesThe New Girl #1 155 StarsUnder the Mistletoe #2 35 StarsSecrets to Keep #3 35 StarsComing Out #4 45 StarsAll Good Things #5 45 Stars If you are a romance lover like me and are looking for a sweet uick series to read then look no further I thoroughly enjoyed the Webster Grove series there were times I wanted to rip my hair out from frustration and times I was giggling with happines This series is about a forbidden romance between a student and her gorgeous english teacher When I fist started the Webster Grove series I was a little nervous I had recently read a student teacher romance novel which I did not like one bit Thankfully though the Webster Grove series ended up being such a sweet readThe Webster Grove series is a novel that has all 5 short novella's put together as you can see from my ratings above I didn't really enjoy book 1 that much The New Girl it wasn't that it was bad by any means I just found it rather well boring Books 2 and 3 Under the Mistletoe Secrets to Keep picked up the story a little bit and book 4 and 5 totally rocked my socks off If you start this series and are not really feeling it PLEASE stick with it It gets better and ends AMAZINGLY I really loved the endingThere is alot of drama in the Webster Grove series which I really actually enjoyed After I got past part 1 2 things got really interesting and the book completely kept me on the edge of my seat needing to know what was going to happen to Steph and Mr Rivera and everyone else for that matter After I got past part 1 2 there really wasn't a dull momentSince book 1 I didn't enjoy as much my overall rating had to come down to a 35 out of 5 Even though that may not seem like the best rating I did really enjoy this series and would recommend it to any romance lover that wants a uick light read This series had an amazing cast of characters some good twists great romance and a perfect ending I am currently in the middle of Tracie's other series 'Just a Little' and I am SO hooked on it Will review the whole series once all the novella's are out First I apologize in advance for the author due to the harsh words in this reviewI genuinely think that this book is an ideal gift for people you loath and you want to see them suffer such intense mental agonyI can't believe I've been excited to have it hits head on the deskThe first book was all right It was even funny at times and ok But the second book took a downhill dive Every character was starting to obsess over ABCDEF GHIJK sorry Steph like that should've been a warning enough It was starting to get ridiculous By the fourth book I felt the writer make up twists as she goes eg view spoilerNate was into Rachel then he becomes in love with Steph then he's GAY then he's engaged to Steph then she's engaged to his boyfriend then she's back with her high school teacher hide spoiler The ladies call me Nathaniel The ladies call you revolting she spat at himScrew handsome Screw good looking Alexander Rivera was hands down the sexiest man I'd ever met in my lifeREVIEW Humor romance and a sexy English teacherthis book series has it all I don't just recommend it I prescribe it If you are a crazy romantic like me then this is without a doubt the book for you It is the cure to your addictionAlexander Rivera sigh He is my addiction and no matter how many times I re read this series I can't seem to find the cure There is no cure to being absolutely head over heels in love with a RiveraSteph Ghijk knows all about being head over heels in love with Alexander Rivera and he pretty much feels the exact same way The problem Oh its nothingAlex Rivera just happens to be Mr Rivera a 26 year old Hispanic English teacher at Webster Grove High The high school in which Steph now attendsas a student To make matters worse 18 houses and 11 schools later Stephs mum has finally decided to stop running from her past and settle down after finding love in the shape of none other than Webster Grove's very own Calvin Rivera Alex Rivera's older brother making it near impossible for both Steph and Alex to keep there feelings hidden Things go from bad to worse with each novella making each just as good as they next No one ever said love was easy and this book series shows just how hard it really is But when your love interest is Alexander Rivera the sweetest most caring man in the world it's definitely worth all that hardship and The Webster Grove series is a complete collection of 5 small novellas The New Girl Under the Mistletoe Secrets to Keep Coming Out and All Good Things It was written by none other than Tracie Puckett author of Just a Little Series and my new all time favorite authorWords cannot describe how Amazing this book series truly is It is the fairy tail of all fairy tails Check it out and see if this book series has the happy ever after all fairy tails promise to be I assure you you won't be disappointed 5 fantastic stars for the Webster Grove series I stumbled upon this relatively unknown collection of 5 short stories which combine into an amazing story of love between teacher and student The collection of stories written by author Tracie Puckett can be purchased and read together as if they are an entire novel I found this series on a long list of novels about teacherstudent relationships on Goodreads There were only 16 reviews written for this collection of stories at the time but the reviews were outstanding so I couldn't resistSteph Ghijk is a high school senior new to Webster Grove after her mother has moved them to her eighteenth house and school number eleven She has never lived in one place long enough to establish roots and make good friends Through it all Steph has maintained a perfect GPA and she strives to be an award winning clothes designer Alex Rivera is her senior English teacher of Cuban descent Their relationship develops slowly throughout her senior year is strictly emotional and very sweet They both are very patient both waiting for Steph to graduate so they can finally be togetherThe side characters in these stories were so awesome Steph meets some amazing friends the kind of friends that will always be there for you throughout your life family She also is able to enjoy and participate in a great school year something she has never had because of her mom's compulsiveness to move aroundI am hesitant to say much about the Webster Grove series because I want readers to experience the goodness of it as they read Take a chance and read this

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Tracie is an award winning stage actress an international bestselling author and the proud mother of two beautiful boys Her debut novel Breaking Rules was selected as one of iBooks Best of 2014 in Young AdultIn the rare occasion that she's not playing matchmaker to fictional characters you can likely find Tracie zooming down the hills of America's greatest roller coasters

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