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No Second Chances Chances #1 No nonsense mechanic Ally Brody is a ‘one chance only’ kind of girl When she catches her boyfriend of two years cheating with his assistant on a surprise visit to his office there will be No Second ChancesDetermined not to fall for the wrong kind of man again she comes face to face with Cole Thomas He is gorgeous charming rich and everything Ally swore she should stay away fromCole wants Ally and he will stop at nothing until he gets what he desires Bit by bit he breaks through her barriers and takes her on a journey of love and sexual awakenings Will her obsessed ex who refuses to accept it’s over or a secret Cole himself is hiding destroy their relationship before it even gets startedCan Ally break her own rule and explore the possibility that Cole just might be the one worthy of a Second Chance

About the Author: Beverley Hollowed

My name is Beverley though most people call me Bev I live in Dublin Ireland with my husband my two sons and my dog AlfieI released my first book Forever and Always in December 2012 I have since released 10 books including two seriesI am stay at home mom and a full time writer I love music and almost anything creative including designing all my own covers knitting crochet sketchi

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    UmWTF?? I want the book everyone else read and gave 5 starsThis was justI only made it about 4 chapters in and had to uit I lost count on the number of grammatical errors Missing words extra words mis spelled wordsyou name it And honestly I am not the grammar police I can't spell to save my life and normally I can over look an error here and there But this wasFor starterspeople this book is 599 on 5 effing 99 That's highway robbery I mean did you not have ANY of your friends read your book???Which brings me to the actual story itself Ally is a mechanicenroute to visit her grandparents she happens upon a car along the side of the road having car trouble So Ally stops and now we meet Nathan I'm not even sure this was his name but I'm going with it Nathan can't believe that Ally could actually fix her car sexist much?? But she does which must have really impressed Nathan because he asks her out Ally says no and Nathan proceeds to stalk her all over town He asks her out she says no she's done with rich menhe shows up somewhere else and asks her out she says noblah blah blah I guess Ally gets tired of telling him no and lets him in her apartment and figures why not have sex with him?? Which was NOT HOT AT ALL So I gave up Sorry Ally and Nathan PS Apparently his name was Cole thank you to Farah for clearing that up in her review

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    25 sad stars I really had huge hopes for this book I was sadly let downThe story is unoriginal and there are soo many errors in this book from incorrect wording to bad grammar and punctuation This seriously needed some editingDid I seriously read the same book as everyone else? Ally is not your typical kind of girl She is somewhat of a tomboy and a mechanicAfter walking in on her boyfriend of two years getting a blow job by his assistant Ally is devastated Her ex boyfriend Jason tries to apologise and beg and plead with her for his ‘mistake’ but Ally wants to hear nothing She has one rule NO SECOND CHANCES Two weeks later while driving she sees a car broken down and she stops to help It happens to be a stunning guy in a suit with blue eyesShe helps him and he asks for her number and she declines That’s how she meets Cole Before you know it Cole is perusing Ally showing up at her work when she’s out to dinner with friends and finally at her apartment URMMM STALKER ALERT? LoLThe author tries to make Cole come across like a Christian Grey sort of guy but seriously fails So after running away and acting like she doesn't like him he shows up her her door and suddenly they start getting it on and they have sexInstead of treating her as a one night stand Cole seems to want from AllyShe is reluctant because of what happened with Jason Also something is off with him she keeps getting this feeling that his hiding something Ally gives in anyways and on the second night with Cole she tells him her issues with liars and cheaters She has serious daddy issues and her father hurt her when he was having an affair while her mother was dying of cancer and on her dying bed she was calling her husband who was off with his floozy Apparently the sex is supposed to be hot but I didn’t find anything great about it As expected Jason stalks Ally like a crazy person and within a week Ally has practically moved in with Cole and his professing his undying love for her Seriously is this for real? One week?Then his buying her dresses and things and his driver takes her tofrom work because his worried about her safety again a bad version of being a bossycontrolling boyfriend view spoiler After Cole goes away for some work thing and leaves Ally hanging she’s angry and goes back home and as expected Jason finds her there and hurts her nearly rapes her Before anything is done he has a sudden epiphany that his doing something wrong and leaves Cole comes back the next day and finds Ally in a corner and takes her ‘home’His hiding a secret but doesn’t tell Ally and now feels responsible for her getting hurtHe goes to Jason and beats him to a pulp We finally get to know the truth he is a father he slept with a girl before he met Ally and got her pregnant and the girl was in labour so he wentAlly is broken when she hears and kicks him out and says its over Then he asks for a SECOND CHANCE ALLY DOESN’T DO SECOND CHANCES story to be continued in the next book hide spoiler

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    GoodRead? Um no GREATReadAfter reading Beverley Hollowed's first book Forever and Always I couldn't wait to get my hands on her second novel And let me tell you I was NOT disappointed not one little bitBelievable and engaging characters rich and unexpected plot and scorching sex scenes that will curl your hair Cole Thomas Ally Brody are realistic in their achievements as well as their flaws in their hopes and in their fears I instantly related to both of themThe plot was not one line there are layers here layers that suck you in and touch your heart and mind I found myself chewing my nails and worrying about them when I couldn’t read like when I was driving my kids all around townAnd the sex whoa baby Spoiler Loved that Cole wasn’t always in charge My husband was very grateful for that aspect of the book as well if you know what I meanIf you're tired of wimpy naive girls and men who always have to be in control for no good reason other than their own desires then this is a book for you It’s a page turner and when you turn the last page you’ll be begging for and that’s good because there’s a seuel in the works

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      You have got to be kidding me Was that book even for real? That was it's I can't even I Pfff well the only way I can describe my feelings for this book is through a facepalm And mind you there are several different kinds of facepalmsFirst of all we have our regular vanilla facepalm  The we move on to the next level third party facepalm  Finally when things get really bad we have the peek a boo facepalm  But for this book I'm going to choose the ultimate type of facepalm  Because this book was downright awful And I rarely say that about books The characters? Shallow and not developed at all The story? You know what they say everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold Yeah well someone got that right cause even though the preview seemed amazing the story was a huge disappointment The plot? Practically non existent Twists? Yeah because we had all the above now you want twists as well And finally the sex? Same scene different places Same description same movements same words same reactions same everything  People have to understand that just because they throw a few characters some sex scenes and what they seem to belive is a plot together that doesn't mean that the result will be a story I gave it 1 star because I had to mark is somehow I wouldn't recommend it not even for a uick read Very very disappointing

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    Okay so this book didn't have a high enough rating for me but sense 5 stars is as high as I can get that is what she gets for this book But just keep in mind that this book was WELL beyond a five star ratingThis is both a love story and story about finding who you are and your place in the world The chemistry between the hero and the heroine is amazingly strong and you feel it It is almost like you are being pulled toward Cole just as Ally iswell HELL maybe I am just wishful thinking P After reading Mrs Hollowed's first book Forever and Always my hopes were set high for this book and she did not let me down The story pulled you and carried you all the way through the book from start to finish There was a certain part that I literally had a panic attack because the scene and feelings in the scene felt and seemed so damn real that it kind of over took meI absolutely love Cole He can come rescue me at any point P Ally is strong and independent I love that in a heroine She has her moments where she depends on Cole to pull her through but those moments are well deserved and actually she handles it so much better than I would have Wow yourself she said confidently as she pressed her hand against his crotch I see you approve AllyThis was one of my favorite scenesIt was both funny and HOT I just loved it Don't stick that tongue out he growled breathlessly when he released her mouth from his and smiled Unless you're willing to share Cole Teach me to be the man that you deserve because I love you Ally ColeI seriously wanted to crawl into the story and tell Ally to take a hike LOL Cole is the total dream guy but he is still a guy and feels that he has time to confess his secret but when time isn't on his sideWell you will just have to read the book to find out I cannot say enough about this author or this book Seriously y'all need to watch out for Beverley Hollowed She is freaking AMAZINGWay to Bring on Book 2LIKE NOW P

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    I was given the extreme honor of receiving an ARC of No Second Chances by Beverley Hollowed From the get go this book will pull you in and have you wanting The talent of the writer weaves the words so elegantly that you can close your eyes and picture exactly what she is describing The characters have real ualities that make them so relatable Ally is the type of girl you want to be beautiful self sufficient sassy uick witted and a genuine nice girl Cole is the epitome of everything you want from a fictional boyfriend tall dark handsome rich and extremely knowledgeable of how to treat a woman both inside and outside of the bedroom Ally and Cole’s instant attraction is believable and all consuming The angst in this book is a situation that no one would want to be in but Mrs Hollowed describes and executes it tastefully and beautifully Once that cataclysmic event occurs you cheer for the HEA but them BAM The twist comes out of nowhere The characters and skillful storytelling will have you ignoring life around you and turning the pages This book has it all Sex Secrets and Doubt but then again isn’t that truly what makes a fantastic book just that? This author and this book is so deserving of my FIVE STARS Beverley Hollowed will be a household name and completely deserves so much Put No Second Chances and Beverley Hollowed at the top of your TBR list Everyone deserves a chance but a second chance comes only to the truly worthy

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    Forty seven percent in SIGH I'm so frustrated that I can't get into this Even the hot British Hero isn't doing it for me OMG I'm in such a funk bangs head against the wall

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    Reviewed by MLeigh No nonsense mechanic Ally Brody is a ‘one chance only’ kind of girl When she catches her boyfriend of two years cheating with his assistant on a surprise visit to his office there will be No Second ChancesDetermined not to fall for the wrong kind of man again she comes face to face with Cole Thomas He is gorgeous charming rich and everything Ally swore she should stay away fromCole wants Ally and he will stop at nothing until he gets what he desires Bit by bit he breaks through her barriers and takes her on a journey of love and sexual awakenings Will her obsessed ex who refuses to accept it’s over or a secret Cole himself is hiding destroy their relationship before it even gets started?Can Ally break her own rule and explore the possibility that Cole just might be the one worthy of a Second Chance?Another beautifully written book by the talented Beverley Hollowed After reading Forever and Always one of my favorite books now I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to read the ARC of No Second Chances Ally has a scarred past from her pathetic excuse of a father and her lowlife cheating scumbag of an ex boyfriend These 2 things combines leaves Ally with a broken heart and no faith or trust in the male species Being a female mechanic and having to be scoffed at and looked down on by male customers only adds fuel to her “no men” fire Ally becomes a very self sufficient independent no nonsense mess with me at your own life’s risk kind of gal that doesn’t need someone to coddler and look after hersure it would be nice but she’s not interested in that life any Enter Cole tall dark rich arrogant self assured smokin’ hot I am the ht and I know it walking sex god of a man Ally immediately knows he’s trouble waiting to happen from the very first second their eyes meet so she vows to keep her distanceonly we all know that’s not going to happen and THANK GOD it didn’t Cole Thomas may have made a less than stellar first impression on Ally but after realizing what an idiot he was and that sweet Ally is not your typical gold digging needy woman he does everything he can to make her realize he is sorry for he cannot get her off of his mind and this is very unusual for said bachelor Once he makes Ally see that he is truly sorry he become the man every woman fantasizes aboutthe kind of man that knows how to win the heart mind body and soul inside and outside of the bedroom Ally is faced with some scary situations having to do with her ex but Cole being the man he is sees her through everything in the best way he possibly can and helps Ally to realize that he truly does care for and love her and maybe just maybe there is a chance at this “happily ever after” stuff she’s heard about But deep down she still has this nagging feeling that Cole is too good to be true and is hiding something from her Is her gut feeling right? Has this all just been yet another circumstance of life to build up her hopes and dreams only to have them ripped from her again??? I’m not telling  You’ll have to read the book to find out But trust me once you read it you’ll be anxiously awaiting book #2

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    HOLYHOTHOTELSEXBATMAN Ok we all knew from the teaser pics and uotes Cole was a shoe in for any girls drool worthy list I mean come on with all that dirty talking he had me from the moment she met him Even with everything that happened I was TEAM COLE all the waystill am Now lets move to Allycan I just say THANK THE GODS that she is a strong female that mostly stood her ground I mean come on she had to give a lil wouldn't you if you had Cole Bloody Thomas telling you that you were a goddess YES YOU WOULD I was finding myself giving this girl the ole Jersey Shore fist pump when she would lay into one of the men This book took me on so many emotional roller coasters my head was spinning Nothing better to me than some good sex with a good plot So while I am over the moon with these characters im sad that I am waiting with bated breath for the second book to see how this love story turns out Well played Beverly Hollowed well played If by some strange reason you read thisim hooked like any junkie would be Guess its time to go buy her first book Happy Reading

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    Ally doesn't believe in second chances After catching her boyfriend cheating on her she met a man Cole At first she was completely attracted to him but was not ready to get into another relationship Cole kept pursuing After she really started to fall in love with him she finds out something pretty devastating from friends and the mediaCan't wait to see if Cole will continue to prove his love or if she will give him another chance

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