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    Read reviews | Find Me on Facebook I really enjoyed reading Brave Girl Girls #2 I have been invested in the series since reading Nice Girl Girls #1 where I was introduced to the group of four best friends since high school and their adventure after college on their ownEach book in the series involves a different girl and her new life involving a hot guy of course The girls communicate using Skype weekly and you are able to get to know all the girls and their personality in each book; also being introduced to their story The girls are so much fun I loved themBrave Girl tells the story of Eve and her decision to teach on an Indian Reservation for 5 years to get her Master’s Degree paid for Eve is a feisty red head who stands up for what she believes in and for others who can’t stand up for themselves Eve is on a reservation in South Dakota where she meets Lou Lou is hot H O T He is a police officer on the reservation will someday be the leader or chief you may call of his reservations His mother is putting pressure on him to marry an Indian woman and keep the tradition Eve first meets Lou and sparks do not exactly fly between the two In fact Eve does not want anything to do with Lou As time goes on Eve cannot help to notice how good looking Lou is and eventually her need overtakes her and she begins to fantasize about him Soon the two begin a love affair but Eve knows it will end with Lou someday becoming the chief but love takes overI really enjoyed reading Brave Girl and how different it was Yes it is an eroticromance read but I love how uniue the story was with the setting being on an Indian reservation and forbidden love I actually preferred Brave Girl over Nice Girl story wise because it was so different than anything I have read beforeBrave Girl is a HOT sexy read Wowzers Even I blushed a little while reading Lou is one sexy guy He is also a really nice loveable man with a big heart In fact I found all the characters to be very interesting and likeable I really liked the character of Cash and wouldn’t mind reading a book about him hint hintThis is a really fun and great series I usually have a hard time wanting to continue with series where the characters change each book but I found that each book is getting better and the characters are fun and likeable each book leaves me wanting to read the next girls book I give Brave Girl Girls #2 4 Stars This book was provided by the author in return for an honest review

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    Actual Rating 3½★ Kate Baum continues her Girl Series with Brave Girl Brave Girl Ariyankbegins on the same plot line as Nice Girl with Eve's childhood best friends in her bedroom reading from a steamy romance novel and discussing sex So here is where we see the uartet mostly Dee come up with the concept of the 'orgasm pact' The goal is to find an older man not too old because that's just skeevy around 30 to their 22 years who can give them the orgasm that none of them have had Eve and Grace tacitly agree between the two of them that they are swearing off men in spite of the pactEve's educational journey takes to a Native American reservation in South Dakota For the next five years she will live with the Ariyank tribe and serve as the school librarian as she is getting her Master's degree As Eve settles into life in a new place she is immediately thrown into an environment that is hostile and distracting of outsiders Fortunately Eve isn't alone and there are three other teachers who are sharing the experience with her The four women easily band together and become friends although they are from very different backgrounds Eve guessing that her time with the Ariyank will be uite dull until she meets Lou the gorgeous chief of police Lou makes it no secret that he wants Eve because of his easy banter and flirtation But the brave girl is trying but failing to resist his charmsAlthough this story is a romance be prepared to wait a bit for it to unfold My Kindle is actually marked at 81% before the couple becomes physically intimate even though they exchange kisses here and there The story is largely an accounting of Eve's life with the tribe and what and who she encounters while she is there with the romance sprinkled throughout I liked Eve's interactions with the students especially Lane and her housemates and friends She was very concerned about all of them and doled out her own brand of care to themMy only complaint about the story was that it felt exceptionally long because there was little to no variation in the pace of the story I thought the insertion of Chassie in the by play would have ramped things up a bit A catty ex lover coming back to stake her claim could have added some zest to the story Unfortunately that storyline fizzled out almost as uickly as it began I like a bit of action or drama in my romance but Brave Girl was very sedate in its offering of either The plus about the story was that it was detailed and showed the best aspects of the Native American culture even though the tribe is a fictitious one If you don't mind a romance that is a slow burn you would most likely enjoy Brave Girl

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    So this book was way too long 34 of it focused on Eve and the friendship with her room mates and best friends 14 of it focused on Eve's relationship with Lou I would've loved to get to know about Lou I couldn't figure out why he liked Eve besides the fact that she had red hair and was not Native American I skimmed most of it because there's only so much blabbering and giggling I can take This was almost a dnf for me but I always try to read the entire book so I can give a fair review Less girlfriend talk and sexy times would've made this at least a four star read I've read the first book in this series and absolutely loved it so I was very disappointed with this Rating 3 low Stars

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    What a great book I was really excited to read this one My dad was a huge lover of the Native American things and I grew up going from store to store buying him anything and everything that I thought he'd love But this book has so much to it then just the Indian History and romance The book starts off like Nice Girl did the 4 girls getting ready to go off on their own ways they had their Orgasm pack that Dee suggested once they found out none of the 4 girls has ever experienced one We read Nice Girl and even if you haven't that's ok because you will still understand everything in this book The best part was there were other things going on with Eve's girlfriends we saw her web chatting with her girls the whole incident with Janie and Grace and Vinnie falling in love it was fun to see from Eve's POV But it wont get you lost in the story if you haven't read Grace's story yet But anyways so the book starts off and Eve goes off to the Indian Reservation She is ready to start her life as a Librarian and the I guess this is the final part of her college kind of an internship job I can't remember if they actually ahd a name for it yikes So sorry Anyways so she's here at the Reservation and as she steps off the plane she meets the other 3 girls that are on the same Student Plan that she is on These girls are great but they're flawed in their own eyes Making themselves vulnerable towards the looks and cold shoulders everyone seems to be giving them Eve instantly takes a liking to all the girls When they get to the school they check out the classrooms and library Eve was disapointed The library was in such sorry shape but her sharp mind started realing to find out how she could turn this library into something the students would love When She had over heard the talking in the hallway she walked out and saw 2 of her friends talking to the 3 police officers only it wasn't a friendly chat One of the officers were saying mean things and Eve's motherly instincts kicked in She stood up to the officer The other two officers didn't say anything but they weren't helping either So in Eve's eyes they were just as hateful as the one who did the lashing out The book starts and Eve picks up ideas and gets to work right away on getting the library started Everyone seems to be impressed with her people skills as she orders books from surrounding public libraries Classes start and the kids are just fun to read about The relationship these girls form with the students is awesome Eve really loves her job and you can tell It's not until about 20 % into the book where we even learn the sexy long haired officer's name Lou Red Wolf Now Lou wasn't the one shooting his mouth off but just standing there not doing anything about it made him just as bad But slowly Lou started showing up here and there keeping his eye on Eve And she couldn't help but notice the hot lusty looks he was giving her She had those same thoughts but it wasn't until Christmas break with Eve and the other girls were getting ready to head home for a couple of weeks when Lou told her he was going to miss her She had no idea what to think of that But while she was hanging out with her cousin she did learn a few things about the Orgasm pact When she gets back to the reservation school picks up again and Eve is busy The high school kids come it at the end of class and she started fishing for information about the towns sexiest police officer What better way to get information than the high school girls?? She didn't have to try hard they were all too willing to talk about this heart throbbing guy That's when Eve found out that in time the Tribe would belong to Lou and his mom was pushing hard to find him a suitable princess for the Chief of their Tribe Eve was no one's princess but would her heart be strong enough to have some fun with him before he cast her aside for the one he chooses to run the Tribe with?? Cute story we watch a lot of Eve's insecurities playing out For such a strong brave and stubborn woman She sure was stupid D TOTALLY looking forward to Funny Girl in the Fall We have been given a glimps of Janie's story from 2 different books now I'm excited to learn what really happened that day

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    Kate has not disappointed again What a GREAT story Brave Girl is the second Book in the Girls Series The Girl series started with Nice Girl This is the story of 4 best friends Grace who was in Nice Girl Janie Eve Dee who have grown up together They went off to college going there separate ways but always maintained contact through Skype at least once a week They spent their summers together working in the same area in their home towns This was their last summer together before they all went their separate ways again As they spend their last nights together they sit and talk about what else but sex and orgasms and discover they never felt what a true orgasm was The last pact they made was to lose their virginity which they all did in their soph yr of college so this time around They make a orgasm pact In Brave Girl we meet and follow Eve on her Journey She applied through her Career Advisor to go to South Dakota for 5 yrs through an ICE program Indigenous Culture for Education She is going to be the School Librarian On an American Indian ReservationOnce there she learns that she will be rooming with 3 other girls They are different girls but they all seem to get along great the they get to know each other become close friends as well They all 4 are dealt with a lot of hostility from the Principal at the school and it seems the people on the reservation has reservations about them as well They even get issues from the local sheriff and his deputies As time goes on Eve and the girls discover that the last set of teachers that where there did not leave a good impression and were actually sent away Will fear of the all being sent away they all agree to just work their best and do what they went there to do Lou Red Wolf he is suppose to be in line to someday be the Chief of the Reservation His mother nor the people of the tribe let him forget this His mother is constantly putting Indian woman in front of him hoping he chooses one to be his wife so that when he becomes chief he has a wife When he discovers that one of the new teachers brought to the reservation is an Irish Beautiful red head he does not care what anyone thinks or how they will react He is determined to explore his feelings for her as thoughts of her continuously consume his mind “ I've never had a woman fascinate me like you do I crave you like hunger or thirst” I loved this book I loved how the girls dealt with the animosity the anger the dislike from everyone there they kept their heads held High and did what they were sent there to do the relationship that built between Lou and Eve was awesome I love how it was a built up and not something they just jumped right into I love the connection they made with the people in the tribe and how The people started to finally see that these 4 girls were nothing like the last ones that where there If you have not read this series you MUST It definitely is worth it Kate does an Amazing job of writing this series and brings the story to life He writing Just flows awesome through the story Thank you Kate for providing me with a copy and asking me to read and review it I can not wait for Janie's story next

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    You can also find my review on my blog Girl is the second installment of the Girl Series by Kate Baum I really enjoyed the first in the series Nice Girl but I adored and devoured Brave Girl This is Eve’s storyand what a story it wasEve O’Malley has been accepted into a graduate program that placed her teaching on an American Indian Reservation As much as Eve admires and is interested in American Indian cultures and history she soon realizes that the local tribe’s people aren’t very welcoming Add that to the fact that she is living with three strangers and this surely is a situation only a brave girl would be able to handle Lucky for Eve she has the support and weekly chats with her best girlfriends to keep her spirits up The girlfriends she has known since forever they chat about any and everything These days the main topic of their weekly web chats is the orgasm pact they all made before splitting up in different directions for school You see none of them have ever had an orgasm courtesy of a man and now they are determined to experience just that Only with the lack of friendly faces here there’s no way Eve is going to win Or so she thinks When a handsome rugged police officer catches her eye things start to get interestingLou Red Wolf immediately notices the new red haired spit fire teacherprobably because she is currently giving a fellow officer a verbal bitch slap after a few undeserved rude comments his peer has made to her and her roommates These new teachers weren’t exactly welcome here Not after the debacle the last teachers this program had brought to their Reservation But no matter what the previous situation Lou knows his fellow officer is out of line and feels terribly for what had just been exchanged He knows he owes her an apology on behalf of his department and now has an excuse to come back to see her Hopefully he will be able to cut through her temper long enough to hear his apology and hopefully give him a chance to introduce himself properlybecause he absolutely wants to get to know her betterEve and Lou have a whole lot to deal with on their way to a friendshiplet alone attempting to take things further Their attraction is undeniable Unfortunately also undeniable is the contempt his family friends and well most of the town feels towards these new girls The odds are stacked against them from day oneThis book was a freaking mazing Eve has so much life spirit and determination She knows who she is and why she is the way she is and has no apologies for any of it She has a short fuse speaks hell sometimes yells her mind and fights for what she believes is rightconseuences be damned She also had a side she rarely shows and we were lucky to see it When she lets her guard down it only adds to her amazing personality and gives her a depth I could feel Lou is absolutely delicious He was an alpha male that simmered slowly and came to a rolling boil before our eyes He always had a dominating presence but when he showed it in a sexual manner it was delectable Together Eve and Lou are a fantastic match and compliment one another beautifullyThe secondary characters in this story were all eually well developed and I feel like I could pick up the phone and invite them to dinner Along with the original BFF’s of Grace Dee and Janie the newbies we meet Cora Joe Julia Lauren Lane and Cash are a group I hope we get to see of There were a few twists in this story that I totally didn’t see coming but only added to my adoration to each one of them I find that it’s rare to be able to get to build that relationship to a whole cast of characters but I did it with Brave GirlWell done KateI will continue to look forward to the releases in the Girl Series Funny Girl and Smart Girl and have to thank Kate for giving us Eve and Lou This book should absolutely be on your summer reading listI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Brave Girl is the 2nd book in the amazing Girl Series by Kate Baum I absolutely love this series and could gush about it for hours This story has so much substance and “real” life Ms Baum has a gift for throwing together romance an uber sexy hero a strong capable heroine witty banter great sub characters hot sex and turning it into a story that you can’t get enough of You get it all with no fluff and wasted content The series is about 4 friends all heading out on their own to find their place in this world During their last night together the girls begin discussing their sex lives and how none of them have gotten great enjoyment out of their meager experiences Dee proposes they don’t have another encounter with a guy unless it is sure to be with someone who knows what he’s doing and knows how to make a woman feel like a woman This is the last thing on the minds of the girls as they enter their new lives and set out to have the lives they wantEve O’Malley is the brave one This was less by personality and by necessity Her mother and father were very in love when together they would easily overlook their only child When she began to do the brave things that her father did she could carve out that little bit of time with him So when she finds there are 4 positions available for a 5 year teaching program on an American Indian reservation she decides to go for it Not only will it be a chance to get valuable experience and complete her Masters degree but she will be completely debt free when it’s all said and done She meets up with the 3 girls she will be sharing this experience with and finds them all very different yet interesting However the Reservation is not at all what she expects She is met with animosity and outright hostility by the head of the program as well as many of the people who live on the reservation Even the sheriff and his deputies seem to have a problem with the 4 girls being there It doesn't help that the Sheriff is sexy as hell and she has never felt the pull that she feels for him Lou Red Wolf has the weight of his people on his shoulders He’s next in line to be the Chief something his mother and his tribe very seldom let him forget He has to act a certain way live a certain way and absolutely marry a woman of Indian heritage When a beautiful Irish librarian pops onto his reservation and takes over his thoughts and heart before he knows what hit him it can lead to nothing but trouble Lucky for the both of them as the sheriff he has learned to be strong even under a microscope He doesn't care what is expected of him He wants nothing than to explore the feelings he has for Eve and will do anything he can to convince her how great they can be together “ I've never had a woman fascinate me like you do I crave you like hunger or thirst” This book has it all I absolutely loved how the 4 teachers dealt with the anger and animosity from the people on the reservation They were all very funny and offered their own support in this book I find myself wanting to know about Lauren’s story and what happens next with her The relationship between Eve and Lou was so fun to be a part of The tension in the beginning and the heat as they got to know each other was off the charts This book was hot in so many ways READ THIS BOOK “I’m going to make you come with my handsmy mouthmy hard cock You’re never going to need that toy again” I would like to thank Kate Baum for the loan of this book in exchange for my honest reviewYou can find this review and others at and wwweverybodyneedsalittleromancecom

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    This book is the second in the Girl Series for author Kate Baum I had not read the first book but this second installment was good as a stand aloneThe story revolves around Eve who has left her three best friends from high schoolcollege to take a post grad internship at an Indian reservation She uickly becomes friends with her new roommates who will also be teaching at the reservationSo one day at school she overhears some men saying rude things to her friends and she uickly defends them earning her the title Fire Spirit Eve is beautiful and smart and has the mane of red hair from her Irish ancestry that really helps you picture that she is a fire spirit when you hear her often coming to the aid of those who need help standing up for themselves She has always prided herself on being brave on conuering her fears and being the badass of her group of girlfriends It's a sassy attitude that totally fits her and really helps the reader connect with herIn the course of the altercation she meets sort of Lou Red Wolf and whoa the she sees of him the she likes I've never read a romance with a Native American hero but if I were to make a list of all the things that make up a good hero he would be all that is Lou Red Wolf gorgeous smart caring respectful alpha without being an alpha hole patient sexy and totally capable of giving a woman everything she could want in the bedroomEve and Lou have this growing sexual tension that you can totally feel as you're reading Their banter is playful and fun and full of innuendo from Lou This man wants her and she doesn't want to be a fling but she feels that he would never want her permanently because she is not Native American Lou doesn't care about that he only cares about being with the woman who has captured his heartOne of my favorite lines that totally had me reacting like Eve was when Lou said“Are you ready Eve?” He asked in a voice that had turned husky He was breathing heavily as he stared at me with such intensity that my body tightened involuntarily I love how these two were able to work through their issues though it took a while for Eve to realize that she was the one who was continually running away She kept finding reasons to not be with Lou and he kept breaking down those excuses As much as she wanted to be brave she understood that she was afraid and that's why she kept running from him At lastI learned just then that a true act of bravery is giving the person you love everything including your heart So I decided to be braveSexy without too much description this book might seem long but the story was good and kept a good pace There was a group sex scene that was described and a mm scene that occurred but in my opinion both scenes were pretty tame If you don't like to read those scenes you could easily skip over to get the gist and keep right on reading without skipping a beat They are just set up scenes for some further understanding of situations that were going on around Eve and her new friends

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    I am loving this series This book starts out similarly to Nice Girl as the four best friends are hanging out before they go their separate ways after the summer Eve is the brave one She doesn’t let on when she gets scared or show fear a in any way She is also outspoken with her opinions She is very protective of others especially her friends but also anyone she feels is being picked on She can’t stand bullies and won’t back down from them even if they are large men Eve O’Malley is spending the next four years teaching at an Indian Reservation while they pay for her graduate school When she gets to the reservation she meets the other four women that are in the program with her and they uickly become friends Now I love the four friends this series is about but these other three women were awesome as well Within the first few days Eve and her new friends have to deal with a little bullying and we get a glimpse of the Hero Lou Red Wolf but he doesn’t do anything Later we find out why the people on the reservation are so against the teacher’s in the scholarship program and the men’s actions make sense I loved Eve so much She is feisty and opinionated but also so protective of those she cares about and has a passion for her work that drives her I loved how she changed the library and was willing to put in the extra effort to make it a success I wish I knew a librarian like herOne of my favorite things about Baum’s stories is the growth that the heroines make over the course of the story There is a strong romance in this story but it is also about Eve’s maturing and personal growth that make her such an enjoyable character The story is told in first person from Eve’s perspective but I would have liked deeper conversations with Lou before the last chapter At first he seems very stand offish but as the story progresses he makes a point of pursuing Eve and he isn’t shy about it I loved how proud he was of his heritage and the fact that he had long hair made for an incredible mental image There is sexiness in this story than I remember being in the last There was an orgy scene that the heroine and her roommates watch on video and a brief MM encounter that doesn’t include the hero Just a little forewarningI really enjoyed this book I loved how the characters come alive and all the relationships seem so real I was very happy to see that there will be two in this series and I can’t wait I would also be happy with stories written about Eve’s roommates because they were awesome Overall a great book and I am excited to read from Baum

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    35 stars This book wasn't uite what I was expecting and for most of the book the romance between Eve and Lou takes a backseat and the focus is exclusively on Eve's relationship with her roommates her childhood friends and her job This isn't necessarily a bad thing but I wanted a romance and the protagonists spent most of the book apart with little progression of their relationship At 50% I think Eve and Lou had spoken just a handful of words to each other This was such a disappointment for me because once their relationship did start to grow I thought the sexual tension was hawt I loved Lou and his bossiness in the bedroom he was simply delicious and I wanted of him Eve was slightly annoying and unfortunately at times I found her inner monologue immature and too extreme to be real and a bit repetitiveOverall I enjoyed Brave Girl and I really look forward to in the seriesMy biggest gripe of the whole book was the use of SHOUTY caps Please please please use italics for emphasis especially in dialogue Even when the characters are shouting at each other

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Brave Girl Girl Series #2 Eve is beyond excitement for her new adventure Only a truly brave girl could move thousands of miles from home to begin a five year commitment teaching on an American Indian Reservation As soon as she arrives she finds that many of the tribe’s people are not very welcoming They are suspicious of the college students that work and live on the reservation in exchange for free graduate tuition After a misunderstanding Eve decides she absolutely despises a certain tribal police officer Circumstances cause her to keep running into him Lou regrets the awkward situation where he first met Eve He had been openly distrustful of the college girls who have come to live on the reservation In the past some of the girls were disrespectful of the tribe’s culture There is something different about Eve He can’t get her out of his head The he tries to get to know her the she pulls away What will it take for Lou to convince Eve that their attraction for each other cannot be deniedEve has given up on men She has had unsatisfying sex in the past and decided that men are just not worth the trouble She’s a modern young woman and decides that using a handy tool is all she needs to relieve her sexual frustration The problem isthere’s a gorgeous sexy police officer that stirs her blood like no man has ever done before Eve is tough and strong and brave She doesn’t like the fact that her legs shake and her voice trembles whenever she crosses paths with him Maybe if she keeps running from him she won’t have to face what her bodyor her heart is telling herWarning – for adults only Contains graphic sex including a group sex scene and a mm sexual situation