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The Princess Montagues #5 255Better than its predecessor but not by much Definitely not the most elegant mash up between mystery and historical romance I don't think it excelled at either 35 stars rounded upLet me start by saying this book is written in the first person I am not a fan of first person narrative Princess Isabel Plantagenet is the widow of the Crown Prince Hartman of Rheinbaden and daughter of King Edward I of England Sent to Rheinbaden at the age of 6 Isabel is back in England for the first time in years and is faced with a very dirty very angry Faulke Segrave Faulke had arranged a betrothal to Avalene but has learned that the King betrothed her to his assassin and is demanding Faulke marry Isabel or be tried for treasonIsabel endured much in her first marriage and has no desire to be subjected to that kind of pain again which she is sure will happen when Faulke learns the truth about her Faulke has a reputation of womanizing and three wives who died under uestionable circumstances but looking at him Isabel cannot fathom the first and completely believes him capable of murder But she has no choice she is but a pawn for her father and will do her duty Isabel is saddened when the captain of her English guard is found dead poisoned and further investigation reveals his daughter and her family are also dead Her father sends her a new captain and has Dante figure out who murdered him When Faulke returns Isabel is stunned at the change he is gorgeous and he knows his effect on women but she is determined to resist the pull her father has promised that if marriage to him is unbearable he will support her decision to live apart from him Faulke is completely different today today he is handsome charming and than willing to marry her When he learns of the murder he insists on moving in with Isabel and helping with the investigation Her father agrees and when Faulke wants to push up their wedding much to her dismayThey marry and Faulke learns one of her secrets He is patient and kind to her and helps her move past her fear They grow closer and she begins to have hope for a happy marriage but when a contingent from Rheinbaden is set to arrive and demand her presence she feels bound to tell Faulke the truth and reveals her darkest secret He is furious and she is heartbrokenWhen he calms he admits he knew or suspected her secret all along ?? and is angry that she deceived him but he still cares for her and defends her honor It seems like they will get their HEA but Faulke's enemies are not done with him yet and they will learn that his enemy is closely tied to her but will the figure out why she has become the target of his enemies wrath or will Isabel pay the ultimate price?The book is well written but since it is first person I never learned anything from Faulke's POV he was such an interesting character that I felt deprived not getting to know and understand him better The mystery was decent the love scenes were mild and the secondary characters were abundant and likable the story and characters were an interesting mix of fact and fiction with a healthy dose of creative license This book is part of a series but it can absolutely be read as a stand alone title with no problemI am voluntarily leaving a review for an uncorrected eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher My reviews are honest they contain spoilers For visit After 6 long years book 5 of Elizabeth Elliott’s the Montagues series The Princess was finally published in June of this year I was uite excited because every year I’d check at least once for any news without any luck whatsoever Then again the author stopped publishing for a long time before book 4 The Dark Knight titled The Assassin before publication was published in 2012 I like her writing a lot but big gaps between installments hinders the enjoyment sometimes My discovery of her work was rather sudden; I had read the first 3 books already by then and enjoyed them enough to continue on with the seriesBefore I get into my review I want to mention a few things here about the series in case a new reader wants to know The first 3 books The Warlord #1 1995 Betrothed #2 1996 and Scoundrel #3 1996 were connected to each other by characters Set in the medieval era precisely around Edward I’s reign the first 2 books are of the Montague brothers Kenric and Guy Book 3 is regency set of a descendant of one of the brothers I count book 3 as a standalone release Book 4 is also set around the time of 1 and 2 however the storyline veered away from the original Montagues In book 2 we were introduced to Dante Chiavari who turned out to be the brother of the heroine of book 2 Claudia He was a minor but a mysterious character and I was totally interested in knowing about him In that sense The Dark Knight and The Princess are connected than the previous 3 books In fact the Montagues were barely mentioned in the new releaseDante is Italian and had a sad past when his parents were murdered by his greedy uncle He came to England with his elder brother and only sister Claudia Elder brother was another greedy bastard that died in book 1 or 2 in a battle with one of the Montague brothers But Claudia and Guy fell in love and married Dante however couldn’t fall in love with anyone The darkness of how his parents were murdered with the urge for brutal vengeance against the man who did so and took away the riches and lands that should’ve been his and Claudia’s was eating at him for a long time At a point while growing up Dante came in contact with one of Kind Edward’s closest advisers Mordecai He’s also a mysterious individual with supernatural powers He can see into the future and people believe in him He’s also trained in many tactics to bring any enemy of the King down Assassination was one of the most common deeds and Mordecai had trained people in the past just for that purpose Dante became one of them The King’s Assassin that everyone whispered about but no one would directly point a finger towards him cause they were scared Yet Dante had dark hair and intense green eyes; a handsome man by all means So far Dante has done what he deemed was his job successfully Never disappointing He was exceptionally skilled uite ruthless and determined to do the deed as efficiently as was possible But lately he’s been wanting to retire and travel to Italy to take care of his own business that I mentioned in the previous paragraph It’s then he’s given one last assignment by the King to seek out a Marcher baron and his family due to some feud or the other That’s how he came to know Avalene the love of his life the said Baron’s daughter He went to investigate in disguise of a Knight helped Avalene escape her own mean uncle and aunt making her falling in love with him in the process She had no Knight in Shining Armor because her father had pretty much abandoned her to her uncle’s mercy after her mother’s death and rarely kept in contact after his second marriage She wanted out but didn’t know how that was possible especially since she was recently engaged to a Welshman the son of an Earl Faulke Segrave Avalene had no love for this guy knowing he likes brewing trouble around Welsh leading rebellions against the King of England I don’t exactly remember how it happened but Avalene really didn’t want to marry FaulkeLong story short though Dante had kept his identity a secret for a while in the story it’s eventually outed by Faulke in a uest to save his betrothed Even after knowing the truth Avalene couldn’t help falling in love with Dante because he’d done everything to keep her safe when he was supposed to be killing her He didn’t think he’d ever have any chance of having Avalene as his wife but in the end Dante made it possible Among whatever chaos was going on between England and Welsh he wins Avalene with the King’s grudging blessing Mostly because the King had another plan in mind for FaulkeFaulke had been a thorn in Edward’s side for a while now I didn’t like him when he was introduced in book 4 He seemed uite volatile in temperament and after reading he had also been widowed 3 times with 3 daughters from each wives and that he’s been rud to have murdered them for their richesWell it certainly didn’t endear him to me Avalene was no one special in that sense but he wanted her With her now engaged to Dante Faulke had no reasons to not rebel once again However at the same time King’s eldest daughter Isabel had returned to England from Rheinbaden a small country in Germany I think so since her people all spoke German She was married to the crown prince Hartman for many years until he died a year or so ago Isabel had no children and had no other reason to remain there But we get to know behind her return to England in The PrincessIsabel had been living in Rheinbaden since her engagement with Hartman at the age of 6 The King there decided it was better to groom her in their ways and Edward send Isabel right away So in that sense England is a new country to her I forgot how old she was when the story began but not than 25 She was married to Hartman at 12 borne a child that died at birth She didn’t conceive again It seemed she’d lived her life and Hartman lived his own after that until his death by accident He obviously had many mistresses and hardly any contact with his wife after Isabel was ‘declared’ barrenSadly as we come to know from Isabel herself that the marriage was not a bed of roses even at their early days She was infatuated with Hartman’s blonde goodlooks but he never really took to her Probably not at all Sex became duty to them to conceive an heir and when that failed the marriage pretty much crumbled Hartman had mistresses as long as Isabel could remember She was young and naïve and tolerated them all through the marriage just because she thought she was barren and couldn’t give him what he wanted It also seemed that sex wasn’t as enjoyable to her either Isabel was uite happy to not have to tolerate Hartman’s “visits” He had bastards with his favorite mistress and that girl had taunted Isabel all her life with this fact Hartman never said a word instead beat Isabel up if she ever tried to say anything against that btch or asked him to break it off So all in all you can guess how horrible it was for her The political scenario of Rheinbaden after Hartman’s death became very unsettled Isabel didn’t mourn his passing all that much and was relived to be out of that miserable place But she knew she’d know no happiness because there were very few people she could trust in Rheinbaden even fewer now that she’s in England She still wasn’t sure if she could count her father among them Seems like from my review that I didn’t like Isabel in book 4 since she came off very haughty and unreachable Cold if I’m precise But then she was a Princess who was groomed to become a ueen someday The Princess is her story than Faulke’s #1 reason is it’s told from the first person POV whereas the others books in this series were in third person narrative I don’t hate first person narrative precisely but I don’t enjoy it overmuch either It rather diminishes the chance of knowing the other characters properly since it reads like one specific character’s monologue if it’s not executed well Did The Princess pass that test? I’ll talk about it laterBack to my review After her arrival in England Isabel learned that her father had planned another marriage for her which would take place ASAP Like she couldn’t even breathe in England’s air and she was again being made the pawn for another political game Isabel knew it and hated the fact that this is what she really is to the males of this demented gameplay But the King must be obeyed and Isabel would meet the man she’s to marry ASAP Someone she’d never set her eyes upon before today She was nervous unhappy but she has to maintain that cold and calm visage of The Princess so her betrothed knows who she isAnd what a introduction it was between our two main characters; Isabel all aloof and regal ready to conuer her would be fiancé and Faulke all dirty and smelly angry and vicious not appreciating the fact that he’d lost another betrothed and being forced to marry someone else Their first impression waseh neither was very impressed Isabel couldn’t even see Faulke clearly due to the amount of dirt that was on him And Faulke was simply taken aback I really liked their conversation where Isabel is so unimpressed with Faulke she couldn’t imagine what the hell those court ladies saw in him because she’d already heard about his womanizing reputation She was rather plainly speaking oh seesh not another one FFS This time I have to be careful and not let myself be humiliated once again Also she was worried that her barren state would eventually wreak their marriage if Faulke’s womanizing ways didn’t It was like her worst nightmare playing at her again but there was no escape for herI hardly knew Faulke’s exact thoughts since it was all Isabel’s POV which was a big bummer TBH And not until the next day when Isabel saw him in all his finery clean and clothed befitted his station is when she understood why Faulke was so desired by those women He was tall and extremely handsome; had dark hair that he kept long neatly trimmed beard and with intense blue eyes I thought they had superb chemistry because by then it was uite certain that he was totally interested in Isabel though she didn’t know if she could trust him Isabel’s self confidence has taken such a bad beating in Rheinbaden that she was sure it was to do with the fact that she’s bringing in a lot of riches in the marriage also that the marriage will elevate his status She was worried that she’s going to make a fool of herself again the way she had with Hartman and pay the price once again That’s why she was taken aback when they have the opportunity to talk alone Faulke turns out to be a genuine guy uite genuinely interested in her I was too since I didn’t know what to expect of him His worry over losing Isabel like his previous wives seemed pretty solid So he remained very protective of her throughout the story until it was all resolved Probably even after that but we don’t really get much of an epilogue to prove that pointUntil their marriage everything was going well I was gearing up for a good banter mingling with explosive chemistry Unfortunately the moment they married and their first night together Isabel became Faulke’s ‘kitten’ in ways than one and I was like someone kill me now pls eyeroll They were into each other justlikethat Even though they still had reasons to distrust one another they were already halfway in love I mean huh? Wtf just happened?? I hate to say but it killed the fun I was previously having I wanted to see their relationship gradually build growing stronger especially when there was chemistry but they both regarded each other strangers they were being forced to marry It felt like both fell in lust rather than love and all doneAnother thing that bugged me exceptionally was how modern Isabel’s POV read Especially when at one point she uses the word “sexy” to describe Faulke’s attractiveness All that was needed was to add “washboard abs” to complete this mess I don’t think people in the 1200s used that word Hell not even in the Regency era Then WHY? That put me off so bad even worse than how the first person POV went throughout the story Needless to say I wasn’t impressed with any of itI don’t wanna go into the intriguing parts of the story that kind of saved it for me; the betrayal and the murder plot and other things that were going on in such a volatile time Those bits were gooood TBH Though I later came to appreciate the fact that Faulke loved Isabel as I totally thought she deserved someone to love her deeply I still wished their relationship was gradually build solving trust issues carefully rather the way it was I couldn’t see why they’d fall in love that easily with all that was going on in and around their marriageAnd so in the end whereas I hoped for a ‘bang’ after such a long wait I found a rather tame and predictable story that didn’t live up to my expectations As I mentioned earlier there was barely an epilogue so the ending seemed very rushed I still think it could’ve been way better because the storyline was going the right wayuntil it wasn’t 35 stars No idea if the series has come to an end because I found no hint of another installment anywhere but I’ll keep my fingers crossed I've had this book on my to be read stack all summer and even took it on a trip to Scotland to read on the plane though never got around to it until now I threw it in my bag on the way out the door to the cabin with my family and once I tucked into it I lamented having to put it aside to do other things This book was superbly crafted I enjoyed everything from the intrigues to the burgeoning love between Princess Isabel Plantagenet and Faulke Segrave I'm a sucker for books that espouse a higher ranking woman falling in love with a lower ranking man based on his character and merits and a hero who values and appreciates the heroine's intellect all of which this book hadIt was written in 1st person POV I generally don't like 1st person POV I've only made it past the first few pages of most that I've picked up before I set them aside While I don't think this book has changed my perspective on POV preference I do think I thoroughly enjoy Elliott's writing style and clever use of language I found myself chuckling aloud at a few humorous parts and cheering for the heroine's vindications I also loved the hero a gallant and honorable man who has been the victim of slander and suspicion due to machinations of others He proves to be the stalwart support Princess Isabel needs to face her past and future and overcome years of isolation and mistreatment in her first husband's court The only part of this book that saddened me was to never be immersed in Faulke's POV I'm in a woman's POV everyday of my life and it's a treat to escape into the hero's head too to know what he's thinking and feel his attraction anger fears etc because to me it removes them from their pedestal of Hero and humanizes them thus allowing me to cheer their transformations as much as the heroine's That minor detail aside Faulke's growing love was understood through the uncertainties the heroine felt and her growing trust I enjoyed seeing this hardened woman's hope blossom and her defenses crumble This book was well researched originally written and the creative license mixed with the historical details made for a highly enjoyable read It became clear from the start that I was reading part of a series but it stood alone very well I'll be collecting Elliott's other titles en masse to see what I've been missing I am an Elizabeth Elliott fan I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was absolutely fabulous It flew by I expected it to drag a bit or actually feel it's length 500 pages but I was very much enthralled Romance is the primary focus of the book but there is also so much else going on that I wanted to know what would happen Although I did forget about the mystery revolving the murders about halfway through the book but thankfully just as I recalled it as a potential loose thread the author brought it back up and solved it nicely Isabel is an interesting main character She is a princess who has been damaged in the past and had to learn how to be strong in order to protect herself She leads her people well and is loyal to them and truly isn't a bad person Faulke seems like the usual romantic hero but he had a few differences which I enjoyed He really is a sweet person and a bit open about his feelings He is just the right amount of sweetness kindness and protective for Isabel While there is some insta attraction I did like to see that their love does and there are reasons behind why they like each other The side characters are also enjoyable but not as memorable Learning about the characters and reading them open up to each other while dealing with unpleasantness in their lives is really what this book is about She's an abandoned princess and he is cursed Murders surround them as well as enemies both hidden and in plain sight I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy this as much as I did and I do plan on going back and reading of this series Not the best I have ever read but certainly not the worst I enjoyed the time period and the historical characters I really enjoyed the relationship between Isabel and Faulke and wish would have been about them and less about the poisonings It also ended very suddenly and I would have liked to learn about what happened to our characters after; the very short epilogue did them no justice From the beloved author of The Warlord and The Dark Knight an emotional deeply passionate medieval romance Married and widowed at a tender age Princess Isabel Plantagenet understands her duty to wed a new husband chosen by her father for the purpose of consolidating his power Faulke Segrave a rogue suspected of high treason whose past wives died under mysterious circumstances is hardly suitor material but his piercing blue eyes spark a fire in Isabel that makes her feel oddly safe and deeply curious uite a pair they will make for she has dark secrets of her own that can never see the light of day Faulke does not relish this arrangement any than his bride does but he can't deny his attraction to this poised beautiful woman whose level gaze and strong command make him ache to have her Her seduction becomes his conuest even as deception and murderous scheming draw closer threatening Faulke's life his heritage and his cherished wife The Princess by Elizabeth Elliot was an interesting read I enjoy reading about historical figures and find the whole medieval time fascinating I have never though read much about Edward I or Longshanks due to his heightElizabeth Elliot introduces us to Edward I through her main character of Isabel his daughter Isabel was born and raised to be married to a king She was betrothed and moved to live with her husband’s family and married by the time she was 13 Her husband died you will be pleased by that later and she was sent back to England to live However Isobel knew that her greatest asset was to marry again and help her father’s political future She is married to Faulke Segrave a man who came from the wilds of Wales and was just as unhappy as she was about the marriage However as in all good historical romance things change and secrets are revealed and just when you are ready to sigh with pleasure one secret comes outI enjoyed reading the historical romance not just for the romance and the medieval period but also for the characters and their slow unpeeling of their layers There were twists that were uite interesting and shocking in a couple of cases I always am surprised by all the court intrigue and the constant gossip and innuendos Isobel and Faulke were strong characters that made the story interesting The Princess by Elizabeth Elliot was a fascinating read Widowed Princess Isabel Plantagenet understands her duty to wed a new husband chosen by her father a rogue suspected of high treason Faulke Segrave Faulke has already lost 3 wives and now he’s being forced into marring the Princess She’s used to marry to Faulke who’s just as unhappy as she was about the marriage as she is Isabel and Faulke learn each other’s secrets as their relationships progresses he’s kind and caring when Elizabeth needs him to be and strongly comes to her defense when she’s in danger I love the story of these two wounded souls coming together to build a life at first bases on lies and deception and later when the truths come out they continue to support each other when their lives are in danger Faulke is the ultimate mate and protector something Elizabeth has never really had before she’s always been just a political pawn in her father’s world This is my honest opinions after I voluntarily read a copy of this book that was provided to me with no reuirements for a review I really enjoyed The Princess by Elizabeth Elliott There was so much going on in this book It has court intrigue poisoning torture heated romance loyalty HEA and so much I loved itI received an advance readers copy and voluntarily reviewed the book

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Princess Montagues #5
  • Elizabeth Elliott
  • English
  • 07 July 2015
  • 9780553575682

About the Author: Elizabeth Elliott

Elizabeth Elliott is the pseudonym for American romance novel author Linda Crippes née Linda Kay Elliott in Fort Worth Texas All of her novels are published by Bantam Books now owned by Random House In addition to writing she has held various management positions with Fortune 500 companies and worked as a management consultant for a variety of smaller businesses specializing in information