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Prisoner of Night and Fog This is probably going to be a tough book to review and rate as wellI eually enjoyed the book and also felt it was average at certain points Prisoner of Night and Fog is a historical fiction book where we follow the story of Gretchen the girl who looked up to Hitler as her father Gretchen's father died by protecting Hitler from shots that were fired Her dad saved Hitler's life and Hitler took Gretchen and her family under his care Sweet isn't it?Well things are about to change when Gretchen meets this Jew journalist who informs her that her Dad did not protect Hitler by choice but was murdered He did not sacrifice his life but was murdered and fell in line to where the shots were firedThis takes Gretchen by surprise and she investigates the mystery of her Dad's death Doesn't the plot sound amazing? I bet it does Firstly I enjoyed that Hitler was involved heavily in the story line The plot was jam packed with so many twists and action that it was hard to resist enjoying the book Every chapter had something amazing to offer which added depth to the plot Secondly there was companionship between 2 types of people that are forbidden to have any forms of communication And the way they were there for each other was heartwarming I simply loved the last segment in the book The last couple of chapters were the best The revelation of so many twists and shocks was mind blowingNot forgetting the Author's Notes Make sure to read that as well It makes understanding of certain points even clearer Just dive into this book You'll really enjoy it 25 starsSigh Another well loved book that I just didn’t connect to the way I would have likedThis book had GREAT potential the premise was really intriguing and different from anything I’ve read before Unfortunately Prisoner of Night and Fog just did not work for me The novel takes place in Munich in the early 1930’s during Hitler’s rise to power It’s told from the point of view of the seventeen year old German girl Gretchen Müller who basically grew up in the NSDAP with Adolf Hitler – or “uncle Dolf” as she calls him – as her father figure Gretchen is one of Hitler’s favorites because her father died saving his life during the Beer Hall Putsch a couple of years earlier Real historical figures are introduced as well as fictional ones to create the main plot and mystery aspect of the novelClearly this has the possibility to be a wonderful story because not only do we have the fascinating historical setting – a time full of inner turmoil political instability and economic crisis – but we also have so much potential for character development as Gretchen slowly realizes the truth about Hitler and his party and starts uestioning her own beliefs The novel had three strong points in its favor1 The realism This book was very well researched and the author clearly had a good grasp of the time period The story definitely felt very believable Having said that though I wouldn’t have been able to tell if there were historical inaccuracies because although I do have uite a lot of general knowledge small details would easily have passed me by 2 The way Hitler and his people were portrayed The author really showed us Hitler’s psychopathic nature well and I was absolutely terrified of Reinhard This is definitely a book with despicable and frightening complex villains 3 Gretchen as the protagonist Gretchen was far from one of my favorite female characters but I did uite like her and didn’t find her all too frustrating I liked the fact that she wanted to be a doctor and go to university and didn’t let other people decide her life for her like it was often custom for the women of the time She was brave and definitely came into her own throughout the novelUnfortunately I really struggled with the other elements of the storyMy main issue was the way the novel was written There was so much info dumping and the author failed to interweave historical facts and events with the plot in an elegant manner Most of the time I honestly felt like I was reading a history book or a Hitler biography The novel just wasn’t engaging at all and I found myself bored for most of it trying to remain focused on the main plot line It seemed like an endless recounting of historical facts and figures instead of an actual establishment of atmosphere It felt like the author was trying too hard to show me all of her extensive research but didn’t give enough care to character interactions The plot itself was uite weak The mystery aspect was very predictable and there wasn’t enough of anything else for me to be engrossed Many of the side characters started to blend together in my mind and at times I struggled to hold them apart They were figures not peopleThen there was the romance which frankly I didn’t enjoy at all I didn’t feel any connection or chemistry between the two main characters Their romance seemed very stiff and completely out of place I think the book would have benefited had the romance just been exchanged with a friendshipI was also bothered by the female friendship I thought Eva was portrayed in a very condescending manner and I hated that we were yet again confronted with the one dimensional female best friend whose only purpose seemed to be the demonstration of how special Gretchen was in comparison There were also some mistakes in regards to the use of the German language eg it’s “Münchner” not “Münch ener” and “Heil Hitler” not “Heil s Hitler” etc but that won’t bother the majority of the readersI understand why so many people love this book and are captured by the historical setting If you are fascinated by this time period you may still really like Prisoner of Night and Fog but I just didn’t enjoy it and can thus not recommend it I won’t be picking up the seuel In 1930s Munich danger lurks behind dark corners and secrets are buried deep within the city But Gretchen Müller who grew up in the National Socialist Party under the wing of her uncle Dolf has been shielded from that side of society ever since her father traded his life for Dolf's and Gretchen is his favorite his petUncle Dolf is none other than Adolf Hitler And Gretchen follows his every commandUntil she meets a fearless and handsome young Jewish reporter named Daniel Cohen Gretchen should despise Daniel yet she can't stop herself from listening to his story that her father the adored Nazi martyr was actually murdered by an unknown comrade She also can't help the fierce attraction brewing between them despite everything she's been taught to believe about JewsAs Gretchen investigates the very people she's always considered friends she must decide where her loyalties lie Will she choose the safety of her former life as a Nazi darling or will she dare to dig up the truth—even if it could get her and Daniel killedFrom debut author Anne Blankman comes this harrowing and evocative story about an ordinary girl faced with the extraordinary decision to give up everything she's ever believed and to trust her own heart instead “She stood on the edge of night that sliver of gray between darkness and dawn that razor thin line separating the first part of her life and whatever lay ahead” A haunting yet beautiful book No matter how it begins or ends books about WW2 always screw up my nerves and I bet I'm not the only one The story was well written but best think about this book was the information it contained I learned alot The writing style was epic Anna Blankman did some serious crafting and blending Gretchen and Daniel's story is beautifully written and if you're interested in historical fiction WW2 you definitely should pick this upCan't wait to have Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke in my hands If you read the second book please tell me how it ends seriously spoil me I need to know how Daniel and Gretchen end up do they end up alive happy and TOGETHER? I'm serious if you know tell me I am really not enjoying this The entire plotline of a child Nazi falling in love with a Jewish reporter is clever sure but I really don't know if I like how it's being handled I dislike this whole trope of “bigoted person falls in love with member of oppressed group they hate” There are two things I don't love about this storyline First I really feel like stories of overcoming bigotry are important and can be amazing obviously but a lot of the romantic ones make it all about the bigot and not at all about the oppressed person Why the fuck does Daniel a Jewish man care about Gretchen who's being raised by Nazis? I understand that Gretchen saves a Jewish man in the first few chapters of this book and Daniel sees this but Gretchen also says several terrible things to Daniel in the first half Yet we the audience are meant to take it for granted that he cares about her anyway It doesn't uite make sense Second I feel like an evolution from bigotry to acceptance coming from a romance just does not work Or okay I suppose it could with some really pitch perfect execution But it's very easy to fall into that you're the only good one narrative To be fair I think Anna Blankman is really trying to execute this element well But unfortunately the romance feels really weak and just doesn't workIn other areas this book felt a bit weak it had a lot of typical 2012 YA issues But those could easily gave been remedied later on It's this romance plot that bothered me enough for a DNFBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube For decades since the World War II the name Adolf Hitler has been synonymous with monster all over the world But to 17 year old Gretchen Muller Adolf Hitler is simply Uncle Dolf protector substitute father a great leader and a kind gentle man If he wasn’t why would Gretchen’s own father jump in front of a bullet to protect him? Why would this somewhat strange Austrian take Gretchen’s entire family under his wing? We must keep in mind that Blankman portrays Germany in 1931 before the Third Reich when Hitler’s intentions were still hidden behind clever rhetoric and only those closest to him had any inkling of the monster he truly was Beatings and political assassinations were done covertly and this young girl had nothing but the word of a trusted family friend to help form her opinion of the world The Gretchen we meet at the beginning of this story is a follower a brainwashed creature Hitler’s golden pet Even though she wishes to become a doctor she isn’t used to thinking for herself because as Hitler likes to point out a young girl’s brain is like wax soft and pliable ready to be shaped at any man’s will But as things around her stop making sense and even her father’s heroic death comes into uestion Gretchen has no choice but to discover the very dangerous truth and find her own independence in the process Through it all she is accompanied by the most unlikely of allies a young Jewish journalist named Daniel Cohen All her life Gretchen’s been taught that Jews are filthy evil and subhuman but there Daniel is kind smart outspoken and entirely too pleasant to be anything but a real warm human being just like Gretchen herself As the two form a very tentative friendship Gretchen starts seeing the world through her own eyes for the very first time and she is terrified of what she seesThe Prisoner of Night and Fog is an extensively researched novel In fact not many novels come with an author’s note and a bibliography attached Having done the research myself once upon a time I am uite familiar with pre WWII German history myself and Anne Blankman did her job well Everything from German educational system to the personalities of Hitler’s elite is accurate and well presentedOn top of it all Blankman explores psychopathic personality disorder not only through Hitler but through Gretchen’s brother Reinhart as well It is easy to see how people like Reinhart became The Fuhrer’s most trusted soldiers following age old rule that like calls to like Even those with superficial knowledge of the time period will easily recognize the impossibility of Gretchen’s situation the slim chances of survival for her and Daniel both It is almost impossible to see a satisfactory ending for these characters knowing what we know of Hitler’s rise to power Blankman counted on this feeling of dread that inevitably rises and used it to this story’s best advantage The end result is one of the best books I’ve read in ages with the potential to win both prizes and the hearts of readers everywhere You will never learn what I am thinking And those who boast most loudly that they know my thought to such people I lie even Adolf Hitler SettingBerlin and Munich Germany; 1933Coverly Love?No; this is way too close of a close up for my likingPlotGermany; 1933 WWI has been over for fifteen years but Germany is still suffering Bitterly poor and living in poverty the German people need someone to look up to Such is the case for sixteen year old Gretchen Muller who along with her mother her father and older brother is now a part of the newly formed Socialist Party guided by the charismatic Adolf Hitler known to her as Uncle Dolf Gretchen's father was one of Adolf Hitler's most loyal workers until he was shot to death saving Hitler's life That's at least what Gretchen has been taught to believe Until she meets a Jewish reporter named Daniel Cohen He has new information about her father's death He wasn't killed he was murdered But by whom? This is the uestion Gretchen must try and figure out even if it means trusting the one man she is supposed to revile and fear With Hitler uickly rising the ranks in the German government and her brother's behavior spiraling out of control it's a race against the clock to find her father's killer before it's too late to find outThis book was perfection Absolute perfection It had everything I could ever want in a book The ideal book would be a historical filled with action adventure and romance The characters were well drawn out the plotting fast paced and a believable romance that I could root for I also loved how she wove psychology into the mix and getting a real good look not only inside the heads of Gretchen and her family but Hitler as well The sense of desperation on the part of the German people is palatable and terrifying Now this novel does NOT take place during WWII itself Rather it examines the period leading up to when Hitler was just a rising politician and his slow ascent to power That's the most terrifying thing of all watching a seemingly normal man descent into madness and blinded by his lust for power For a historical novel that is as well researched as this one is one might come into it thinking that it would sound like a textbook than a novel Thankfully it doesn't sound like one at all And for the record the author does change some things around and make up some scenarios for dramatic affect but they are all perfectly explained and reasoned Unlike some alternate historical novels this one was much exciting CharactersGretchen Mueller is at first a dutiful daughter staying uiet making good marks in school supporting the Socialist party helping her mother make dinner and generally staying out of trouble But when she finds out that her father may have been murdered sueaky clean Gretchen is no She transforms from the meek timid girl that she once was into a determined brave young woman Gretchen is unlike many typical YA heroines She carefully thinks out her actions before she executes them being almost cautious to a fault Except when it comes to Hitler Mind you this is the time when people will believe anything in the hopes that their lives will become better But uickly Gretchen becomes disillusioned with the party members and Hitler himself and feels deeply betrayed by the abandonment of those she loved She is also wary about trusting the Jews instilled by the beliefs of the party The Jew is my eternal enemy Those words had guided her heart for twelve years Over time those also disappear as she begins to realize that we are all human She had hurt him The thing she always thought was impossible wounding a Jew's heart had happened Daniel Cohen is a local newspaper reporter who is in search of the truth and only the truth He also happens to be a Jew Daniel has some information regarding Gretchen's father And whether she likes it or not he's going to help her Gradually the two become friends and comrades learning that they aren't all that different I loved Daniel as a character He wasn't cocky he wasn't arrogant and he wasn't pretentious like a lot of other YA male characters No Daniel was kind courageous and compassionate He may not always believe in the good in humanity but that doesn't stop him from trying He may have been a little TOO perfect but I didn't really care since he was so wonderfulReinhard Muller is Gretchen's older brother Oh my word there aren't enough words to describe him Simply out he's a maniacal psychopath and a chilling indicator of what is to come for Germany and the Nazi party He is ruthlessly cruel to all he meets Such as the time Reinhard pushed a neighborhood girl down the front steps because he wanted to see if she would cry Or when Reinhard used a magnifying glass to burn ants crawling across the sidewalk because he wanted to time how long it took them to die Even to his little sister who is so terrified of him she pushes a chair underneath her door every single night for fear he might come in and harm her view spoilerUnfortunately he managed to do so anyways hide spoiler Review originally posted at you read for enjoyment and to escape And then sometimes you read because you know a book is good for you and it's important for you to read it Prisoner of Night and Fog is definitely one of the latter books That's not to say it isn't enjoyable it is in some parts But for me PoNaF was definitely a serious thriller of a book that you learn from it wasn't always fun but I am glad I read itThe plot clicks along pretty uickly there were a few moments that lagged a bit in the middle but for the most part the action rose and fell uickly and kept me very compelled Blankman effortlessly weaves Gretchen's story her father's death and her encounters with Hitler and the rest of the top brass in the National Socialist party into the story That was the most impressive and interesting feat of this book that I really believed that this could have happenedFor me this book was driven by plot than by my interest in the actual characters Gretchen seemed a very typical YA heroine a little naive at first slowly discovering that she's different from everyone around her and she's been doing everything wrong by believing in the National Socialist party sorry was that a spoiler? You knew she was going to figure out that the Nazis weren't good people right? Daniel the Jewish reporter who first informs her that her father's death might not be as it seemed again seemed like a very typical YA guy brave intrepid and immediately interested in Gretchen Their love story was solid but not one where I was heavily interested in seeing them togetherThat said I didn't feel that lack of investment in the love story or in the the typical ness of the main characters as much as it might have done in another book because the secondary characters were numerous and well drawn Reinhard Gretchen's brother is particularly fascinating as were Blankman's depictions of those in Hitler's inner circle and Hitler himself Blankman's Hitler is a man shrouded in secrecy charismatic and seemingly benevolent with a lot of uirks that make him an extraordinary character to read Every encounter Gretchen had with him made me both disgusted and fascinatedI think the hardest part of this book for me to swallow was that occasionally I felt like Gretchen made some choices to trust certain people that I immediately thought were not trustworthy I thought Blankman did a good but not great job making Gretchen's desire to believe in people authentic and understandable most of the time I believed and understood Gretchen's choices There were just occasional moments like when Gretchen goes to her best friend to tell her that Hitler isn't what he seems and Hitler and his associates are in the back room where I was kind of taken out of the story because it seemed so obvious that Gretchen should know better than to speak to her friend there In some ways though the fact that I had such an emotional response to a lot of Gretchen's actions Tiff during reading Get out of the room Gretchen Run Gretchen Look behind you is a testament to how invested I was in this story I stayed up uite late reading the last hundred pages of this book desperate to find out if Gretchen and Daniel would be okay It's a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the end or at least until the seuel don't worry it's not a cliffhanger Bonuses  To anyone who thinks research for a book is not worth the time or effort Prisoner of Night and Fog proves to the contrary Based on true historical events Anne has crafted a brilliantly compelling and incredibly authentic story entwined with real historical figures who are given a second breath of life This is a story of a girl's desperate search for the truthUnderneath it all Prisoner of Night and Fog is a gripping account of Hitler's rise to power The plot introduces many real life characters who were part of Hitler's entourage or impacted his life in some way Naturally fictional characters are also added to the mix to initiate an engaging mystery that although fictional is entangled inside real historical events I may not be a history buff but it's clear from the start that immense research went into this novel The details and specifics give its roots as well as its characters such authenticity It's also highly atmospheric; the setting came to life right before my eyes Not just the setting itself but the energy of its people as well The mixture of fear and adoration towards Hitler and his perverted sense of patriotism is as expected very unsettling but he makes for an extraordinary character study The way he thinks the way he uses his dark charm to hypnotize others to carry out his psychotic will; it's morbidly fascinating Some of the facts used inside this story may not be new to some but it does bring a lot of characters into play that give us a great insight on his person The author's note at the end is also worth a read as she separates fiction used for the plot from the not so far off facts With that said don't start thinking this is a tedious historical novel full of dull recounted facts on our world history These details are woven into an interesting and mysterious plot with such skill that I was constantly craving the next page This is achieved with the help of a protagonist who is so determined and resilient that you can't help but love her With a corrupt family life that is made up of a murdered father a submissive mother and a psychotic brother whose empty heart mirrors pure evil not to mention Uncle Dolf himself we come to understand the root of her cynicism as well as her fixation on discovering the truth In the meantime there's also some light romance that's sprinkled throughout with a fearless Jew who shows Gretchen they are not what she was taught to believe This results in a wonderful forbidden love story which completes it all really The writing is excellent the characters are either fascinating or likable and the plot has a constant undercurrent of mystery and menace that propels you to the end A masterpiece for any historical fan An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads I wished a German editor would have given the author some counsel because there are so many faults regarding the use of the German language see my status updates for that it’s almost ludicrous I will never understand the need of US writers to write fictional novels on countries and cultures they never even been to only read about in books and pictures Yeah everybody can read billions of books on Hitler the NS regime on Hitler and his women Hitler and his pets hell there are even books and documentaries on Hitler’s sex life But will someone not from Munich ever feel the cities vibe? Tell how beautiful the English Garden smells in spring and summer in the middle of the city? How the sky is always so blue and white just like the Bavarian Flag? Can they conjure up the fun and buzzing days and nights in Munich’s ale houses or the English Garden?Watch this video to see how the English Garden in München looks like If not for a different fashion everything you see buildings and layout are the same Can they convincingly create the atmosphere of those days in the early 30ies that even a girl from Munich would be convinced? Even I who wrote my master thesis on Adolf Eichmann and have read my fair share of historical documents viewed the concentration camp in Dachau from the inside been in the Munich Synagogue and talked to survivors and their families read the transcripts and evidence of the Nürnberger Prozess and the Eichmann Prozess in Jerusalem and was stuffed like a turkey with the German history in school Am I convinced by this tableau Anna Blankman created? No I am not This book is like reading Wikipedia entry after entry or reading a history book There is almost too much recounting of historical facts names places and too little plot atmospheric character descriptions or interaction 30% into the story and we have heard all people involved in the NSDAP at that time Hess Röhm Eva Braun Geli Raubal Hanfstaengl the Socialist reporters from the Poison Kitchen Munich Post the many SA and SS people but we have met Uncle Dolf only twice and in my opinion those encounters are too short as Gretchen and Uncle Dolf exchange only a few sentences They have no effect in making me believe this was Adolf Hitler He is described as having a voice like chocolate and looking half starved Well I don’t know about the voice but chocolate wasn’t really what I would use to describe it And I also have problems with his looking half starved From 194344 on Hitler was very ill and he lost a lot of weight that is true But 1931 the year this story starts Hitler was really in his prime a healthy awe inspiring middle aged man with penetrating sparkling blue eyes black shining hair and a celebrated spokesman Fiction even if documentary should never be a recounting of known facts only SA chief Röhm He had lost his cap so she could see how his hair had been shaved so close to the scalp that his pale skin showed a fresh scrubbed pink like a pig’s hide His small eyes focused on hers Pockmarks disfigured his broad florid face From shrapnel she’d heard but she didn’t know if the injuries had occurred during the Great War or while he had lived as a mercenary soldier in Bolivia during the twenties The deep gouges had always unsettled her ever since she’d seen him again in April after Hitler summoned him back to Munich to take over the SA Sometimes the introduction of people and places or historical events feels a lot like info dumping Every history nerd who likes to check things out could have searched online for pictures of Rösch and would have gotten the swine analogy Everyone could have read on Wikipedia about Rösch’s life And everybody else would not really be interested if Rösch came back as leader of the SA or not if his pockmarks were from shrapnel in the First World War or from his time as mercenary in Bolivia The actual fictional plot the indoctrinated ward Hitler's meeting a Jewish reporter and uncovering the truth about her father's murder plays a very minor role in the story I was not a big fan of this romance either Gretchen is a special snowflake all innocent dreamy and virginal with her unpainted face her long blond hair pulled back in a shining braid and her slim figure In contrast we have slutty superficial Eva Braun with her make up the fake peroxide hair and red colored lips And even Geli Raubal is likewise frilly and shallow shopping all day and making fun of everything and everyone In every other Young Adult novel people would remark upon Sluts vs Virgin trope Maybe they have all been numbed by all the previous info dumping and retelling of historical facts to really notice it But if you take away the historical make up of the story what remains is a badly executed generic Young Adult romance Gretchen is Uncle Dolf’s sunshine the martyr’s daughter the serious student the future physician It’s the well known boring and million times recounted story of blonde miss perfect meeting dark and mysterious stranger uncovering together a supposedly dangerous truth while being chased by the evil opponent Everything starts with her witnessing and interrupting a brawl between her brother Reinhardt and a Jew By now the crowd had scattered All except a lone man watching her “Your’re not like the others” he said The voice was young and uick with the sharp accent of a Berliner Not a man but a boy perhaps her age or a little older “Are you Fräulein Müller?” “You’ve surprised me Fräulein Müller Not an easy feat I promise you” This first shadowy encounter is followed by a mysterious letter he sends her after school Dear Fräulein Müller Although you hide it well it is clear you are nothing like the others which is why I presume to send you this letter Last week I was approached by one of the Nazi Party’s original members He is old now and his health frail but his memory is clear He told me a troubling story that I believe you as Klaus Müller’s daughter deserve to hear Your father did not die a martyr to the Nazi cause and your family’s precarious position within Hitler’s party is predicated on a lie I beg you give me a chance to explain and I shall meet you directly outside your home this evening at half past six o’clock A Friend I ask you would a journalists who is so worldly wise and says about himself “not many things surprise me any” would a Jew working for a Socialist newspaper known for their investigative journalism and Anti Hitler campaigns really approach the golden child Hitler’s his ward the daughter of a martyr and a professed National Socialist? I would think not especially not in 1931 in Munich especially not as a Jew It’s also kind of creepy stalker ish if you ask me calling out her name from the shadows he is hiding in although he never saw her before or sending that letter to her I’ve had a hard time imagining him because he is described as “a man a boy really” so many times but his behavior his world weariness his confidence and sarcasm doesn’t match that at all I would have guessed him to be much much older “A Jew and a National Socialist joining forces I never thought I’d see it” What a dumb standoffish statement making fun of Gretchen who just offered to help him On a small side note Berlin accent is not sharp at all it’s kind of cute if you ask me In Germany the “Berliner Schnauze” is widely known to be bawdy and humorous It’s to HighStandard German like the US southern drawl to Oxford English During their following encounters in the park and in a nightclub just imagine Hitler’s favorite 17 year old pet going to a communist nightclub with degenerated Swing music in 1931 Munich Gretchen parrots dumb phrases like “Herr Hitler is committed to reducing unemployment and creating jobs” and that “swing music is degenerate” Really? 8 years of being Hitler’s favorite girl of going to opera and visiting art museums with him of discussing personal and political stuff with him and that is all the ideological propaganda she can come up with? Does she really think about Jews that they stink and have hairy fingers? Apparently so And the sour stink of sweat and decay she had expected she didn’t smell Only a light scent of soap and cologne The fingers holding hers felt smooth and soft not rough with tangled hair Could she have been wrong about him? It sounds not very believable to me I would really have loved to see how bit by slow bit her beliefs start to crumble But as Gretchen is portrayed there are not many convictions to start with She seems rather naïve foolish and utterly devoted to Uncle Dolf because he kept them fed after her father saved his life and died She only starts to challenge the system her uncle or what she has been made to believe when she meets Daniel Cohen She doesn’t mistrust because she starts realizing that things don’t add up but because of the love interest I was disappointed I have to come to an end with this review So finally I will only say this It is apparent that the author has read many books on Hitler and the rising of National Socialism in Germany but to me it is also very apparent that she hasn’t got a clue about German language and never been to Munich or Germany The story lacks this last emotional touch when history is told in a way that makes you feel it experience it for yourself For me it was nothing short of a list of names places and events that left me rather cold because I already know them from history classes The romance is a Young Adult run of the mill romance with formulaic characters Again nothing to write home about I am kind of disappointed because it could have been so much The story recounts one dimensional Hitler’s rise in Munich and leaves other aspects of the time totally out 1918 1933 the time of the Weimar Republic was one hell of a time Not only because of Hitler but it was the Golden Era of the avant garde of Bauhaus Blue Rider and the Expressionism It was also during this time a lot of industrial innovations were made Herman Hesse wrote 1927 Der Steppenwolf Thomas Mann wrote 1924 “Der Zauberberg” and was 1929 awarded with the Nobel Prize for literature Erich Maria Remarue wrote 1929 “Im Westen nichts Neues” If you tell a story on Hitler’s rise you can’t leave out the reasons why the Weimar Republic failed It failed for many other economic Great Depression and political reasons and people