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La Reine Morte Je ne suis pas grande amatrice de théâtre donc cette pièce ne fait pas exception J'aime néanmoins l'humour noir et l'écriture démodée de Montherlant The story of Inés de Castro like that of Don Juan has inspired many romances and plays Inés de Castro was a historical figure from the 14th Century a lesser noblewoman who became Pedro the crown prince´s lover and after his wife died his spouse in spite of the King´s opposition She was eventually assasinated in a court intrigueMontherlant makes Inés Pedro´s secret first wife turns Pedro into a man unable to break free of his paralyzing love hate relationship with his father and centers the play on the seventy year old cynical lucid monstruous but still powerful King Ferrante in the play Alphonse IV in reality who rules according to clearly machiavellian dicta and winds up destroying physically or psychologically all who approach him save for the Infante of Navarre one of the most extraordinary clear eyed and unsentimental female characters to turn up in dramaThe play moves audibly and remorselessly forwards in time to an almost clockwork logic of tragedy and reminds one by turns of Racine´s Phèdre and Schiller´s Don Carlos Ferrante is a Lear who decides to reign until he drops dead securely bolstered on his throne by his inordinate pride and cruelty masked by a hypocritical concern for the stateA play well worth reading and watching if staged with the author´s suggested cuts C'est pendant la guerre avec la création de La Reine morte ue Montherlant célèbre depuis une vingtaine d'années déjà pour ses romans et ses essais se fait connaître sur la scène française Persuadé ue la tragédie est l'une des clefs pour déchiffrer l'énigme des agissements humains et des rapports entre les êtres Montherlant ressuscite avec La Reine morte la grande tragédie mêlant conflits politiues et affrontements familiaux dressant pour l'éternité dans une lutte à mort le fils contre le père On connaît l'argument un roi très malade fait tuer la femme Dona Inès ue son fils Don Pedro a épousée secrètement Il meurt devant le cadavre de «la reine morte» 1hour after readingthis book is like a succesful Oscar Wilde with all the bling trimmed away to leave a pure cutting prose The characters are fantastic powerful like Balzacian characters without the cynicism if a morality play had been the picture ofa fire this would be the fire J'ai eu du mal à rentrer dans cette histoire Tellement ue j'ai du mal à me souvenir de l'intrigue et des éléments de l'histoire Les livres touchant et mêlant politiue et tragédie ont toujours été difficile pour moi Celui fait un véritable mélange des deux Ce n'est pas ma tasse de thé I always read than one book at the same timeThis one fascinated me because of its title which is about the story of the unfortunate Ines de Castro who fell in love with Don Pedro The Cruel future ruler of Portugal She was the natural child of a low born nobleman from Spain who came to Portugal and was noticed by Don Pedro who fell so madly in love with her he secretly married her When Don Ferrante Pedro's father found out about the marriage and the fact Ines was with child he flew in a big rage since he had planned on cementing an alliance with Spain by marrying Pedro to the Infanta of Navarre and had Ines executedThose who read about Portugal's history know that Pedro upon becoming king had Ines' corpse exhumed and forced everybody in Portugal to kiss her skeletal hand and pay homage to her as Portugal's ueen Pedro took the title of cruel after her death as he had sincerely loved her He had buried again in a crypt with all the honors to a ueen and had a monument made upon her sepulcher It is said that upon his own death he was also buried at her sideThis is one of the most tragic love stories taking place I believe in ancient timesDe Montherland wrote a play on the subject and this is the play I'm now readingDe Montherland has some inaccuracies in his play First of all Ines' murder is subtle than that Ferrante from what I read of the actual story never actually met Ines and so would not have come to like her and to still decide to have her killed and then die right after she diesWhen Pedro had Ines' body paraded around for everybody in Portugal to pay homage to her she had been in the grave for some time as he paraded a skeleton with a crown and rich robes not a fresh corpseIt was like De Montherland wanted to soften the story somewhat romanticize it You should only check it out if you like De Montherland's writing styleIt seems I'm re reading it as I can see I read it from October 11 2016 to October 15 2016 The story of the unfortunate Ines De Castro broke my heart I was buying those magazines from France and in there they would relate real stories but also they would romanticize them They had the story of Ines and how after her death Pedro was so angry he had her body dug up covered with royal robes and forced all his subjects to kill the hand of his skeletal ueen before having her once again buried in a beautiful sarcophagus he had built for her and him As it is Pedro the cruel as he is known asked to be laid to rest next to Ines when he died though he had remarried to a princess It was said his father Ferrante was the instigator of Ines' murder as she was murderedWell I read it twice I bought the book after hearing about Ines de Castro but I cannot say Montherland satisfied my curiosity about her I find the play very tame actually but it's probably because of the time it was written in France and the style which was popular back thenI do not even cry when I know Ines is going to die and actually in the play I find her irritating and a bit naiveFerrante is somebody deserving of assassination attempts He's not a very nice character and the pity we might feel for dying old men is inexistent here Actually we can't wait for him to die but we wish he would die before he can order for Ines to be murderedDon Pedro is tame here unlike the real Pedro The Cruel who would have had his own father executed had Ferrante not died before he could mete out his revenge on those who killed his beloved wifeThe Infanta well she is as far from reality as can be in the play Dona Bianca actually married Pedro and it was when she died in childbirth that he became his affair with Ines who was one of her ladies in waitingJohn of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster was luckier than Pedro John had a several years affair with Katherine Swinford children with her and although they had their differences he eventually was allowed to marry her and live their last years togetherPedro wasn't even granted that I doubt his next wife as he remarried for the sake of the crown was as loved as he had himself buried in the same sarcophagus as he had Ines buried intoNo wonder modern nobility rebels and marries commonersI'm not going to read this book another time and will put it in the pile of books to be given away Instead I plan on finding a book about the real storyEven Shakespeare in his retelling of such tragedies as Othello Romeo and Juliet Hamlet King Lear put passion into them This play is tame We are led to believe by his actions towards Ines before he gives the orders to kill her that Ferrante is a good man a strong kind but he is weak and easily led astray into changing his mind After all didn't he say that killing her would be a very bad political move to his kingdom?And where is Pedro all the time his wife is left alone with Ferrante? If he had been sent somewhere to wage war that would be logical but he just seems to be away In his shoes I would have worried as he had to know his father wasn't a kind man at allThe real Pedro had the real Ines' corpse dug out She was a skeleton by then He had the skeleton dressed up in fine clothes and had her wedding ring put on her finger and forced all of Portugal all of its inhabitants nobles as well as the poor bow down before the corpse and kiss its ring Then he had her buried again in a sarcophagus he had built for both of them showing them lying next to each other like lovers He then went after those who had killed her and executed them in the most gruesome manner But is it any wonder that he came to be known as Pedro the cruel? If somebody killed my one true love I'd probably do as bad as he did « Dieu me protégera si j'en suis digne Mais pouruoi regarder le ciel ? Regarder le ciel me ramène toujours vers la terre car les choses divines ue je connais c'est sur la terre ue je les ai vécues » La Reine Morte by Henri de MontherlantExcellent masterpiece marriage made in heaven between a fabulous text and the Ubermensch of an actor – 10 out of 10I have been spoiled in the past few days with Housekeeping and now The Dead ueen and an amazing king played by the best actor in the world George ConstantinFerrante is the king of Portugal and he wants Prince Pedro his son to marry the infanta of Navarre for reasons of stateAnd we proceed with a classic conflict between duty and lovePrince Pedro loves Ines de Castro but this is not what the king wants and he is very upset to learn that his son had refused the infanta In the first part of this great drama king Ferrante is willing to compromise and even appears to be a reasonable manWhen he meets Ines he is taken by her beauty and refinementThe king says to Prince Pedro Marry the woman you must and have an affair with whoever you wantNot in these words but I would say with that messageAdvisers to the king maintain that Ines should be killed to make way for the necessary marriage that would boost the power of PortugalBut king Ferrante delves into psychology and shows both understanding and a merciful side at least to begin with What is the secret you hide why do you want to kill a young womanUnhappy with this thirst for blood the king is annoyed by the sycophants who kneel all the time and show too much humilityThings are complicated by the revelation that Prince Pedro and Ines have married in secret at a time when marriages were difficult to break apartThe pope has to pronounce an annulment and the focus is on obtaining this exemption and the prince to agreeThe pressure falls on Dona Ines who is asked by the king to convince the man she loves to give her upGradually the king shows of his darker side after giving the impression that he will protect the innocentWe are dealing with a very complex and interesting leading role that I see at the very center of the playKing Ferrante is by far important and intriguing than all the rest put together but this is in large part the contribution of the fantastic actorI guess that about 10 % or of my notes on the plays that I listen to refer to this giant of the stageIf in the first place the king affirmed that he will not give orders to have Dona Ines killed things changePrince Pedro does not want to give up and the health of the king is deteriorating and with it his patienceThere are some very cruel stances that he takes speaking of babies being thrown to the pigs and such like monstrositiesTo his confidant he shouts They will take your heart out and you will see it before you dieThis was an extraordinary marriage made in heaven between a fabulous text and the Ubermensch of an actor La reine morte raconte l'histoire d'un prince ui provoue la colère de son père sans avoir le courage de lui tenir tête Le prince refuse un mariage ui offre des très forts avantages pour le royaume Il épouse la femme u'il aime secrètement Elle devient enceinte Le roi décide de la supprimer Le prince prend connaissance des intentions meurtrières de son père mais il ne fait rien pour sauver son épouse Il pleure lâchement sur son corps uand le rideau tombeL'auteur n'est pas tellement contre les mariages d'amour Il s'en veut surtout aux lâches ui mettent des personnes en péril mais ui ne font rien pour les défendreParce ue le français d'Henri de Montherlant est très limpide et le texte est aussi court La reine morte est souvent enseigne dans les cours de littérature français pour les anglophones C'est un choix tout à fait admirable J'ai vraiment aimé ce livre L'écriture est très fluide et facile à lire Les personnages sont fascinants et j'aime beaucoup les duos u'ils forment notamment celui d'Inès et de Ferrante