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Angels Do Have Wings Dear VickyThings are just the same here My life is mapped out for years ahead with a chance of anything changingAs she wrote those words to her best friend Angel had no idea that a gorgeous stranger was about to turn her world upside downHunter Ryan was rich and famous surely not the kind of man to look twice at Angel Yet he was a rock to lean on when her younger brother fell sick; and soon his face began to haunt her dreams He teased Angel for not living up to her name if only he'd realize he was the first man ever to touch her heart

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    He is arrogantHe is a lady killerHe is a star heart surgeonHe keeps brandy in the glove compartmentMeet Dr Hunter Ryan as good a HPlandia hero as they comeHelen Brooks' Angels do have wings is uite a delicious tidbit with an obsessed possessive mine mine mine Alpha hero who is besotted with the heroine from Day 1 and hides his soft marshmallow heart under a derisive hard as steel jaded exterior My favorite kind of HP heroThere is no dangling of OW though an OM wanna be hangs around for the sheer joy of making our hero seethe Some punishing kisses and groping but nothing too over the line at least for a vintage harleuinOur heroine has a good spine on her No leaky jellyblob mess for her she keeps it uite contained and gives the hero a few epic setdowns that had me chucklingI didn't like the use of a plot moppet who is conveniently diagnosed with a heart condition to bring the two of them together I was also kinda bummed that heroine's original dreams of going to medical school which is talked about briefly in the beginning just completely vanished amidst the pure joy and ecstasy of becoming a doctor's wife eye rollWhat made me most uneasy though was his statement that he was relieved when his wife and baby died on the operating table twenty years ago because he wasn't ready then to be a husband and father I really hope all he meant by it was survivor's guilt and he just put his foot in his mouthYup you read that correctly He was married twenty years before meeting the heroine when she herself was just a baby That is UITE a gap so if that gives you the cringes stay away Otherwise enjoy a very readable humorous swoon worthy romance

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    Ay caramba Pages 199 200 are smoking with naughty talk sparing us a long list of what one body part is going to do to another with alarming force and freuency if you know what I mean Sam Crescent Alexa RileyAnyhoo THE REVIEWThe h is raising her little brother after losing both parents 18 months ago She’s all on her own; she’s tiny and pretty feisty So feisty she takes on the H when she thinks he’s being a jackass He is being a jackass but in part because the little brother ran out in front of his eye roll Ferrari or whatever and almost got run over They meet up at the doctor’s office where she works and he’s in as a consultant muckety muck heart surgeon They throw verbal daggers at each other but he’s in the throes of some big time humongous epic insta lust Over the next couple of encounters he makes it uite clear he wants to be the yang to her yin She’s a good girl she is so her yin isn’t interested in anything other than a longterm love affair with anyone’s yang but she realizes she has the hots for the docTrope alert when the sweet little brother almost dies of an diagnosed heart condition What a lucky coincidence that Dr Insta lust is a heart surgeon He maneuvers gets them to London puts the boy in the hospital and ups the Rico Suave moves on the h First she tosses out a lesser mortal swain as a love shield then she commits the ultimate mea culpa and tells the H she loves himFailure to communicate and stupidly stubborn behavior on the part of both but hurray the h holds hard to her ideal that simple falling in bed so the H can notch his bedpost one time is just not right for herThe H makes a big play for the h and throws it all on the line He can move on from his first tragic then shallow past and be the man he was meant to be I made that part up but that’s the gistThe heroine may be little but she’s a force of nature The H is a jerk but he’s an older and sometimes charming jerk with some major player moves so it's fun to see him turn into lovestruck suckerFor what’s it’s worth this story was full of some fun Tropes some only British I love but make me roll my eyes1 Brandy for shock In all my mumble five years I have not had one person offer me brandy for shock My husband even got a Coke out of my gynecologist for almost passing out at an emergency ultrasound but me NADA2 Over zealous concern and medical care for the following coffee tea or other hot water burns or cut fingers Just suck on it I mean literally3 Coffee at night I guess the H and h cancel out the caffeine with mega doses of melatonin4 Dressing for dinner I love it Preferably something in chiffon and if it pre dates 1985 blouson 5 Velvet jackets for the men Yum5 Silk shirt are a BIG NO HUGE6 Italian cars rule even in jolly olde England Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s Maserati but never Bentley’s Rolls Royce and the car to trump them all the Aston Martin And love laughs at the French autos Yeah a 6’ 4” Greek tycoon is going to unwind out of a Citroen I don’t think so7 Virginal heroines live in messy and vine covered cottages9 Men British that have an old school club they can go to for dinner cards MORE brandy and even sleep

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    I adore Helen Brooks RomancesShe writes with great passion and deliver great angsty love stories with sexy alpha heroes and innocent heroines who can`t help but love themAngelina Angel Murray is 23 years old and takes care of her younger brother TobyWhen one day Toby almost gets into an accident with the legendary surgeon Hunter RyanAngel and Hunter fights like cats and dogsBut there is this irresistible attraction between them neither can`t denyWhen Toby falls sick into a hospital Hunter steps in to save the boyI love that Hunter couldn`t stay away from Angelwhile he still wanted to run away from the feelings she opened up inside himThis book was a wonderful romantic readand the epiluge just made it better

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    I am a huge fan of Helen Brooks and she is almost always an automatic buy for me I find that she really pens a beautiful story and writes such delightful characters I think I enjoy her work so much because I find that she steps out of the stereotypical mold and creates real people who fall in love and find their way towards each other However I didn't find that to be the case with this book The story line was enjoyable but the characters fell far short of expectation They were like the typical HP mold with uncontrollable passions towards people you would typically hate and anatomical descriptions of body parts on fire that were rather sillyMaybe I am just too old to remember but I honestly can't ever recall my nipples standing at attention when I got close to a good looking guyTook a little bit than that ; I was disappointed to find this author falling into that trap Oh well

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    Two and a half stars She's a self sacrificing exuisitely beautiful virgin whereas he's bitter cynical and a womanizer who is much older He falls in love with her resents it and stalks hermakes her miserable You know the drillFairly enjoyable if you don't mind the h having ZERO personality

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    I've now breezed through a number of Brooks' backlist and the ones I've chosen share similar themescharacters 1 Older mid late 20searly 30s female virgins2 Older experienced heroes think mid late 30s3 Heroes who only want no strings relationships due to some woman who done them wrong in the past4 Heroines who are attractive but don't necessarily see themselves as such or don't care about their looks5 Heroines are amazingly perceptive about the heroes' past and can see the good man underneath it all6 Kissing and fade to black sex7 Conflicts that could ups be cleared up uickly if the heroine just explained herselfIf you want a very uick read and I mean seriously uick with a HEA and tea Brooks is British give this a whirl Bonus it's on Open Library

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    Angels Do Have Wings is the story of Hunter and Angel yes reallyAngel spends her days working minor jobs for the hospital with little to no excitement and taking care of her younger brother Toby since her parents' death until an accident leads her to cross paths with Hunter Hunter is a surgeon and ruthless to the T Scarred by a traumatic past he is used to getting what he wants until he comes across the angelic diva Many verbal spars ahead when Toby falls sick it is Hunter who steps in to helpMisunderstandings defense mechanisms crazy brooding hero innocent firecracker heroine fill this tale of love and lust I wish the story would have been way better if they communicated and didnt spend all the time pushing each other awaySweet epilogueSafe355

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    From the opening pages we are shown what an explosive relationship Angel and Hunter are about to have Angel knows Hunter is powerful but she's not about to let him bully her or weaken her resolve not to get involved with him But at every turn it seems that he's there just when she needs him to be Hunter tries to convince himself that all he feels for Angel is an almost all comsuming attraction It takes some pushing on Angel's part to show him that there's much much Their sparks leapt off the pages and I read this one in one sitting

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    Dear VickyThings are just the same here My life is mapped out for years ahead with a chance of anything changingAs she wrote those words to her best friend Angel had no idea that a gorgeous stranger was about to turn her world upside downHunter Ryan was rich and famous surely not the kind of man to look twice at Angel? Yet he was a rock to lean on when her younger brother fell sick; and soon his face began to haunt her dreams He teased Angel for not living up to her name if only he'd realize he was the first man ever to touch her heart

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    Available on Open LibraryThis book had so many high ratings so I was eagerly waiting to read it however it just didn’t do it for meThe heroine is a beautiful hard working young woman who is caring for her 12 year old brother after the untimely death of their parents Times are hard but they make doThey meet the Hero when he crashes into her parked car but it turns out he was avoiding her brother who ran into the street They have a shouting match but soon after the Hero is making known his attraction to her and makes a pass Later he finds out about their tragic circumstances and tries to smooth things for them Soon after he sees her with some friends and offers her a ride home and he makes a pass again The Hero is the usual alpha sampling lots of ladies committing to none He obviously also wants to sample the heroine despite all her objections None of this is unusual in an HP except that this guy was the doctor of her brother I kinda expected better behaviour anywayThe young brother has a heart condition so they need the expert services of doctor Hero He convinces the heroine to move into his house while the brother is confined ostensibly so he can take care of her uh huh yes Of course he makes yet another pass on her first night there I found it so creepy how he would forcibly make love to her especially at her most vulnerable moments It was all just so unethical I didn’t really like the HeroOf course in the end the explanation is; he was just too obsessed with her so he wasn’t thinking straight and he hated her for making him feel too much blah blah blah But now he wants to get married and have babies with her He also promises to take care of the brother so HEA

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