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Tear Stained Beaches Haylie Julian wants nothing than to put her crumbling marriage back together Chase used to be a fun loving light hearted husband who has lately become an overworked attorney obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder It isn’t long before Haylie starts waking up next to a man she barely knows His secretive phone calls and late nights at the office leave her feeling alone and afraid of what he might be hiding Ignoring his continuous pleas to just leave well enough alone she continues to dig for answers and discovers a heartbreaking truthStruggling with what she has just learned Haylie sets off to a uaint little North Carolina beach town to decide if her marriage can survive It isn’t long after she arrives that her world is once again turned upside down as Chase’s secret stares her right in the face He didn’t suffered enough like I would like him to but important than his reactions is she being strong and looking forward to a happy life without a cheating asshole This is not my favorite book I would like to see dialogues about her HEA and him being a pathetic excuse of a manHeroine POV only but what’s the point of reading the cheater’s side if I wouldn’t be able to trust one single shit he says I’m gonna start by saying cheating is disgusting it is toxic it is manipulative and of course it is a form of abuse especially when it is an affair or a case of several cheating although a one night stand is just as unforgivable Many authors and unfortunately a lot of readers seems to believe cheating is forgivable it is not If your partner cheats on you don’t fool yourself looking for excuses there is none he doesn’t respect you Unfortunately some people believe love is the most important thing when it comes to a romantic relationship it is not respect is the base for everything If a man doesn’t respect the woman he claims to love enough to not be faithful to her his allegedly love isn’t worth shit Once a cheater always a cheater even if it he doesn’t do it again to you he did it once and it can’t be undone he can’t erase his past so he will always be someone who broke your trust there is no coming back from that unless you don’t respect yourself enough to kick his ass I’m giving five stars to this book because the protagonist didn’t forgive her husband it is a shame but many romance writes make their heroines forgive the cheaters and I will never accept it Cheating is unforgivable and irredeemable doesn’t matter the circumstances I do believe a cheater can start a new relationship and improve himself becoming someone faithful as long as if happens with someone other than me well maybe I don’t believe in it at all because I would never trust a cheater but that is only acceptable if it is with someone new otherwise there is no way in hell the cheater can be redeemable Authors who like to write about cheating calling it “Christian romance” I have some news to tell you Jesus Christ doesn’t think you are a good person because you are stupid enough to forgive an asshole who doesn’t respect nor love you nearly enough to treat you with decency whatever bullshit you are feeding yourselves is not based on God’ wishes is only based on lack of self respect About the story 8 years together 5 eyes married she was cheated on high school and told him about it when they met on her senior year months cheating texting the ow the same time he was calling her to go back home Haylie to Chase the cheater “I made a mistake” he said He reached his arms towards me again and I shoved him away “I let all my fears of failing and not being good enough take over and I made a mistake I turned into someone I didn’t recognize and I did a lot of things I’m not proud of I know I can’t take them back but that’s all it was Haylie; a mistake”“You didn’t make a mistake” I screamed I was right back in his face again waving my finger in front of me“You made a choice It was a conscious choice You don’t just fall into bed with someone Not once and certainly not multiple times”“When I vowed to love you until death do us part that did not mean that I was willing to accept something that would make me unlove myself in the process”I would like to end this with some beautiful motivational words death to cheaters Finally a heroine who knows her value YES YIPPEE HOORAY May contain spoilersThank you CG for writing a story about a women who does not accept cheating no matter how much her husband used to love her and used to be this great guy She knows her worth and knows that she can be better without a cheating husbandThis book was gut wrenching no doubt about it To see the good times in a marriage to see when the guy was nice thoughtful and loving and then to see how despite all that his selfishness wipes away every good thing in their relationship story It's hard to read It's very hard to read You like the guy the old version of him but you hate the new version That is what makes you feel for the heroine so much You can understand her struggle because once upon a time he was a good husband Now not so much He cries he apologizes but yet he did it Just like the heroine says I wish sorry was enough He can't take it back not only that but this wasn't a one time thing This was a conscious act to betray his wife multiple times over a period of months and then he has the gall to say to her I would never cheat on you how could you think that? I love youDo I believe he loved her? In the beginning of their relationship yes But I think he was weak obviously His love was based on his feelings towards his wife and not a conscious decision to chose her over everything else when he wasn't feeling it he cheated I think he was sorry but I am not sure to what extent He manipulated her during his affair and the shit he did calling the woman everyday before he came inside the house texting her in front of his wife seeing her and then coming home to his wife with her perfume still lingering on him going away for weekends with her spa treatments for her dinners for her etc He had one big pair of cahones to do what he did If it was a one time thing I can see the heroine trying to forgive him but he chose to do this for months once is a mistake months is a choiceThe only thing I would have liked to see is maybe introduce another love interest for our heroine at the end She deserves to be happy and would have been nice to see her have some chemistry and hope with another man who would treat her right maybe another divorcee who was cheated on too? I would have liked for her to have a happy ending in the romance department Finally a book where heroine does not take the cheating ass back I would have given this a 4 but I wanted to see the cheating ass suffer and maybe his PoV would have been great at the end thus my 35 Finalmente a heroína chuta a bunda do bastardo traidor e manda ele passearGostei porue a vida continua e você não é obrigada a aceitar uma situação ue vai contra auilo ue você acredita Finally the heroine kicks the ass of the cheater bastard and tell him to walkI liked it because life goes on and you are not obliged to accept a situation that goes against what you believe Ohmy God Could it be??? A female protagonist who actually loves herself?“A man who respects his wife does not sleep with other women And a woman who respects herself does not allow her husband to get away with it”I wanted this book to be a lot better than it turned out to be The premise was interesting but the execution however left much to be desired I knew going in what was going to happen having read the other reviews so I wasn't dreading her giving in to him That's why I was hoping the book would be a lot better than it actually wasThere were a couple of reason why my rating for it kept dropping as I readThe writing for one played a major role in the rating I realize that the author was trying to get the reader to sympathize with Haylie but I got pretty annoyed that if I were to go back and catalogue there are pages worth of same feelings and emotions being paraphrased and repeated It felt like major filler material And considering the book is just over a hundred pages having filler is just ridiculous It got really boring at times to readThere were also many many many spelling and grammar issues I came across These are just some I noted how it's spelled in the bookhow it should be spelled• healsheels• waivedwaved• everyoneevery one• pedalspetals• wastewaist• herehear• sleepasleep• ofoff• coffee grindscoffee grounds• What was it going to take for to be able to find the “Smoking Gun” I’d been looking for?I think the book needs a major edit and overhaulThe other reason why it got the rating it did was because of Meghan view spoilerI was dreading what was going to happen and was hoping it wouldn'tand it did I dropped a whole star for it because I hated that the woman who innocently befriends Haylie turns out to be the other woman It was so obvious that it was her and it just pissed me off and as I read It wouldn't have been so bad if she'd befriended others as wellbut she hadn't I thought the reasoning behind them not having Chase's name between them or that they hadn't traded numbers was stupid You'd think that when you're being emotional and pouring out your story your husband's name would slip once in a while hide spoiler You know I have no one to blame but myself I was looking for books where the hero cheats And I found one but it's kind of broken me It's opened up wounds that I thought I buried along time ago This is a realistic look on a relationship that goes through the cycle of infidelity The late nightsthe secret phone callsthat awful feeling in your gut because YOU KNOW that your husband isn't being faithful But you try to lie to yourself and say that he isn't All the while that little nagging feeling in the back of your head knows otherwise The author completely got it right I hurt so bad right now This one’s been on my TBR forever and I saw it on KU so I snatched it up I didn’t realize that it was so short 158 pages but it’s a uick read We only get Haylie’s POV and it flips back and forth between present and the past working its way to the present The book blurb pretty much tells us that he cheats on her so that’s not a surprise I also felt the “secret staring her in the face” was very obvious so I found that part particularly boring just waiting for the confrontation I loved that Haylie eventually stuck up for herself and demanded better Although I felt it was pretty unrealistic that she would wait for so long to “confirm” and call him out for his BS Bottom Line Ok read for me I didn’t find it very emotional because we’re pretty much just stuck in Haylie’s head the entire time I feel like we got ½ a story and then it just ended It has a refreshing ending and I wish the author would have developed that part and focused less on the stuff leading up to it I'd love to rate it higher but I was bored and skimmed which is pretty bad for such a short book Do you want to know why i read this book despite my resentment to cheating and infidelity??? BECAUSE for the first time in my life I read a book with the heroin that stood up for herself and for what she believed in and walk away from something that she felt wasn't good enough because she new in her heart she deserves betterwhich was making a decision that would change her irreversibly and her life for ever after finding out her husband's ultimate betrayalhis secret affair his infidelityThis author has an exceptionally emotional depth to her writingthe story carries you away so much that you can feel your are there every step of the way with the charactersexperiencing every emotions every sadness every happiness and hopelessness This story represents a sad and heart wrenching story of a married couple Hylie and Chase that struggled to save their marriage due to course of events that ultimately reap them apart The author is very brave by steering away from the standard HEA formula but in return gives you a different resolution that in my mind was the right oneThe author did not spared Hylie in her pain and despair when she little by little discovered that her husband of 5 year marriage cheated on her by having an affair with the OW At that point i wanted to hug her so muchreach my hands to her and hold her to give her strength and hope that she would survive this The author went all the way with her realism and honesty of the husband's cheating showing the reader exactly every layers of actions the husband took in his infidelity The narrative is written in Haylie's POV and the author takes the reader to a pathfull of raw intense and shattering emotions that our heroine have to go through and the depth reflected in every look word and action was captivating and at times i felt like I have fallen apart together with Hylie There is nothing else i could say about the hero apart from the fact that he was beyond redemptionfor months he kept his affair a secret and at the same time looking in to his wife's eyes saying that he would never cheat on herhe manipulated her by making her feel crazy by even insinuating that he could do something like that to her whilst sleeping with the other womancoming home at night smelling her perfumeshe was lying to her about everythingdisappearing at nights days excusing himself that he had lots of work and need to see his work friendssneaking in to hotel with the OW in the same area where he livedhe called the other woman every daychatting to her in the car in front of his house just before coming home and leaving to worktexting her in the presence of his wifesending videos of himby declaring his love to her and deceiving even the OW by not reveling that he's married because he has hidden his weeding ring His wife was often left alone to her own devices crying and suffering in silencebecause he was never home and when she tried to find out what went wrong in their marriagehe never made any attempts to talk to heronly blaming her for all the fights they hadlooking in to her face and lying to herIn the scene where she confronts him and the OW shattered my heart and i was crying with herThere was so much pain and sadness that i had to stop reading at that pointit was so emotional and raw In the end Haylie made her decision as the author gives her the ultimate choicenot giving him a second chance or taking him backin this casethere was dark but also lightas the author empowered the heroin by embracing her strength and standing to her believes thatEvery woman has a line in their relationship It may be imaginary but it’s there Every woman’s line is different Some actions may weigh heavier on one person than another but in the end it’s all the same Cross that line and the conseuences can be life changing and devastating It’s the type of line where once you cross it you can never go backThe compassion author allowed Haylie to give the other woman to comfort her was just as movingHaylie was truly exceptional heroin that many wished to act the way she did at her worst moment of weaknessmany would have envy the other womanbut Haylie did not and I deeply admire her for her integrityI still think about this book and how it affected meand it did on so many levelsthis book is memorable and will stay in heart forever this was going ok until around 60% and it plummetedRe read August 2020

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