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Planescape A novelization of the popular 1999 computer game Planescape TormentBy taking the original text from the game then developing it into a story through chronicling and narrating the story the whole plot has been edited into an epic fantasy taleOriginal text C 1999 Interplay productions Chris Avellone and Colin McComb All Rights Reserved

Additional material was adapted from ShadowCatboy's Torment LP on the Something Awful forums

Also containing parts adapted from the Rhyss Hess editionEditing and revision by Logan Stromberg

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    This is the second novelization of Planescape Torment I've read after the one by Rhys Hess and it captures the charm and philosophical thrills of the original game as vividly as I remember them Adding its own scintillation like Morte snoring hee heeI shuddered at the realization that some of the Nameless One's first conversations hold the key to everything that he's about to go through but without going through it he has no way of making sense of them That's torment of the finest degreeSince my brain has recently been wading through its own private torment I don't think my words can do justice to the book So instead I offer you a selection of choice bitsMy fingers curled around the bone dagger's hilt and taking advantage of the troco's confusion I thrust the blade up into its heart The first blow merely earned an agonized screech but with the second and third stabs its movements began to slowI don't recall how many times I gouged pale flesh but by the time the frenzy was over I was covered in a good layer of bilious black bloodI did what I could in those catacombs It was a tenuous alliance born kicking and screaming and soaked in the blood and fluids of the mortal dangers that lurked in these catacombs I fought only to carve a way deeper into the dank tunnels with the slim hope that I might find the bronze sphere while the ghouls fought only to spread their dominion so that they might sate even for a moment their neverending hungerAnd once they achieved their goal I would be useless to them protected only by the edict of a dead KingSome days I just really need a hugIf you're already familiar with the Nameless One you should have giggled hard Did you? Maze Entry 5They say that when the Lady mazes people she leaves an exit in here somewhere but it's so well hidden that people go mad with desperation searching for it I'm keeping it together pretty well though I'm sure I can find itI just wish the voice in my head would shut upMaze Entry 6I'm still hungryHunger pangs distracting Must eat and clear mind if I am to escape Conjured a little water and a touch of fireThe process is painful but access is easy with a little bending and a polished blade Sliced harvested kidney into thin pieces and boiled for soup Meaty Tastes faintly of urineMaze Entry 7Found some claw marks along the path and a little dried blood Looks like someone went into a bit of frenzy here Seems like a good sign though I'm beginning to trace the path my previous incarnation took He must've found a way to escape in the past The memories haven't pointed the way yet though most of it is just crazy gibberish For the crown of our life as it closesIs darkness the fruit thereof dust;No thorns go as deep as a rose'sAnd love is cruel than lustTime turns the old days to derisionOur loves into corpses or wives;And marriage and death and divisionMake barren our livesAnd pale from the past we draw nigh theeAnd satiate with comfortless hours;And we know thee how all men belie theeAnd we gather the fruit of thy flowers;The passion that slays and recoversThe pangs and the kisses that rainOn the lips and the limbs of thy loversOur Lady of PainMaze Entry 8I found a piece of gar bar root stuck in the bottom of my pack Picked off the lint It was the most delicious thing I've ever eatenRegeneration too slow I am running out of kidneysEgo enwraps us like a prison Forgot I did that it ofttimes serves as a shield Ravel clicked her tongue My pretty pretty thing there is much wisdom and understanding in the truth that life is a preparation for the ultimate goal death Our life is a means by which we learn how to die If we FORGET such thingsFor all you lovers of David Zindell's Reuiem for Homo Sapiens remember the warrior poets' sayings?My name? Where do I hail from? Such odd uestions for the answer to both are one and the same Ileron of Sen TauEpetrius blinks cocking his head Surely you jestNay That is who and where I amThe Guvner shakes his head and makes a show of wiping a particle of dust from his spectacles Ileron if that is your name is a myth I myself visited the Prime World of Sen Tau in an archaeological expedition twelve years ago and all anyone could find resembling civilization was some crude ruins of sun baked clay brick he scoffs Even the Sen Tau Wanderers that call themselves the People of Ileron will admit it as much as they like to claim that they dream of a city of gold and crystal If you claim to come from the mythical paradise of Ileron much less the world of Sen Tau then you're twice as barmy as the pirateI have heard of Sen Tau Scii Tavakis murmurs gazing into the obsidian point of her spear A desert world so barren that it would make Athas look like a lush paradiseBut I am Ileron the man's lips peel back into a cold grin For I was once the city itselfA stubborn denial seems to form on Epetrius' lips but he merely resigns himself to shaking his headIleron nods in approval at the silence and beginsLo I have had many names across the ages Shangri La El Dorado Es Annon Tir Na nOg but the oldest and truest of them all is Ileron for even though I no longer stand on the world of Sen Tau how could humanity not dream of the Palace of Ten Thousand Suns? The Arch of Crystal Dreams? Who could forget the Coullan Wings that swam through the skies ferrying people along avenues of pure hope?At dawn the morning winds would blow through the Spires of Harmony and I sang my denizens to wakefulness At dusk the kiss of twilight would fall upon the Silvered uarters and I lay my people to rest Sweetwater flowed free through the aueducts and they were my veins Polished golden marble shone by day and glowed by night and the walls and buildings were my bones Every hour the Citadels rang their bells and the priests sang paeans of joy over their lives and the resonance of their prayers was the beating of my heart The gods themselves smiled on my libraries and temples blessed the smallest inn and dimmest alley for all Ileron was utopia It was the city of dreamsCan you imagine then the sheer boredom that a city such as I would suffer? To be the shell of such rejoicing but never partake? To be the boundary and border but never to know the adventure of crossing one? I was both prison and prisoner paradise and purgatoryFor millenia I lay in languor feeling the millions of footsteps across my walkways listening to the mind numbing murmurs of joy and wishes of good fortune and prosperity Until one day long ago it was time for the FestivalThey came from distant lands magicians from Yudanii whose coats held nine hundred folds and just as many secrets; alchemists from Braen Woods who carried the Elixir of Truth; long haired dancers of the Star People wearing gowns of spun moonlight; shirtless men of the Takka spinning fire staves and sweating with celebration Each delegation came bearing gifts thanking Ileron and its people for the gift of happiness and for allowing them to see the dream of paradise fulfilled They laid their gifts at the Celestial Court at the Palace of Ten Thousand Suns each lavish than the last until finally a young boy came to place his offering on the altarHe was small and young and terribly malnourished but he came because Ileron barred no one from its pleasures In a small box of pressed paper was a crystal sphere banded with silver pulsing with a sickly gray light It was a sensory stone and it contained the memories of who you call the Nameless OneI was intrigued and for the first time I learned firsthand what it was like to explore planes beyond my own No dry books or texts on the Outer Planes were these no but experience rare and newAnd so inspired I picked myself up from the world of Sen Tau taking my veins which once fed the people sweet nectar my bones which once housed men and memory the beating of my heart which once kept faith and joy and hope I took the history of Ileron with me leaving behind only the people and the memory of what once was fading like a fecund dream as if the city never existedFor many years I fled and the Gods of Sen Tau chased after me Many times they tried to slay me and lay me back to rest on the world which I once called my home where I once was home But the people of Sen Tau are scattered wandering the planes and weeping with lament over losing what they never knew Each year that passes of the People die and each year the power of the Gods fadesAnd so I hid myself here in Sigil the City of Doors Oh such wonder to stand in a city where no longer am I a border but a man who has infinite borders at my fingertips Endless possibilities and places to travel no longer a place but an individual No longer am I imprisoned by duty here I shall wait and bide my time No Gods can enter Sigil and so I am safe from their blades of starfire and opalescent fury And when the final Wanderer dies when the Gods breathe their last and are interred in the Astral I shall be free Free to cavort across the Planes Free to sing and revel and explore crossing borders walking roads passing through gate and door and threshold I shall dance forever and never dieHe digs around in his coat Pockets he grins Truly a wonderful thing of mortals If you kept your hopes in pockets rather than temples you'd never lose them Ah Ileron pulls free a small sphere the size of a peach and banded with silver It pulses weakly with a gray light like a mournful fogWith that in one hand he pulls his shirt open with the other and where there should be a wedge of bare chest there is instead a flash of light and a series of silver gray arches flanked by lush green leaves Down through his heart is a gilded path as if inviting you to in The smell of fresh clean air washes away the rankness of the bar and down the road you see a circular glass Behind that window in contrast to the greenery surrounding it a desert land of cracked clay terrain and wind borne sand sprawls across your visionCome now Ileron murmurs and walk with me through my gardens which were once paradiseThey say there are two great forces in life that make the multiverse go round love with all its devoted enveloping pleasures; and hate the all consuming obsession A good philosopher could give a good argument that all action in life is built around one of these two forces in some way Creation and Destruction Life and Death Ying and Yang Eros and Thanatos Personally I think there's a third option that cleaves between the twoCold directed purposeI mean let's have an earnest conversation here Even with my feelings for Annah at one side and Morte's jabbering on the other the axis becomes less of a principle of contemplation and like something you grab at a moment's need so you can impale a critter with the pointy end probably the hate part of it It isn't love that I feel when the resonance of the multiverse is flowing through me nor is it hate that causes me to turn a trelon into a bubbling smear spread across ten suare feet of masonry It's just the annoying fact that I need to get from point A to point B and these damn things are blocking my view of the destinationThough if we're on the subject of trelons might as well say thisI hate these thingsTrelons are claw and fang than they are flesh come at you in swarms and their only two forelimbs end in giant claws Punching one is like swinging into a sack of razors How do these things even mate? Their existence is either one of lifetime chastity or a brutally kinky cycle of murder suicide

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    Endure in enduring grow strongWith this in mind I have undertaken the reading of this mammoth of a novelization after all the game that the book draws from is famous for having a record amount of written text of all games still I didn't expect it would be of War and Peace proportions I ended up enjoying it immensely as I found it to be rather a successful novelizations of my all time favorite gamesIf you have played the game you are likely to absolutely enjoy it it's easy to follow the original text is skillfully framed with narrative descriptions and interludes on behalf of the editor and Let's Play author original available here which only added to the experience I particularly enjoyed reading the various closure passages addressing the fate of some characters and locations that the protagonist have visited over the course of his journeys as well as short epilogue which also contributed to the closure and made the transaction from game to book media all the betterEven if you have not played the game it is still worthy though somewhat complex fantasy tale of a man plagued by his inability to die amnesia namelessness and multitude of actions his past incarnations

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    This really is a novelization a lot of effort being made to go through the game as it's played going way beyond merely describing and attempting to make events flow naturally There is a lot of added writing and much of it is actually really really good greatly improving an already great story The intermissions and the multiple and fitting storytellers are also a nice touch and successfully including that evil alternate path was uite a feat Powerful sections follow that moment gathered together and later the writing improves even further The Maze is notable but largely fixing Curst which was the one part of the game's story that seemed lacking to me is even so And what follows is better yet adding many details written and fitting so well developing explaining fleshing out and in the end providing closure Or perhaps not considering the epilogue but I'd call that a good way to end it as well even if it may not fit with the original conceptIt's in bad need of editing however I'd have thought that a fan effort would have been thoroughly corrected since it was first released but it's full of typos missing or repeated words places where first and second person get mixed and worst of all places where the idea seems to have been changed in the middle of a sentence and the old text wasn't deleted before continuing with the new There are also moments when the one writing the descriptions of actual gameplay seemed to get bored skipping which can be rather jarring and those persuasion scenes from Curst also seem rushed But the worst crime is modifying Longing To change what may well be the best piece of writing in a game I guess the idea was to clean it up maybe even complete it to some extent but it just doesn't work that way the original text being all about raw emotion and being torn in that manner Also don't those memories about Deionarra contradict it? Or does that section refer to another moment?

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    Superb Flawed as a game script doesn't uite work naturally as a novel there is such a volume of dialogue but framing it in such a way and linking the original words with love and appreciation for the source material this is a novel anyone who liked the game should read Even worth taking a chance on it if you just like a decent fantasy yarnA superlative game and a very enjoyable book

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    Wow this book was really a surprise It is re edit of the dialog story and side uests ripped from the RPG Planescape Torment It is still a really solid novel and what is even surprising is that it really has some interesting philosophical ideas regarding the self death immorality morality a bonus For those who think video games are not an art form this novel would beg to differDoes that make it perfect no I think parts of the books could be be reworked to make it a little focused but the resulting work is pretty darn impressive

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    I got about ten percent through this and then decided to switch to the Rhys Hess versionThis version has too much pointless prose added and whatever spark the original story had is lostSo far the Hess version is much evocative A perfect example of how less is Too see how I eventually feel about that version check my review of it

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    Best game to book conversion ever especially since it shows how much content I had missed when I played the game

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