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The Rush I tried to like this but it missed the trick on a lot of points I was frustrated uite a few times and considered than once stopping reading it I finished eventually but it dragged in I would not continue this series I had no idea what to expect when I started reading The Rush I went in completely blind and ended up reading my favorite book of 2017 to date Rachel Higginson's writing pulls you in from the very first page and keeps you captive till the very last page The Rush is from the POV of Ivy a girl who hasn't meet a man she can't have However Ivy is very broken and shattered young lady that seems to stem from a tragic incident that occurred last year All Ivy wants to do is make it through the next two years until she can escape her oppressive and abusive home life to finally live a life of freedom With Ivy telling the story you get only bits and pieces of the information The reader is left to it's imagination to figure out who is Ivy and what is going on with her And it makes perfect sense for the reader to be left in the dark for much of the book Ivy is a girl barley holding it together and is unable to tell her truth out of fear that it will destroy her Everything in her life changes when Ryder crashes into her life He is the first person to not be affected by Ivy's presence and it draws her in Ryder feels like the first real safe person in her life and a possible real friend The she spends time with Ryder the wall she built to protect herself beings to crumble and Ivy starts to let the truth out As Ivy begins to free herself of her guilt shame and fear She begins to assert herself against those who wish to keep her caged Ryder is Ivy's rock The one person she can trust to unburden herself without fear of being used Ryder has no agenda for Ivy and has no desire to use her for his own personal gain He is just a guy who really sees Ivy for who she is and gives her a gift of unconditional love Ivy's journey is heartbreaking terrifying and ultimately hopeful her siren song will pull you from page one and keep you mesmerized until the very last page but her song will not destroy you but show you what true strength and sacrifice looks like Rachel Higginson's work never disappoints I basically bought this book 'site unseen' and blindly began reading knowing I would probably love it I have no regretsAt first I thought the main character seemed conceited and the hook of the story wasn't immediate for me I was afraid my preconceived notion that I would love the book may have been wrong However I just had to give it a few chapters before I started to understand the character and for the story to begin to grow on me Don't let the beginning discourage you from the story it turns out so much than you would expectNot having paid attention to the series name and only briefly skimming the blurb I wasn't sure what I was reading I thought perhaps the author was trying to write in a different genre than what she typically has Possibly a YA fiction instead of a YAParanormalRomance? I was okay with that but I think I was about a 14 of the way through the book before the paranormal aspect of the story started to sink in It was so subtle and unexpectedly refreshing to not be immediately or suddenly immersed in a paranormal universe or culture It was gently introduced and then subtly reinforced as the story developed The situation the main character wasMore unexpected was the romance aspect of the story As I mentioned I thought perhaps I was reading a YA fiction in the beginning then I decided it was a YA Paranormal but ultimately determined it was YA ParanormalRomance The characters didn't inexplicably fall hard and fast in love with seemingly little to no knowledgeunderstanding of each other as with so many romancelove stories out there The characters were developed personalities and insecurities exposed and they naturally attracted over the course of the story The love interests and intentions weren't clearly discernible up until the end You could see the main character falling but you weren't sure if her interest would be returned It was delightfully enticing and encouraged me to push forward to see how it played out The romantic development was beautiful and meaningfulI love the emotional life experiences the author puts her characters into They're always facing traumatic challenges that real people experience but do not often speak about in mixed company or unmixed company for that matter As a person who has had some traumatic life experiences I love to read stories of characters who are sculpted by their experiences but strive to overcome them They are both heartbreaking and upliftingThe length of the book was just enough to get to know the characters and the situation and to build anticipation for the rest of the series The end was somewhat sudden but not terribly climactic so I'm not sure if you could call it a cliff hanger For me the conclusion came to a natural stop that left me comfortably optimistic for the next bookA well crafted and worthwhile read I look forward to the rest of the series Oh gawd where to start I have to admit I was really unsure starting this book I was so afraid that I would end up hating it especially since I absolutely love Rachel Higginson's Star Crossed Series but I kept reading and fell in love I have to admit it was a little slow and confusing in the beginning But once I went further into the book I started to understand the story and I just had to keep reading Th Siren was a tad darker than I'm used to reading but it really touched my heart and as I began to discern the characters and get their stories I loved the story Rachel Higginson did not disappoint she is an amazing writer and I can't wait to finish The Fall and The Heart I was really looking forward to this book I liked the Star Crossed Series Unfortunately this book was extremely disappointing I forced myself to finish it because I had read the reviews and knew a little bit about where the author was going If I hadn't done that I would of thought this was a book about human trafficking She definitely waited too late in the book to reveal what was actually going on She also missed out on a major opportunity to explore the back story of how and why Ivy and the other sirens are trapped in this lifestyle Maybe that will come up in the second book but I doubt that I will read it I wish the 5 star rating said LOVED ITFirst of all I really like this author Her style of writing is funny and fast paced and I generally like all of her characters Then again I've only read the first four books in the Star Crossed series Anyhow this book was all of the aforementioned things thus the 5 starsThe book is much longer than I anticipated I kept checking my progress on the Kindle as I was reading afraid the story would end Of course it did end and it ended at somewhat of a cliff hanger for meugh Honestly it's not a cliff hanger I just wanted the story to keep going and I'm being dramaticAs for characters I liked them I thought there was different sides of each of them but unfortunately due to Ivy'sconditionyou don't get to know many of the other characters wellThere were only a few errors I think mostly relating to formatSo you get mythology come to life though evolved for better or worse; a girl fighting her fate and attempting to protect her little sister; plus some good old fashion falling for the guy you can't have that must be another common theme to this author's books THE RUSH is not my most favorites of Higginson's But it was good It is definitely a different take on Sirens Of course I haven't read too many books about Sirens to compare it to And I think the only ones I have read were mainly about Mermaids So for a story solely about Sirens I think it is different and uniue And all in all this was a good readMy problem? Gosh it sounds so weird saying that because I have never had a problem before with her work per se but with this one I did I did however have problems with infuriating characters cough Kiran cough From another series of hers The whole book I felt like there was something I had overlooked from the beginning Like the answer to all life's problems was dangling before me at arm’s reach and I couldn't uite grasp it I disliked that I had to go nearly the entire book before we were let in on Ivy's secret even though it was practically spelled out for us the whole time Sure hints were thrown out at us but we didn't have all the info we needed so it all came off as confusing I just couldn't enjoy the book like I had hoped to Waits for Rachel to wipe clean any evidence of our friendship I did however enjoy the charactersall of them From Ivy to Ryder to Chase to Phoenix Heck I even liked Nix to a certain extent He definitely added the creep factor to the story and made things very interesting But Ivy and Ryder were spectacular characters I loved how they interacted and my feelings were instant for them both I just adored them This wasn't a kiss This was an epiphany My moment of clarityMy salvation A good story that starts out rather slow but picks up speed half way in It is a book that keeps your interest and eager to find its secrets Secrets that are well worth the wait I am absolutely anticipating book 2 I have to know what becomes of Ivy Will she be able to find the freedom she so desperately seeks and escape the madness she calls life? Guess we will just have to see A life not her own—A future already decidedEvery facet of Ivy Pierce’s life is meticulously planned out and plotted Cynical and jaded by sixteen Ivy’s only hope is to escape the legacy she was born into She has a plan a carefully thought out feasible plan She just has to play by the rules until everything falls into place Unfortunately as predictable as her life can be she never sees Ryder Sutton coming He tumbles into her life unimpressed and untouched by her and the life she lives He’s an enigma to her A gorgeous frustrating sincere mystery and a complete phenomenon in the ugly world she lives in What blooms between them is a fiercely intense attraction that cannot be ignored Even though they would both be better off without each other—Even if both their lives depend on staying apart First let me say this my first book by Rachel Higginson and it won't be my last I am not sure what I was expecting when I purchased this book it was recommended by another author on Facebook that I love I have found that I rarely go wrong when purchasing from other author's referrals and this was no exception I am in love with this series I had no idea there was a somewhat supernatural twist which I am typically drawn to the love story the characters the amazing writing and plot were totally different from anything I've read I read well over 100 books a year and this has been moved into my top 5 favorite series Never have I read a book on Sirens especially one that seemed so innocent and didn't want to be in the lifestyle she is caged into and can't escape Ivy is trying so hard to be different from how she was raised she's trying to not hurt the boys but still follow the rules and deal with life until she turns 18 and can escape Then she meets that one guy that isn't drawn to her like the rest and that is the one she gets the butterflies for I can't even imagine how this series will unfold but I will be reading to find out Thank you Rachel for writing an amazing book and I'll make sure to recommend to my friends as a Must Read for 2013 This book was a freebie on my iPad so I grabbed it not really knowing what to expect from this book It had a beautiful cover and sounded like it could be interesting Someone please be my Ryder Ah he's lovelyThis book was so angsty worthy and I really felt for the horrid position that Ivy and her family were in Its such creepy sex slave controlled situation with a paranormal twist And ugh that creepy godfathers of her jkjkdfjdf Everytime he was with her I felt like he was gonna rape her As creepy as he was he was very well writtenWhat I really loved about this book is that the main love interest didn't just fall for our protagonist from the second his eyes met her They became friends and had a connection chemistry grew and I love love love that so much It was just so much realistic than the eye sex instant soul mate that a lot of books get caught up inI can't wait for the second book I was hoping it would already be out but apparently not I'll be happy to continue on with this series and I hope to have cute Ivy and Ryder moments in the next book 'Also I'm hoping that we get explanation in the next book as to why it is that Ryder isn't caught up by her Siren ability like most are

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