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Deception Baalboden has been ravaged The brutal Commander's whereabouts are unknown And Rachel grief stricken over her father's death needs Logan than ever With their ragged group of survivors struggling to forge a future it's up to Logan to become the leader they need—with Rachel by his side Under constant threat from rival Carrington's army who is after the device that controls the Cursed One the group decides to abandon the ruins of their home and take their chances in the Wasteland

But soon their problems intensify tenfold someone—possibly inside their ranks—is sabotaging the survivors picking them off one by one The chaos and uncertainty of each day puts unbearable strain on Rachel and Logan and it isn't long before they feel their love splintering Even worse as it becomes clear that the Commander will stop at nothing to destroy them the band of survivors begins to uestion whether the price of freedom may be too great—and whether hunted by their enemies and the murderous traitor in their midst they can make it out of the Wasteland alive In this daring seuel to Defiance with the world they once loved forever destroyed Rachel and Logan must decide between a life on the run and standing their ground to fight

  • ebook
  • 496 pages
  • Deception
  • C.J. Redwine
  • English
  • 08 July 2016
  • 9780062117229

About the Author: C.J. Redwine

CJ Redwine loves fairy tales Harry Potter and going to the movies If the novel writing gig ever falls through she’ll join the Avengers and wear a cape to work every day To learn about CJ visit her website at

10 thoughts on “Deception

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    I can't wait to read this book I can't believe people would leave such insulting remarks If you disliked the first book so much why bother commenting on the next one if its not worth your time?I've waited a long time to read this and I really enjoyed it I once again fell in love with Logan and felt so bad for him having the weight of the world on his shoulders I loved the duo POV swapping between Rachel and Logan Although I really liked Rachel I wished she would just open up a little There was so much sadness and loss in their lives that I admire their strength and survival instincts I don't think I would be strong enough to endure all of that and stay mentally stableCJ Redwine is an incredible story teller and I found myself hooked into her world I cried with their losses and I wanted so badly for them to find happiness I'm dying to read the next book

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    25 starsReview to come?Okso I have rants on this book and they mostly revolve around the nothingness of oh about 70% of this book Seriously I feel like this series has been stretched out to make it 3 books when it should have been 2The good news? The last 30% of this book was an EASY 4 star rating Unfortunately the first 70% was a 2 at best because nothing happened I think they just needed to talk less travel faster and condense this into a duology and this would have been a great series ARG it just bothers me so much when books waste their potential

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    SpoilersMeh just another below average YA book Everything was so predictable — there was nothing original about the plot the characters the relationships or the world building The world building lacked imagination and originality It was the same old dystopian world that's present in other YA books — there was a city Baalboden surrounded by a wall to keep out some really bad thing there was the stereotypical evul power hungry commander guy in charge there were secrets about how the world came to be so fucked up etc It was all so bloody boring Most of the book was spent with Logan Rachel and the rest of the Baalboden survivors runninghiding from the bad guysevul commanderarmyother bad guys Every few chapters Rachel Logan and co would find out the army were right behind them and they'd uickly pack up and go — it was the same scenario over and over again and all it did was make things even repetitive and dull Rachel was a rubbish main character she was like every other annoying YA heroine She was boring self involved up herself obsessed with her love interest and recklessUgh I rolled my eyes at Rachel being 'different' from all the other girls she grew up with It only made her less likeableIt was weird how Rachel felt so guilty about killing someone in the first book but in this one she was happily killing loads of people Logan was a dull character he was meant to be some kind of genius and natural leader but it never read like he was There was nothing endearing clever or commanding about him Logan and Rachel's POV's were so repetitive Rachel kept banging on about how broken she was how guilty she felt after killing someone how she wanted vengeance how nobody could understand her feelings and how she couldn't open up to anyone There was no growth in her character whatsoever — her thoughts stayed the same throughout And all Logan did was moan and whine about all his responsibilities Why would the Baalboden people elect Logan as their leader? He was the one that caused the destruction of Baalboden in the first place plus he was only nineteen years old It was bullshit that there wasn't one single older character that had the intelligence and ability to lead Why were the CommanderRowansmark desperate for the device to callcontrol the beast serpent thing that Logan had when they appeared to have other means to call and control them? I did like that there were no silly love triangles I'm sick of those I don't mind a love triangle as long as its well written and they rarely are The secondary characters were uite good Especially uinn Sylph Willow and Ian Although Ian did turn really cartoony and over the top at the endAll in all I didn't find it entertaining There needed to be twists and turns and less cliches

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    Deception how I love thee Let me count the waysoh wait too many to count In all honesty this book was seriously to die for After loving Defiance to death last year this book was easily my most anticipated And boy did Redwine deliver a powerful seuel My mind is blown To smithereens Now floating in the atmosphereokay you get the picture Basically my worries about Deception having Second Book Syndrome? Blown to smithereens Something is seriously wrong with meJust as in Defiance Rachel is seriously kick all the butt Ha She's as fierce loyal and still insanely good with a sword I loved that her character was still strong despite all the demons raging within her Speaking of oh man Rachel does go through the wringer emotionally Just watching the after affects of Defiance roll in combined with all the ups and downs of Deception? It's tough It made me feel all the feels for Rachel But she stayed strong and still kicked all the butt I could have wanted her too Rachel FTWIf we're talking character love I totally cannot forget Logan aka my book boyfriend for LIFE He's still as ridiculously smart scientific and swoony as he was in Defiance Even so? He's got his own demons and issues and all the while he's the same voice you know and love And love some These two characters have the most beautifully broken lives and yet they still work The romance works Which brings me to the spot where I happily report that no stupid romance issues pop up Proof of how un SBS this book is Rachel and Logan? They just ROCK And the rest of the cast is phenomenal They rock so hard You hate who you're supposed to hate love who you're supposed to love pity and sympathize with those who need it and just FEEL with them It's so vivid And wonderfulThis book was insanely action packed It starts off starts a chugging and then we are on full speed ahead Seriously If yo uthink it's safe? It's not Don't ever believe your brain It's intense and the action comes in all shapes and sizes Which I LOVED There was variety but there was never a dull moment Sure there were downtimes but there is always something happening to keep you excited and on your toes And when there's an aura of mystery she keeps you guessing and re thinking yourself and the eventually surprising you to the point where you think you were an idiot for not getting it soonerBefore I forget I just have to mention the Cursed One Becaue he's the freaking bomb Although I was actually really sad we didn't see of himher?in this book Why I'm so obsessed with something that everyone in the book is afraid of I don't know But I do know that what we saw the Cursed One was hecka legit And that the things C J subtley mentioned about the Cursed One have me so excited and guessing and hoping that I can't stand it If anything? Read for the Cursed One alone Of course with this kind of a book Redwine just has to kill our feels with an ending An ending so unexpected and insane and yet so full of feels and anticipating and hope that there will be just one page An ending that makes you scream and shout with awesomeness WAAAH Feels More feels And desperate need for the third bookSo because my brain can't think of anything else to rave about I will wrap this up I could NOT have asked for a better seuel I expected they were met And And C J fulfilled the standard of a seuel while keeping it new fresh and oh so exciting I am in love with these books and HIGHLY recommend them Keep your eyes peeled for Deception to hit stores this month and if you still haven't read Defiance? What are you waiting for?Rating SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousFor reviews visit Book Haven Extraordinaire

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    This was not a book about Rachel Yes I know she’s on the cover and I know the blurb goes on and on about her But this was not Rachel’s book This was Logan’s book Rachel spent the majority of the book going on about being broken and basically hollowing herself of all emotions and being a shell of a character that just floated through the plot She was utterly unremarkable Logan on the other hand had all the angst and all the drama and all the action and all the backstory and all the character growth It was his book his story and Rachel just tagged along and said “I am nothing” a lotWhich really irritated me considering they’ve been through pretty much the same thing The people who died last book were Logan’s family too And yet instead of falling into a black hole of non character Logan gets to have some really interesting angst as he stumbles forward and does his best to operate anyway Only the female character gets crushed into a non entity by her tragedy I guessDeception was at once better and worse than Defiance It had a compelling story line and better emotional issues and things were cohesive as a whole Watching Logan deal with the stress of being a ‘leader’ and try to keep it together while everything is falling apart that was just fascinating The storytelling part of the book was perfectly executed excellent pacing and tension that kept me reading long after I meant to stop The fact that we dealt with a small group of people instead of a whole nonsense culture helped too There was very little worldbuilding but there didn’t need to be because it was just 150 ish people in the woods and that worked The narrower focus allowed the characters to just be characters instead of making them be cogs in a city that makes no senseOn the other hand this book took a serious nose dive in the logic department I think every page had some basic factual fail that had me rolling my eyes Like how the book doesn’t seem to understand that all the dirt from digging a tunnel has to go somewhere or using a battering ram against a pile of rubble Yeah they did that Pretty much every time Logan opened his mouth to talk about science I had to stop and watch reruns of Bill Nye to feel clean againBut all that was just eye roll worthy and I can deal with it The cringe worthy stuff came about with the introduction of the bad guy army They’re basically mooks that came out of nowhere to give the good guys someone to kill They try and justify it by saying that those mooks ‘chose their leader’ and thereforeit’s okay to kill them? One feature that was harped on through both books was that Baalboden people don’t know anything about the other city states besides a few broad basics so how do they know that every single person in that army is cool with following the bad guy? Also one of Rachel’s running issues is that she killed someone who didn’t deserve it last book but this bookyeah no second thought about stabbing army guys Nevermind the fact that the person she killed last book was also just following orders nope doesn’t even make her hesitate Every single man in that other army uniformly decided to become evil and therefore no emotional hang ups need arise from murdering the fuck out of as many of them as possible Just arbitrarily declare that they brought this on themselves despite the fact that you have no way of knowing that and then get to stabbingSo creepy

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    So what happened?I was really looking forward to reading this After Defiance I just know there's so much potential for this series But boy was I disappointed First let me say that I love books that focuses on the humanity of people No matter what plot there is what action scenes or love scenes there are it always goes back to How do you hold on to being humane in spite of everything that's happening? This kind of books almost always have a lot of me time with the main protagonist's thoughts And if others are bored with this I particularly enjoy itAnd Deception would have delivered it Logan exceptionally did well But Rachel is an entirely different story altogether It's not that I don't understand what she's going through I do But you can't tell me her rantings about silence and revenge and coldness and guilt and silence and silence and silence for 80% of the book did not annoy you While it's heartbreaking that she has to go through all the bunch of craps that were thrown her way this is still a book And I need progress It's already been established how much everything has hurt her and how she's refusing to deal with it I'm not saying she has to move on fast but the whole angry for everything does get repetitive after a while and I find myself just skimming most of her chapter POVs It really didn't help that half of the book was in her POVLogan though Logan dearie with all his worst case and best case scenarios I so love being inside this man's mind I'm actually jealous of him Not of what's happening to them right now but of his mind I can barely think of a Plan B whenever I plan something but the guy can think of Plan A Z to Plan 1 1000We see a different Logan this time too He's now the leader of the Baalboden's survivors And with Rowansmark and the Commander gunning for their lives and a traitor in their midst it definitely tested everything in him And I like to say he passed With flying colors Or maybe not winkI did love the Logan twist at the end though That and Logan himself each get a half star for the final rating I do hope we get a different Rachel in the next book I pretty much had enough of this stone cold Rachel thank you very much This review also appeared on

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    These days eight out of ten middle books in trilogies are complete letdowns but as long as there are shining stars like Deception I won’t stop hoping that authors will find a way to make those second installments less clichéd and interesting Fortunately for me and her other readers this is a lesson C J Redwine doesn’t need Deception picks up mere days after the end of Defiance Logan was chosen as leader of their group which consists of around a hundred Balbodeen survivors and two newcomers Willow and her brother uinn With the device that controls the Cursed One in Logan’s possession they are safe from the creature but the real monster their former leader is right on their heels Logan and Rachel work relentlessly to take their people to safety Aside from the ongoing war and the constant danger Rachel’s spirit is constantly weighed down by PTSD and depression She is full of uiet anger hell bent on revenge against the Commander and always struggling to keep it together Her traumas cause a reckless almost suicidal behavior which hurts and terrifies Logan By finding the right balance between anger and sadness for Rachel in her situation Redwine proved to be an excellent psychologist and a very insightful personFor the most part Redwine avoids the usual middle book issues but only just Unlike most middle books Deception has admirable character growth and a strong full plot The issues between Rachel and Logan aren’t pointless created only to build unnecessary and often excessive tension They feel genuine caused by their mutual grief Rachel’s overwhelming sense of guilt and Logan’s new responsibilities But even when they don’t communicate like they should even when Rachel is self destructive and Logan completely wrapped up in his own genius we might uestion their future together but never their love for each other My fingers curl over the flesh and bone that shelters his heart A heart strong enough to keep moving forward even when he’s lost so much Strong enough to lead even when he doesn’t want to Strong enough to commit to me when I know I’m not an easy person to love Rachel’s and Logan’s voices are nothing alike I imagine Logan was extremely difficult to write what with his mathematical mind constantly working to come up with new inventions Redwine was able to portray this distractedness combined with worry for Rachel and his people beautifully Despite his many concerns being inside his mind after dealing with Rachel’s constant anger was a soft and pleasurable experienceOh but the secondary characters Not many authors achieve such complexity in such a large cast of characters and yet Redwine gave us uinn Willow Ian Adam and so many intricately built individuals Getting to know each of them was no easy task but figuring out their motivations was a delight I am very much looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy I am not happy with the cliffhanger but it’s just one flaw in an otherwise excellent book One flaw can easily be forgiven right?

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    I don't know why it took me so long to pick up the seuel When I'm reading these books I'm thoroughly enjoying them

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    Gorgeous Gorgeous characters Gorgeous writing Gorgeous worldbuildingGorgeous FEELINGSNow I need the third please

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    Whoa Whoa Whoa 45 starsI cannot believe I was going to give up on this book It was dragging on for the first 30% but then POW I got sucker punched right into the story until I was freaking knee deep in it with no escape out until I read to the very end And boy oh boy oh boy what an ending it was I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING AT ALL Got me good and clean This goes to show how much of an exceptional writer Redwine is To not only weave such a suspenseful and plot twisting story but a world that cannot be imagined and characters that just ooze such depth and emotions The character building made me weep It's a beautiful thing to experience I cannot explain it to you without you taking the ride for yourself Redwine literally thrusts a hand straight into your chest and rips your heart out Bloody fantastic Deception titled brilliantly picks up exactly where it left off in Defiance with Baalbadon destroyed Logan our fearless and compassionate leader who takes everything to heart and blames himself for all the death and destruction in charge and Rachel who needed to be smacked upside the head several times on the verge of a complete and utter breakdown She was so void of emotion and left so broken she actually made me cry and I forgave her for it We are introduced to new characters Ian and Adam do we trust them or not? and rejoined by old friends like uinn oh how I love thee let me take you in my arms and give you want you need Willow the embodiment of a true protagonist and Thom and Drake who are all loyal beyond words The Commander would he freaking die already is still relentlessly pursing them at whatever costs but there is a new threat that has them all on their toes and looking over their shoulder at every second Sabotaging them with deadly results There were so many uestions so much suspense my mind was going to explode and I needed to know the answers Alas it unravelled in one spectacular ending appeasing me angering me killing me and making me lose it completely but finally some clattery as to why Why that ahole of a Commander was hell bent on getting Logan why their was a traitor in their mist and why everything that happened did At what cost though? Their lives will never be the same and I only hope that they all get the ending they deserve whether it be revenge redemption or just learning to live with one self This remarkable second instalment is definitely a page turner that has you wondering guessing crying out loud ripping your hair out and your heart I cannot wait to read Deliverance because if the title is right salvation is coming and they all better watch out

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