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The Contract The Contract by JG Leathers was previously published as two separate books by Gord Books Susan Henderson is a bored young woman looking for some spice in her life Upon reading an advertisement in an up scale women's magazine that stated excellent pay was being offered for a five year foreign service position provided the applicant passed rigorous intelligence appearance and aptitude tests She is soon enticed into a world of ever increasing inescapable bondage then soon held deep in the fastness of a Middle Eastern Palace Here she learns her true place in life discovering a world within her own mind that also cannot be escaped or evaded Susan Henderson's voyage continues when she is inducted into different deviant training programs Much to her distress she soon discovers what it is like to be a domestic animal and spends a substantial length of time in this role She is eventually freed to be taken on a shopping expedition in the real world controlled thoroughly at all times Soon after she becomes a human euine undergoing intense training as a Horse Woman then as a four legged ridden Pony Girl and finally as one of the Sheik's famous Lipizzaner Mares

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