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Discovering Pride Lacey Jordan was a woman who knew what she wantedand she wanted nothing to do with the new doctor in town He had the perfect smile perfectly tan muscles and a way with people—her people This was her town her family and her life He’d come into town and shaken everything up including her heartAaron was running away from a hard breakup where then just his heart had been broken At this point all he wanted to do was take over his grandfather’s medical practice work on his new house and turn it into the first place he could call his home He liked the town of Pride; in fact he had spent the only good parts of his childhood here What he hadn’t expected was to bump into a fairy goddess bumping hard enough to get a concussion and have his heart mended at the same timeThen the town gets a visit that will change their lives forever if they can survive

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    lovely story

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    ★★★★★Discovering Pride by Jill Sanders The Pride Series Book 2I was given this Betarevised copy in exchange for my honest review I read this series out of order I read Finding Pride and really liked it But then I Beta read Returning Pride and Lasting Pride I figured I knew the outcome of this and would wait for my re read What a mistake Although I technically knew the results of Discovering Pride I missed a great story This has got to be my favorite of The Pride Series I can relate with Lacey She grew up in a small town was the firecracker of town and doesn't put up with anyone's shit She does not play games and expects you not to either And it doesn't hurt that apparently she could be my younger twin lol I love that she coordinates her undergarments with her accessories even if it's unintentional A chance encounter with a gorgeous stranger sets the stage for an embarrassing not turning back beginning But as in life the past catches up with a vengeance and lives are forever changed Thanks to the author for showing me a different side of Lacey Reading OrderFinding Pride The Pride book 1Discovering Pride The Pride book 2Returning Pride The Pride book 3Lasting Pride The Pride book 4Serving Pride5 The Pride book 5Red Hor Christmas The Pride book 6My Sweet Valentine The Pride book 7Return to Me The Pride book 8

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    Prosecution It wascute It definitely wasn't YA or New Age this is meant for adults But there were so many typos and run on sentences This novel could definitely use an an editor as I saw than a few garish typos It was written in a way that made it seem like it was typed out on an iPhone or iPad with all of the typos that seemed like auto corrects I would hire a thorough editor or possibly have people read the manuscriptDefense The story line was to the point I hate waiting around for a novel to pick up Aaron and Lacey's romance was pretty precious It was a uick read To read my verdict please go to From Bows to Books♥t

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    3 StarsChallenges♥ RRRC January 2018 Monthly Challenge #5 January 6th Cuddle Up Day♥ 2018 Where Are You Reading #38 Oregon

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    I pride no pun intended myself on the fact that regardless of the book and its contents I have been able to finished said book I never thought I would come across a DNF until now It really pains me to say that I could not finish Discovering Pride by Jill Sanders I’m literally sitting here typing this review up and feeling bad But as try as I may I cannot continue When you start to skim through the content when you still have basically 30% of the book to go then you got a problemThe writing wasn’t completely horrible I’m sad to say that I’ve actually come across worse My issue stems from lack of energy and fluidity that I’m looking for in a book’s writing It felt as if things were being explained to me in such a methodical and organized way instead of having the story told and having a picture be created for me The narrative was superficial and didn’t touch me in any form It just created this monotonous drone inside my head as I readSince the book is a romance the characters and their chemistry becomes a focal point in which the success of the book is gained or lost In this case it was definitely lost for me For a start I had an issue with the female lead Lacey The book’s synopsis made her out to be an interesting character Unfortunately she didn’t turn out that way for me at least From the first chapter she came off as impertinent and childish She didn’t have an aura that made me want to like her Her subseuent behaviors in regard to Aaron She claims she doesn’t play games but one minute she’s making out with him and then the next she pulls away and makes some kind accusation against him I tried but I couldn’t bring myself to like her Her counterpart Aaron illustrates specifically one of the big issues about the book Including Aaron you never got a deep understanding of who the characters are Sanders’ development of them never got any deeper than the surface They seemed one dimensional for me With Aaron I understood he had absentee parents but I never felt the full effects of that in him The same can be said in regards to his ex and his falling out They all seem to be in the periphery for meWith all that said it didn’t bode well when the focus is turned to the chemistry and the development of their romance I actually thought Sanders had something there in regards to a spark between Lacey and Aaron There were certain scenes where you can believe in the attraction for each But these scenes were far and few and unfortunately the writing wasn’t on a level that could really bring it to life in which you can feel that attraction Further I didn’t find their romancerelationship credible I thought there wasn’t enough basis for them to actually have feelings for each other Sure they’re physically attracted to each other but it just seemed like that was where it all boiled down to I kept waiting for them to have these concrete intimate moments where you see a genuine bond forming but it never came It mostly consisted of Aaron finding Lacey making out for a bit Lacey pushing him away and her saying she’s not ready or she’s still not sure about him and needs time to think about it while trying to avoid him So it came as a surprise for me when she decides that she sees the good in him and loves him it was scene involving children’s hand drawn pictures which could’ve worked if the story was developed better at the start Basically I never found their relationship to be credible and thus was never invested in themEverything that I have laid out were the specific problems of the book for me but in the end they all combine to produce a book that was essentially uninteresting and unentertaining for me It started with potential but the I read the it became clear that I had no interest in what was going on There wasn’t anything in the book that I could fall back on to keep myself engaged such as the writing or the characters There was nothing about either of those aspects that were well done and interesting It was very unfortunate that I’ve come across a book that I could not finish I gave it my best and that’s all I can ask from myself

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    Truly loving this series Pride Oregon sounds like the perfect small town The Jordan siblings are pretty amazing Loved them in book 1 Love them even in the face of trouble for one of their own Lacey middle Jordan and only girl she is busy running the family restaurant she hasn't paid any attention to love When the sexy grandson of the town doctor comes along and takes over the practice he and Lacey find themselves with some serious chemistry She is Leary about giving him any time in fear of getting hurt by the city boy Aaron aka the sexy young doctor had a past that catches up with him and threatens to keep Lacey away Love them together and the dynamics if their relationship Love how easily the Jordan's accepted him Can't wait for Iian's story

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    This is the second book in 'The Pride' series by Jill Sanders and it was as brilliant as the first one Aaron has moved to the town of Pride to take over his grandfather's medical practise and renovate a house to live in Lacey is the owner of the local restaurant and finds the new doctor irritating and annoying Aaron is not looking to fall in love after coming out of a bad break up and Lacey doesn't want to fall in love eitherAnother brilliant book and I can't wait to get my hands on the final two to read I'll be sorry to finish this series of books but look forward to reading of this author

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    After reading book one I was patiently waiting to get my hands on book two I finally purchased book two and I have to say I was impressed The author has done a great job in writing this book Lacy had Erin hot In the first chapter By his description I don't blame her After they are introduced properly they hit it off I must say the romance between those two built up fast But I am not complaining I love romance in any book Now I am Highly anticipating for book 3 which I hope comes out soon Until then I will just try to wait patiently

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    Discovering Pride tells the story of Lacey and Aaron when Aaron moves to Pride to take over the medical practice of his grandfather when he retires Aaron is also renovating an old house and doing most of the work on the project to make it his home Discovering Prider is a sweet love story with an evil ex girlfriend interfering parents and a sweet and very likeable two main characters that work through each problem and find their happy ever after living in a small Oregon town on the Oregon Coast my favorite place where I used to live

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    Great story Aaron came to the town escaping bitter memories of a betrayal and he meets Lacey She doesn't fit his type of woman but she does give him back his faith in real love I only have two problems with this book editing problems and the plot is way slow most of the book and then it turns tense and sinister on the last uarter of the story

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