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  • Kindle Edition
  • 304 pages
  • The Hundred Hearts
  • William Kowalski
  • English
  • 05 September 2016

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    I won this as a Firstreads giveawayEvery once in a while you read a book that's so someone real that it becomes a part of you It changes you helps to define who you are and what you think of the world around you and every person in it This is one of those booksIt is shocking brutally honest and yet at the same time it is loving There were several sections in this book where silent tears came as I read There were sections simply too heart wrenching for loud sobs I also love the way the book turns out The author sort of hints at something leading up to the ending a big event in the main character's past which has shaped him immensely as a person and the way that the author eventually tells you about this big event is not a terrible fake scene in which the main character Jeremy goes into a trance or realizes astonishing things about life You find out but not at all in a disappointing wayThis is not a book for the weak hearted This is not a book you should read if you love and believe in having a perfect life in a perfect world This book makes you reconsider serious beliefs and it made me rethink just about everything I thought I knew about humans and the things we are capable of

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    PowerfulThis is the second book I've read by Kowalski his storytelling in this book is compelling I always think that we will never know the true extent of the ravages of war and this book speaks to that A glimpse into this family is raw and real It's not the book that you say I enjoyed it but it's a book that I say I'm glad I read it

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    This started slow and then picked up I couldn’t predict where it was leading me which I kind of like There were times it felt like too many concepts were tossed in and few were fully realized

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    Actually really enjoyed this book I picked it up because it was cheap and on sale I've never read any of his books before but enjoyed his style of writing and really enjoyed this story

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    An after the wars novel Well done

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    I won this book through a First Reads GiveawayI really enjoyed this book The author has given us some uirky characters with some very real problems The pacing of the novel was good no drag in the middle as sometimes happens with books that are character driven Some of the events leading up to ending were a little odd without giving too much away and left me with uestionsWhy did Henry suddenly decide to leave?What happened to the old guy on the bus? What happened to Al?Don't police in NYC have other things to do?But all those are nitpicky This is a well written novel and I will be seeking out of William Kowalski's books

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    A family unit is suppose to be one place where a member can go to experience love and healing It is suppose to be a place where members come together for nurturing and support But when one or members of the family unit themselves are seriously damaged then that family unit itself becomes dysfunctional And the pain and suffering uietly continues for each of the members It is a common reality than our mass media induced society cares to show us but it is one that William Kowalski has skillfully crafted in his book The Hundred Heartshttptinyurlcomzzw6xvk

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    I won this as a Goodreads GiveawayWhen I first got the book I wasn't really expecting to love it since I'm not a huge fan of army books however this book was miles different because it wasn't about the time spent in combat the aftermath which makes this book a touching kind of memoir Along with the dysfunctional family stories the author makes a very vivid description of a small town war hero's life after combatTouching and funny in parts

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    This book is well written and deals with the impact of war on future generations The protagonist has returned from Afghanistan and is trying to resume life in the USA as a Physics teacher; his grandfather is a Vietnam vet Some of his students have parents who served overseas as well The novel shows how events that happen during war have lasting effects on those who served and those who live with those who serve Interesting topic

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    This book by a Canadian Author was a heartbreaking tale Well written I was caught up in the drama of the characters and their lives I would recommend this book highly and it was a joy to read The Hundred Hearts takes twists and turns and you can't guess what will be the next moment of their lives thanks T

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The Hundred Hearts Winner of the 2014 Thomas H Raddall Atlantic Fiction AwardOn April 7 2005 an IED blast in Afghanistan alters the course of Jeremy Merkin's life forever Still grieving the loss of his best friend who was killed by the explosion and nursing the physical and psychological wounds of the war Jeremy returns home to find that nothing has changed and yet everything is differentLiving in the basement of a house he shares with his grandparents mother and mentally challenged cousin Henry Jeremy smokes marijuana to combat his constant pain He begins a career as a high school teacher but memories of the war the physical limitations caused by his injuries and a criminal accusation threaten to end his teaching career before it's even begunAfter Helen the matriarch of the family dies in her sleep the already dysfunctional Merkin clan comes unglued Jeremy contacts his father who lives in a local mental institution to seek advice only to discover that his grandfather has been hiding a dark secret from his family His discovery of the secret alters the way he sees his family and himself foreverAmidst all this chaos his cousin runs away from home to find his mother in New York City Knowing Henry can't possibly survive the trip on his own Jeremy races across the country to find him While in New York Jeremy's world is altered yet again as family secrets are uncovered this time with dreadful conseuencesThe Hundred Hearts is a darkly funny story of the courage reuired to carry on after coming home and the redemptive power of accepting and revealing our own secrets in order to move forward