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Finance: A Quantitative Introduction By providing a solid theoretical basis, this book introduces modern finance to readers, including students in science and technology, who already have a good foundation in quantitative skills It combines the classical, decision oriented approach and the traditional organization of corporate finance books with a quantitative approach that is particularly well suited to students with backgrounds in engineering and the natural sciences This combination makes finance much transparent and accessible than the definition theorem proof pattern that is common in mathematics and financial economics The book s main emphasis is on investments in real assets and the real options attached to them, but it also includes extensive discussion of topics such as portfolio theory, market efficiency, capital structure and derivatives pricing Finance equips readers as future managers with the financial literacy necessary either to evaluate investment projects themselves or to engage critically with the analysis of financial managers Supplementary material is available at cambridge wijst

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    For those eager to take on Finance without a background, Nico shows those engineers with solid math backgrounds how the finance world actually looks like and wakes those financial theorists to the hard ground of empirical findings and industrial usage of their theories.

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