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Highland Ever After This titleISBN will no longer be published by Ballantine Books Avon is the new publisher and their Paperback edition can be found here Highland Ever After #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Maya Banks returns to her beloved Highlander series with the story readers have been waiting for After Scotland’s three most powerful clans come together to build a formidable alliance an apprehensive king conspires to keep his empire from collapsing He orders Taliesan McHugh to agree to a marriage that will ensure the king maintains control of the coveted McHugh fortress With no other choice but to obey her king Taliesan accepts her destiny But when her path crosses with that of Brodie Armstrong she begins to wonder what it would be like to feel the warrior’s strong arms around her—and to be loved by him Staunchly opposing the king’s command to stand down Brodie plots to save Taliesan from her arranged marriage He is determined to make the gentle beauty his but finds himself at the mercy of a decades old family agreement As power struggles echo across the Highlands Brodie continues to defy the king and vows to remain true to his cause his people—and most of all the woman who has claimed his heart

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    Update 4216 First it was 2015Then it changed to 2035 for REALZThen it got straight up cancelled And nowFebruary 20 fucking 18? WTF Seriously? Writer's block? What?What are you DOING over there Maya? Update 2315 My newest email says my pre order has just been straight up canceled now LOLZ She must have just scrapped the whole thing and started over That's okay Maya take your time Anything to avoid this from happening please Update 12915 WTF???Did anyone else get the update email that changed this release date to 2035?Seriously though this has to be a typo An EPIC typo LOL

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    Feb 2020Every so often someone likes this review and it pops up And just for information's sake I checked the release date and it's now October 2022 if anyone still cares I can understand health problems rewrites writers block etc I'd appreciate it a lot if the author is just upfront about it and just says This book is on hold for the foreseeable future I'll let you know when it's donecan be published etc rather than doing all this postponing with no actual information anywhere June 2019So someone liked this review and it popped up in my notifications and I remembered this And lo and behold the date changed to October 2019 March 2018The release for this was February 2018 Not falling for all this again April 2017So now the date is Feb 2018 with a fourth one scheduled for 2019 UPDATE April 2016So whenever we get close to the intended date it gets pushed back another two yearsAre you kidding me? Is this for real??? If you don't intend to publish this just say so and stop stringing us all along UPDATE Oct 2015After a lot of digging around on the net and her site I've found this Dated 28th of June 2015 I couldn't find anything recenthttpswwwfacebookcomAuthorMayaBaThis should really be on her website and not facebook And it still has no actualballparkclose enough date I read the other 2 of this series ages ago and didn't mark this for some reason I was going through my Highlander shelf and remembered thisAnd it's still not out I don't know if anyone noticed but on couk it doesn't even have a kindle edition while the paperback has been out since Nov 2014 and costs £99911httpwwwcoukHighland EverI don't know what is going and seeing friends reviews about a Feb 2016 release date was shocking But it's not in the Coming Soon section of her website What is going on Maya Banks? Complete omission of this book with the rest of the series on the site too No explanation It's not very nice to all the readers still waiting for this

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    A Reader's Diary of A Book Never to be PublishedUpdate September 14th 2015 Why is this book in the January July 2016 HR List? WHO HAS THE INSIDE INFO WHO KEEPS CHANGING THE RELEASE DATE Now February 23rd 2016? Maya B's site still has no info AT ALL on the 3rd book of the seriesSo Jessep I'll answer the uestion You want answers?Lieutenant Kaffee I think I'm entitled to themJessep You want answers?Lieutenant Kaffee I want the truthJessep You can't handle the truthI can handle itAnd please you with all the strict rules on reviews you allow ONE review on this for a book not published?Nocomment UPDATE January 22nd 2015 25 years after the uest for the 3rd Montgomerys and Armstrongs book has started Hear ye hear ye THIS SHIP HAS NOT ONLY SAILED BUTIt is the year of our Lord 2015 almost 2 whole years AFTER the publication of the 2nd book in the series This Highland Ever After that we all Maya Banks's Highlander devotees anxiously seek BUT NEVER FIND is NOT included ANYMORE on Maya Banks's siteOk my fellow lassies MOI must be the only person who did NOT cry in Titanic but still you get the pictureHere our expert librarians have noted Expected publication February 23rd 2016 by Ballantine BooksPLEASE SOMEBODY GIVE ME THE TRUTH THAT IS OUT THEREI justI won'tI can'tIHELP MESeptember 7th 2013 As posted on Maya Banks's siteCOMING SOONSPRING 2015Bookstores say April 2014—this is not correct The earliest I will be able to get this book to you will be Spring 2015 it may end up being Summer I promise to keep you informed via this page WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?????? no no no no oh what theand to think that this was my first reaction O M G IT HAS A COVER TO DIE FOR ALREADYPRETTY PLEASE I WANT IT ASAP

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    9820Hi So here is Maya Banks' own website as of today Still no publication date Don't believe guysThis woman has stopped writing for the past 3 years her Facebook page which once was very active is no longer up to date and ghost town The last three dates didn't even come from her team So please please please Goodreads Librarians stop posting publishing dates from unless it's been confirmed by Maya Banks or her publisher cause at this point it's getting silly and creepy I feel like someone is taking advantage of this whole thing for fun 8212018 deep sigh So April 2019 now? Here we are Again I am trying insanely hard not to rant my head off about this but honestly I'm over it I can't any This book has been continuously pushed back since 2013 That is insane I've held my tongue and been understanding because MB was going through some health issues on and off since then So I got it I understood But considering she had no problem spitting out books left and right for her KG Contemporary series and countless Erotica trilogies without pause in the meantime my understanding and patience started to waver and I started to side eye this whole murky mess First the delay for this book was because of publishing issues then health issues then it was because she had no time to write this etc etc etc Honestly? If you don't have the juice to write it any then don't I'm frustrated than anything with her team er assistant? Cause over the years her team have been throwing out vague uestionable release dates on Maya's FB page with ZERO follow up and putting nothing on her website about it afterwards No promo no marketing zilch Her team has been horrible in giving consistent information to her readers and not updating her website over this one dang book I have never in my life seen such a thing How do you give out information but not put it on the author's website? Everything else seems no problem But this one book? Complete crickets If you aren't 100% on a release date then don't release that information They seem to not even be communicating with Maya's publishers because always got some random ass release date posted that her team are never aware of or insist that the date is wrong 😑 So naturally I stopped buying the promised new dates until we finally got a new cover and confirmed date last February Things started to look hopeful after a looooooooooong draught of nothing But now this? Unless Maya is dealing with health issues again and I truly hope not then there is no excuse for this None Get it together Wake me up when this is actually physically on shelves then I'll believe it Until then no mo' for me Previous Updatesview spoiler32118 Guys WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE This better be it or I swear I will throw something December 2018 😱FYI Maya's assistant checked and confirmed the 'November 2018' release date that has listed for pre order is wrong hasn't updated it yet2118 Not sure where that November 2018 date came from on here but from Maya's assistant there is no confirmed release date for this Once again sighTo be completely honest I'm not even sure this book will ever be released since there is no trace of it anywhere on the author's website Not a good sign 111017According to Maya and her team this book is still on for 2018 Maya has been dealing with health issues But the fact that the book is nowhere on her website and no promotion for it is a little worrisome 42616 UpdateSo we finally have a date Official release date is February 2018 2018???? Lawd I'm glad it's finally being released and back on butdamn 2018 is a long way away9515 UPDATE Maya Banks posted this on Facebook a while ago in response to readers uestions about the release date on this Highland Ever After WILL be published The Montgomerys Armstrongs series was pulled from the original publisher which takes a LOT of time legalities and money and then had to be placed with a different publisher or not published at all which again takes a lot of time and legalities and now that everything is finalized my publisher is working to schedule the other books in the Montgomerys Armstrongs series As SOON as I'm given a release date for Highland Ever After I will absolutely announce it here and on my website and coming soon page I know the wait has been frustrating for y'all It's been frustrating for ME and it's been a very stressful process when I was already coping with serious health issues for the last two and a half years This is NOT what I ever wanted but my choices were to NOT write the series at all and leave it at just two books OR go through the lengthy and exhausting process of changing publishers while also being in and out of the hospital AND still having other stories to write Believe me my family would have preferred I NOT continue the series They didn't WANT me to add stress and of a burden on myself when I was already struggling to keep my head above water But since the LAST thing I want to do is to let down my readers and because I WANT very much to continue these stories I love so much I chose to go the route that while time consuming and frustrating of making it so the books WILL be published Many of you have stated your upset your anger your disappointment and others have decided to no longer read my books regardless of what series and I am truly sorry you feel that way I would never ever do anything to purposely disappoint the readers who have done so much for me and whom I owe my writing career to For me however the choice I made was the only right thing to do To do whatever it took to be able to write and publish the rest of the Montgomerys Armstrongs series in order to fulfill the promise I made to my readers when I wrote the very first book A promise that will be delayed in the delivery but fulfilled nonetheless Because I can't in good conscience simply NOT write the books and walk away unless I no longer have a choice in the matterUpdate 31514 So looks like Feb 2016 is NOT a confirmed release date via Maya Banks herself She has no clear date on when she will get back to this series or HR books as of now Seems like she is struggling just to catch up with all her deadlines several contemporary series going on right now after having surgeries Of course I'm bummed but wish her well I hope she'll come back to writing HR books one day Really not happy about this hide spoiler

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    I'm gonna sound like a bitch but this book is NO LONGER ON MY TBRIt was supposed to release in 2015 and it got delayed we all understand authors and their problems but this is too muchNext release date is FEB 2018 I'm sorry but if this book cannot get released just say so There's no need to make readers pant after it

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    Updated Oct 18 2019For a couple months there this had a release date of Oct 2019 even knowing that is was HIGHLY unlikely to actually come out I still put in on my 2019 release list Apparently deep down there was still a small tiny almost non existed spark of hope that I might actually get to read this book in my lifetime But alas someone liked this review causing me to take a look and see that the release date has once again been pushed to 2020 I truly have nothing against an author who is struggling to write a book or struggling with personal stuff making it hard to write What I don't like is the constant back and forth with a release date like this and the lack of communication about why the release date keeps getting pushed If you have no plans to ever finish this book or series just be honest with us so we can just let it go and move onUpdate Jan 21 2016Okay guys so I finally saw an update from the author on this book Not thrilled since she said on her Facebook page it will be out in Feb of 2017 Yeah 4 years later And I totally get that she has stuff going on and is like switching publishers or something but oh my god the lack of communication with what was going on with this book has driven me freaking nuts Also she said that there will be a 4th book but it won't be out till 2018So yeah that's greatI'll be dead from old age before this series is finishedUpdate Oct 14 2014 Ok what the ever loving hell? Now it says it won't be out till Feb 2016??? That is 3 years between books what is going on? These are 300 page books not some Game of Thrones 1000 page shit This is ridiculous I am so pissedMarch 30 2014Does anyone know if the Pub date on Goodreads for this is right? Cause it said 2015 before but now it is coming out April 2014? In a few days actually I've already gotten excited and been let down once when it was supposed to be out in Sept so I don't want to get my hopes up now

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    Readers can be SO needy Seriously And I'm fully guilty of acting like an entitled asshole myselfHere I was scouring GR to see what books to add to my 2018 most anticipated reads and I've been literally dying of laughter reading everyone statuses about this bookYes it has been delayed under freaking stament but come on everyone is saying they've lost all interest in this bookseries and all I'm thinking is The same needy whining readers will be firsts to read the book IF it ever releases on February 2018I for one have been waiting for YEARS and you can bet I'll be there on release day if Maya Banks holds onto her promise and releases this baby in less than 2 months now I'll be there in 6 months too A year I don't mind It gives me time to re read the first books and get in the moodNow let's hope book 3 is as good if not better than book 12

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    Oooooook2015Now they are just being mean What a shame 3 Years in between installments is a ridiculous amount of time to waitsigh

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    Edit 81 Umm bitch where you atWHERE THE FUCK IS THIS NOVEL LOL PEOPLE ARE ALREADY RATING IT WITHOUT READING IT BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW IT'S GONNA BE AMAZING BUT SERIOUSLY WHERE IS IT PLEASE MAYA BANKS WHERE ARE YOUUUU?????Will the real Banks fans please stand up And put one of those fingers on each hand upAND BEG FOR THIS NOVEL TO COME OUTAll the restless fans trying to be calm when we NEED THIS BOOKWhen no one can answer the simple uestion of WHEN IS THIS GOING TO COME OUTMe when I am a little shamed at not considering how hard it is to write a novel and people have lives a writers block is real and we should cut the author some slackALSO ME WHEN I DON'T GIVE A FUCK BECAUSE I NEED THIS BOOK SO FUCKING BADLYlol mariah carey I don't know her

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    I WANT THIS BOOK March 2014? But well must focus that at least will be having Brodie and Taliesan story YAY

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