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    The title of this book is brilliant as it is but when you learn TIM stands for Tyrannosaur Improved Model it's mind blowing Scientists have created a T Rex which has been designed for military applications In the tough world of government funding that's moved to a Mallahide a scientist working with nanobots But when Mallahide turns himself into a nanobot cloud and wants everyone to become like him its up to Tim to fight him Oh and two schoolchildren one of whom is Mallahide's daughter This is a mad book but it somehow still works Despite all the craziness it's almost believable thanks to the way we see what the Prime Minster and the world are doing to tackle it and how the news are reporting it Enthoven makes no bones about destroying various famous landmarks of London and that makes it feel like a proper disaster movieMallahide makes for a great villain because his intentions aren't all clear He's not inherently evil yet he is doing terrible things and it's hard to know exactly what to feel for him The book is well written and one of the most imaginative I've read in a long time My only real problem with it is that the build up goes on for far too long The big battle scenes are relatively short and schoolboy Chris takes a ridiculously long time to accept his responsibility And the big draw to the novel Tim is barely present for most of the first halfStill it's a great ride The imagery it creates of monsters in London is fantastic and despite how silly the premise with it not only works wonderfully but even brings up some important issues about humanity and the use of technology You won't read anything else like it

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    A young adult book that would be suitable for advanced primary school readers A bit of scientific explanation before you get to the good stuff dinosaur vs nanobots in the middle of London

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    At its core I believe that TIM had some intriguing ideas I think that had those ideas been better thought out the story could have improved exponentially I for one absolutely loved the idea of Dr Mallahide’s nanobots They were marvelous and the possibilities were infinite Personally I believe that Mallahide was probably right at the beginning Though the prospect of becoming a swarm of machines or adopting a hive mentality seemed repulsive to many of the humans in the book I would have lined up for the chance to get that Think of it he was offering infinite knowledge eternal life limitless riches and pretty much everything else the universe had to offer I could see how the prospect of becoming machines would terrify the people but I still think that some of the braver or adventurous people would at least try The way Mallahide went with trying to convince the people was obviously flawed he should have done further testing and showed his newfound bodyself to scientists first and have this new post human lifestyle if you can really call it life investigated first then if he were to go to the public with his findings he would have been better received Still his rash and foolish behavior with his discovery can be discounted as excitement or willingness to share his newfound creations with the world The one thing that I found odd about Mallahide and no it was not the fact that he tried to turn all of humanity including him self and his daughter against their own will into machines was how fast he went bad I know that power corrupts and maybe when he gave up his human body he lost some of his I don’t know humanity? but it was incredibly easy for him to give up his morals and begin to use his abilities for his own rise to powerdictatorship Earlier he had been all for ‘freeing humanity’ and such but immediately after Anna refused him he lost it Suddenly in his eyes mankind did not deserve the right to make their own decisions and did not deserve to be free This was a total reversal of what we had seen earlier form him which struck me as a little odd Usually in stories it can take much longer for power to get to ones head in the sense that it did to Mallahide Then again his daughter did recently abandon him or so he believed and that could have dealt a crippling blow to his psyche which definitely played a role in tipping him over the edge When I comes to TIM vs Mallahide I really had an incredibly hard time believing that TIM managed to last at all against the doctor After all Mallahide essentially broke himself down to the atomic level He could pretty much become gaz Now even if TIM’s scales were strong enough to survive missiles form tanks punches from Mallahide and what not there is NO WAY that TIM could have beaten Mallahide In fact Mallahide could have easily destroyed him during their first encounter Even if his scales were made of freaking diamonds it would simply not matter TIM despite being a genetically engineered defender of the earth dinosaur thing needs to breath It is essential for his continued existence So why didn’t Mallahide simply let himself be inhaled by TIM and attack him from the inside? After all your lungs are designed to let particles into your body and it is only logical that Mallahide would exploit this weakness to absorbed TIM TIM himself is something that I simply could not believe in how on earth was he even possible? For starters I have a very hard time trying to picture how exactly a genetically engineered dinosaur would be helpful to the British military TIM is not exactly a weapon; he’s like something form Jurassic Park And whose brilliant idea was it to grow a dinosaur in the middle of London? I figured that keeping him somewhere secluded would be a no brainer but apparently I was wrong Then of course is TIM’s improbable sentience The fact is humans are the only creatures on this earth that are truly sentient and the next closest things are monkeys Reptiles and dinosaurs are pretty long off TIM also seems to have a bizarre innate knowledge of our world and it’s functions Logically he would know nothing of the outside world as he had never been there before and would have a mind akin to that of an infant Instead he seems to comprehend everything about our world and planet which though that can be partially explained by the whole ‘defender of the earth’ still seems a bit off Oh and if he is underwater talking to the kraken and don’t get me started on him how on earth can he breath?The whole ‘defender of the earth thing really annoyed me in the book Yes the concept at its subject is cool albeit somewhat overplayed TIM and the kraken were just too far fetched for me First off how on earth did TIM get chosen as defender of the earth? He is not at all natural; he is a genetic experiment so how on earth did he get chosen to protect nature? And who chooses the defenders? The kraken claimed it wasn’t’ him who chose TIM so who did? And how were the defender Chris and Miss Plimpton even connected? Saying ‘it was magic’ or something like that seems a little too iffy because frankly in the past nearly everything that was unexplained was considered ‘magic’ so I’m wondering if there ever was a real explanation or if Enthoven just didn’t bother come up with an explanation Same thing with the ‘life force of the planet’ or whatever Chris was supposed to channel into TIM though the bracelet it was just too much hocus pocus for my liking And if it somehow was magic well at least give ‘evidence’ or a plausible reason for way it works Overall TIM could have had some potential but it was not properly executed Instead we ended up with what felt like a half assed cliched godzilla story that my little cousins would write in school with dinosaurs and magic and no real plotline

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    So this is a sort of cross between Percy Jackson and Dr WhoWe have TIM A Tyrannosaurus Rex Improved model who is the latest Defender of the Earth One arises every time there is a global threatThis time it's a mad scientist who turns himself into a nanobot cockroach and wants to consume the Earth's population in a misguided sense to 'save' them Our hero is Chris a teenage boy on the edge of the popular crowd He is the chosen one and given a magic bracelet that links him to Tim and all living things by a staff member at the British museum He along with Anna daughter of our mad scientist and totally unpopular have to motivate Tim unite humanity and battle our metamorph villainI thoroughly enjoyed this far than I thought I would from the cover The plot seems ridiculous but like Who this takes a whole host of random things splices them together to come up with something fast paced and highly entertaining

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    ExcellentGreat book lots of action a must read Good for anyone who likes dinosaurs and robots very good interesting book😀

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    I expected Young Adult but got Tween or younger This is lame I finished only because it was easy fast

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    Before I can get to my surprisingly conflicted opinion of Tim Defender of Earth by Sam Ethoven I need to tell you about the author’s first book The Black TattooI won’t go into much detail about The Black Tattoo’s storyline but it’s personally my favorite book in all of the history of literature The characters were lovable the plot was engaging and the setting was one of the most spectacular fantasy worlds in any media I’ve ever seen So when I saw the author’s name on Tim Defender of the Earth I was very excitedThe premise of Tim if you skipped the summary of it on the top of the page is that the British military has spent thirteen years and countless funds growing something called TIM Tyrannosaurus Improved Model It’s exactly what you think it is TIM spelled ‘Tim’ in the book is a modern day t rex with twenty times the size of his prehistoric predecessor He also is written as sympathetic having never been outside of the underground laboratory he was raised in But when the British government tries to terminate the project because raising Tim is eating up too much tax money Tim escapes from his cage and rampages through LondonAs big as Tim is he’s only half the focus of the story The other half goes to our antagonist Dr Mallahide Mallahide is a inventor in the field of nanotechnology and he recently made a breakthrough in designing the most potent nanobots ever created Basically they’re so small that they can alter the atomic structure of any mass they find generating unlimited uses and possibilities Mallahide then somehow merges with his swarm of nanobots into some sort of hive mind sacrificing his body in the process He then thinks he is now the next step of mankind and that all of humanity should become like himThere are two other main characters in the book A couple of ordinary teenagers named Chris and Anna Chris is a vaguely explained ‘chosen one;’ destined by a prophecy to help Tim save the planet Anna is Dr Mallahide’s daughter and goes to the same highschool as Chris Other than that the only purpose they fill is to appeal to the teen demographicLike I said I love Sam Ethoven’s style but I can’t help but think that he put all his focus and effort into Tim and Mallahide They seemed to be the only characters that were fleshed out enough for me to be attached to Chris and Anna are fine characters but they just seem like added on attachments to Tim and Mallahide There are other recurring characters throughout the story but they never left a big enough impression on me to remember their names I can’t resist to speculate that Sam Ethoven just wanted to write a story about a giant dinosaur and a scientist nanobot monster then see them fightDon’t get me wrong the focus on Tim and Mallahide pays off You really see the world from two different perspectives Both Tim’s simplistic views about his surroundings and Mallahide’s extremist ideals about the future of mankind are eually captivatingOh and there’s action in it than a Michael Bay movieYes there’s A LOT of fighting going on in this book Explosions armageddon and lots of British soldiers being slaughtered can be read from these pages The action was pretty amusing from my viewpoint It did it’s job of setting a picture in my mind of what was going on Like the summary promises landmarks that can be found in London are brutally crushed beyond repair especially in scenes that feature TimWhen all’s said and done I say the book was a good use of my time Go check it out especially if you like a good villain and big fight scenes

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    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToocomOn a school trip to the British Museum Chris wanders off alone and discovers a private room in the basement A strange woman appears and shows him a special display case The object in the case starts to cast a strange glow around the room The lady opens the case and places the object a bracelet on Chris's wrist It clamps shut and Chris is unable to remove it With the cryptic words You've been chosen uttered to Chris he is sent back upstairs to join his class and try to figure out what it means Seventy stories below the center of London a strange creature has been created and slated to be destroyed With voices inside the creature's head it starts to fight and break its way to the surface and to freedom And in another secret location in the city a brilliant scientist is given the funding from the British Government to proceed with his illegal experiments that will break the Nanotech Non Proliferation Treaty Little does the British Government know that the scientist has a secret agenda of his own The city of London is under siege by a swarm of nanobots controlled by Professor Mallahide The hopes and future of the city and ultimately the world rest with a boy and a mysterious creature named TIM Tyrannosaurs Improved Model With the help of Ms Plimpton from the museum and Anna a schoolmate and the daughter of Professor Mallahide Chris and TIM stand a chance of fighting the swarm and the Professor I have to admit that I offered to review this book because my son is a dinosaur fanatic The concept sounded interesting enough on its own merits so I gave it a go Well I was hooked from the first page For fans of Michael Crichton TIM DEFENDER OF EARTH will not disappoint The action is fast the science fantastic and the mounting tension almost too much to bear I wanted to get to the end to find out if Chris and TIM can save London Except for the technical scientific jargon the book is appropriate for all ages I can easily picture this being made into a motion picture with the stunning special effects that the swarm would create as well as the larger than life descriptions given to TIM I give this book a Gold Star as it's one that I will definitely be recommending to others

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    This is a book I hadn't heard of until I picked it up in Half Price Books' clearance aisle and it took me a while to read it To add to the confusion it's listed on Titlewave as an adult title What a shame Like Cole's Z Rex this was a fabulous smash em up science fiction bookTIM is a genetically engineered indestructible tyrannosaur developed by the British government He's been happy living underneath Trafalgar Suare in a lab until they try to kill him Chris is a hapless teen who is given a strange bracelet by a guard at the British Museum Anna is the daughter of Professor Mallahide who has unleashed his cloud of nanobots of the world and is attempting to absorb every living thing into it Obviously this is really bad news for England especially when all the countries in the world decide that the obly way to contain the nanobots is to bomb England into oblivion Together TIM Chris and Anna must find a way to save the world no matter what the costStrengths Wow The dedication page explains a lot To Gamera Godzilla Kong and the rest with love and bellowing Most of London is laid waste by one force or another with descriptive explosions chases and general mayhem The London Eye is put to good use as is Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are pretty much wiped out Still there is a moral scientific discoveries should be used for good and not for evilWeaknesses It's not explained too clearly why TIM a government project becomes a defender of earth and his conversation with his predecessor the Kraken is a little confusing Surly Teen Boy also devoured this and said that it felt slightly rushed to him Not that we cared I am just sad that Crawlers They will do anything for their ueen and soon so will you has not been released in the US How can I not love an author who claims on the back flap of the book that this is phase two of my sinister master plan to conuer the universe? Every day should have an evil master plan It's one of those phrases that I find my students uoting

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    At first I was disappointed that Tim was so big After all T Rex's aren't nearly 300 feet tall They are about one tenth that size But I'll tell you what I just finished watching the 1998 movie Godzilla and now I can easily picture Tim being as big as he is Sam Enthoven is obviously a fan of the old Japanese Godzilla movies the King Kong films and as am I I used to watch all of these films on the Family Film Festival on Saturdays and Sundays at 3 PM on KTLA So when I heard about this book I became very excitedTim is a pretty cool character and I liked that he wasn't successful in his first battle It aught him humility I also thought it was smart to make the Kraken the previous Defender of the Earth After all who could ever beat the Kraken? Not Sinbad Not Perseus As for Professor Mallahide he is not really a bad guy He sincerely wants to help mankind After all if we were all composed of nanomachines there would never be any disease or death We could all do just about anything we wantedBut the uestion comes to mind as to whether we would truly be human any And to tell the truth I think that the nanomachines warped him somehow Chris is a great lead character as he has a hard time believing that he is important to anybody Anna is there to support him but also has to fend off her father who doesn't understand when she doesn't want to be turned into nanomachines like he isTim is a awesome character that all readers will thoroughly enjoy I totally fell into this book and couldn't put it down I read it in two days and absolutely loved it I highly recommend TIM Defender of the Earth for any reader of action to all age groups not just young readersSam Enthoven is proving why his is a much desired author as he has written two excellent books now the other being The Black Tattoo I cannot wait to see what Mr Enthoven writes next All I know for sure is that I don't want to miss it WowI rated this book a 9½ out of 10

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Tim Defender of the Earth Tim Defender of the Earth is a rock’em sock‘em thriller filled with smoke spectacle and big time adventure Big Ben will fall Westminster Abbey will crumble London will never be the same TIM aka Tyrannosaurus Improved Model is the product of a top secret government military experiment and he couldn’t be loveable Sure he’s an enormous monster to most but at heart he’s just a big awkward thirteen yearold who realizes he could be all that stands between the earth and total destruction Take that Godzilla Now TIM must form an unlikely alliance with fifteen year olds Chris and Anna in order to save humanity from the greatest threat it has ever known Anna’s father the brilliant and demented Professor Mallahide and his growing tide of vicious all consuming nanobots Will TIM prevail and save the British Isles and the world from evil We’ll all have to hold hands read and believe—in TIM Defender of the Earth