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Mr Campion and Others An enthusiastic euestrian who lives for hunting foxes pretty women and other people's jewelry A resilient nonagenarian who keeps returning from the dead to scam unsuspecting insurance companies A safecracker who prides himself on professional incompetence Now gentleman detective Albert Campion must match wits with a sinister assortment of lowlifes crooks and cons in thirteen of the most baffling bemusing and breathtaking cases of his career Synopsis a collection of thirteen short stories about Campion A few others which are non Campion are included MR CAMPION AND OTHERS Margery Allingham1950 title used twice first in 1939; the first eight stories in this collection are also in the 1939 collection but this edition also has five different stories Nice but not great Three and one half stars Note The others in the title actually refer to the stories in the 1939 edition that were not in this edition they were NOT Campion stories; this 1950 edition appears to have taken all the Campion stories from the 1939 edition and added several Campion stories most from MR CAMPION CRIMINOLOGIST The title is therefore misleading at least in this edition since this has only Campion stories In both the 1939 and 1950 editions date when first published1937 04 The Widow — neat little scam tale involving some brandy A Reputable Firm and a lonely hotel; rather sweet in spots and somewhat predictable but smooth really smooooth Reminded me a bit of a very early Wimsey tale1938 03 The Name on the Wrapper — a classy crook a big jewel robbery and a Maiden In Distress1938 10 The Case of The Hat Trick apa The Case of The Magic Hat — lovely con job starring an insufferable snob and a socially inept wealthy man1938 01 The Case of The uestion Mark apa Return of Mr Campion 1989— yet another robbery this time very old silver an odd wannabe detective with persistence and talent and yet another lovely young lady of Campion's acuaintance lots of fun1936 10 The Case of The Old Man in the Window — a classic Is he dead or isn't he? story with beautiful characterizations and really good pacing; similar to one of Sayers' most famous novels though1938 07 The Case of The Frenchman's Gloves — starts out similar to a Holmes story Man with the Twisted Lip maneuvers itself almost into a Christie story The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim and then resolves into a neat little con job all Allingham's own 1950 The Case of The Longer View apa The Crimson Letters in casebook 1947; this is an abridged version of The Crimson Letters 1938 which was apa in 1939 edition of Others — nifty tale about a kidnaping with some nicely dark edges but as mostly usual with Allingham a nearly perfectly happy ending Note long version appears to only be in the 1939 edition or EMM 1019461936 08 The Case of The White Elephant— Deluxe jewel thieves a beautiful scam a haughty Countess and a Sweet Young Thing; not at all as predictable as it sounds pacing is excellent and the working out of the plot is tooOnly in the 1950 edition1940 01 Safe as Houses — One of Campion's odd elderly relatives does an extremely odd thing resulting in a lot of difficulty and poor Albert has to get him and his redoubtable Mamma out of it without telling Mamma Classic plot Christie did a nice variation on it too beautifully worked out and although the humor is at first rather forced the ending is entertaining 1937 10 The Definite Article— Campion vs society blackmailer who's targeted a Sweet Young Thing; longer and rather different version written 1937 but only this shorter variant published then and also in 1947 and 1950; original long version finally published 1987 as `The Black Tent' which was a far superior story smoother and sweeter and vastly better plotted available in The Return of Mr Campion 19891939 09 The Meaning of the Act — an eminent Egyptologist exhibiting extremely unusual behavior a worried daughter who asks Campion for help a talkative pickpocket an artist and a copper a nice menage in a snappy story with a beautifully twisted ending Oh and the title is a joke a rather funny joke actually 1940 05 A Matter of Form— neat little scam tale set in London during early days of Battle of Britain where obscure governmental rules and regs trip up a burglar; nicely smooth but there is unfortunately yet another pair of lovers including a not too bright young man this time in uniform and another of the seemingly innumerable Pretty Young Things sigggh of Allingham's acuaintance 1937 06 The Danger Point — yet another Pretty Young Thing in distress and another jewel robbery sort of amongst the rich'n'famous'n'peculiar with Campion fixing things up behind the scenes But this one is rather richer in texture and mood than some of them with beautiful characterizations and nice twists Not a big fan of short stories but I love the Albert Campion mysteries so it all works out Most were published in the 1940's in various magazines Like all short stories some are stronger than others but on the whole a solid collection of mysteries Wonderful and entertaining

  • Paperback
  • 286 pages
  • Mr Campion and Others
  • Margery Allingham
  • English
  • 15 March 2016
  • 9780140087833

About the Author: Margery Allingham

Maxwell MarchMargery Louise Allingham was born in Ealing London in 1904 to a family of writers Her father Herbert John Allingham was editor of The Christian Globe and The New London Journal while her mother wrote stories for women's magazines as

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