Writing the Diaphragm Blues and Other Sexual Cacophonies

Writing the Diaphragm Blues and Other Sexual Cacophonies A Compelling perspective on Modern Sexuality Which of these statements are true Babies come from pumpkin seeds Diaphragms are slippery when wet Women who use birth control are sluts With a critical and humorous outlook McCarthy investigates female sexuality from childhood to menopause; gender mythology; and true to life experiences Where do babies come from puberty birth control failures reproductive knowledge silence regarding sexual assault image and aging sex and politics as well as the life of sluts and crones Pulling from variety of sources including news articles scholarly articles Twitter feeds Facebook updates public discussion posts blogs YouTube and personal farcical moments in McCarthy's life this book demonstrates how the strange interludes in one's life are not so strange after all Rebecca Lea McCarthy a writer educator artist and roller derby player She holds a PhD in Comparative Studies from Florida Atlantic University and her published works include the influential Origins of the Magdalene Laundries An Analytical History 2010 This was a fascinating read on several levels McCarthy's subject matter is very timely and poses profound uestions about our society's schizophrenic attitudes about sex and sexuality as well as challenging gender stereotypes and highlighting the crisis of 'rape culture' and woman shaming I felt myself becoming deeply angry about the issues then being pulled into laughing with McCarthy about the insanity of it all as she lightened things up with her witty and distinct writing style I applaud her honesty and bravery as she reveals things that I imagine she would have preferred to keep to herself but offers them generously to serve the workAt times I felt as though we were two best friends sitting at the kitchen table swapping stories as her memories triggered my own recollections of the pitfalls of puberty Then I would feel as if I was transported to a classroom where I was her student listening with keen interest to an academic presentation of facts figures and scholarly conclusions It was entertaining to see how she crafted such a colorful and textured book using memoir playwriting Twitter feeds social commentary and humorIt's obvious things need to change given the widespread misinformation about things such as where babies come from and what happens to women as we age As a woman who came of age during the 'sexual revolution' of the 60s I thought we would be enlightened than we are at this point in our evolution McCarthy's book helped me to realize that the seeds pumpkin seeds? were just being planted in the 60s and that it is going to take some years of care and nurturing to grow the plant of illumination sadly missing in our collective warped view of our own innate sexualityThis would be a great book for a book club as there are many topics here that make for rich discussion I hope McCarthy's book inspires others to start real conversations about sex whether in a book club or sitting at the kitchen table with your best friend If we don't keep talking about what's wrong with this picture we can never make it right Part memoir part feminist scholarship and part stage play this humorous book is a fascinating journey with just enough dirty jokes to keep it a guilty pleasure McCarthy draws attention to modern and historic feminist issues with a wit exceeded only by her insight Keep your Internet access or references close at hand because I did notice that McCarthy's work assumes an intelligent reader that is already well versed with feminist perspectives and diverse aspects of popular culture The format and structure of the book was intriguing and at times jarring because it is so unorthodox I often got the feeling that I was a slightly dim person who wasn't uite getting all of the jokes performance art that this book seemed to be I hope that McCarthy considers voicing an audiobook to even better communicate of subtleties this work Ah the ranting's of a menopausal and frustrated Roller Derby wanabeAt times humorous at times a gigantic waste of time Too many references and footnotes It reads as a dissertation for a degree The poor vaginal diaphragm is maligned again with the slapstick shtick of flying across the room during insertion This is as old as the hills and maybe older A woman's search for contraceptive happiness and all the dissatisfaction with it and the many other methods Don't forget to involve the business and financial aspects of the entire feminine hygiene and contraceptive marketplace It is a story told many times in many ways

  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Writing the Diaphragm Blues and Other Sexual Cacophonies
  • Rebecca Lea Mccarthy
  • 01 April 2016
  • 9781480256354

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