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No Strings Attached She saved his life but she wants from him than gratitudeMei Jing is feeling conflicted about not telling Rod that she is his rescuer And as their relationship grows her conflict is heightened after each date She knows Rod is seeking the woman who saved his life but Mei Jing struggles to find the right time to tell him the truth Will she be able to trust that what she feels is his love for her or Rod’s gratitude for his rescuer Another of my purchases from Escape Publishing bought right after Grease Monkey Jive when the December titles were on saleMei Jing and Rod were both in Thailand during the 2004 tsunami and she saved his life In the years since he's devoted much effort and money to finding the woman who rescued him based only on his friend's half remembered glimpse of her at the hospital and a couple small detailsAnd then one night they meet in Brisbane where they both happen to live When it becomes clear that Rod doesn't remember her at all he was pretty much unconscious during the rescue Mei Jing hesitates and decides not to tell him just yet They have clicked from the very beginning and uite reasonably she feels introducing the whole you owe me your life thing into the euation will colour their developing relationshipI really liked the premise and completely understood Mei Jing's thinking and her reluctance to introduce an element of obligation and debt into the relationship This fear is exacerbated by the fact that she was raised in a traditional Chinese family where such concepts were made much transparent and explicit in relationships than would normally be the case in Western cultureThe thing is the way this is all developed felt a bit off not uite right Forced even I found it very difficult to believe that Rod wouldn't have figured it out on his own I mean when they first meet Mei Jing makes it clear that they have met each other before Rod trying to remember where is even a running joke between them She tells him they have kissed well the CPR she administered involved mouth to mouth and that she's seen him with his top off He knows his rescuer was Asian and that she had trained to work with children Mei Jing is a special education teacher But nope not a clue And then when he finds out it's all misunderstanding after misunderstanding which felt a bit frustratingAdditionally the romance wasn't particularly well developed It felt very shallowly done I felt like I knew and understood Mei Jing but not so much Rod We spend very little time in his POV and at the end of the book I just didn't know much about him beyond the superficialActually we spend too little time with Mei Jing and Rod period I wish we'd spent time understanding how they fit and why they should be together It's a short book under 200 pages I'd say and we get 3 different romances In addition to the main one there are Mei Jing's best friend Tina and Mick her neighbour and friend from childhood Mick's loved her forever even though he's spent the years sleeping with blonde cheerleaders and here they finally get together but Tina doesn't know if she wants to take it further Then there's Tina's sister Ksenija who's a moody artist and Rod's friend Stewey who braves her pricklinessAll 3 of the romances were ones I was interested in and would have read an entire book about each Unfortunately trying to cram them all in such a short book left them all feeling slightly underbaked and unsatisfyingI did have a good time reading this though It felt breezy and fun and fresh with people I haven't really read about much in romance It's just that it could have been much betterMY GRADE A C This was a fabulous read I enjoyed the Australian setting and all the different characters and what they brought to the storyI especially loved the humour throughoutWhat a great debut novel Rating 355I really enjoyed this story for the most part my main issue being this novel should have been broken into three novellas The Australian voice was distinct and refreshing and while I have problems with the probability of Rod not knowing who Mei Jing was the portrayal of 'debt paying' inherent to Chinese culture among other things and how easily the Big Misunderstanding was resolved I loved that I was so invested in all the characters I just wished I'd seen of the Mei Jing and Rod development because the flow became disjointed when the narrative turned its focus to the other relationships going on between their friendsI have now read two contemporary romances featuring Asian Australian characters from Escape Publishing I cannot wait to see

  • ebook
  • 175 pages
  • No Strings Attached
  • Bridget Gray
  • English
  • 05 November 2014
  • 9780857990068

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