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  • The Impatient Virgin
  • Anne Weale
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  • 14 April 2016
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    When I fell in love with you you weren't ready for grown up emotions You were still trying your wings and I wanted to cage you I wanted to bend you to my will No one has the right to do that A man and a woman can share some ambitions and dreams but they need to keep their individuality and have goals of their own I know that now I didn't then Or if I knew it theoretically I didn't apply it to us If only hero had been smart enough to tell the heroine this pretty speech five years ago the two of them would have been happily married instead of enduring a long torturous separation But then again we wouldn't have this story Anne Weale's unfortunately titled The Impatient Virgin may sound like a cheesy light romantic comedy like the The Forty Year Old Virgin but it is actually a pretty depressing long slow burn romance with plenty of heartache and tragedy for the protagonistsH and h meet when h is 9 and H is 19 at the once glorious now dilapidated French Riviera mansion belonging to H's grandmother h and her uncle have been berthing their sailboat there every year on their annual trip to the Mediterranean Not that h is a glam heiress She is an orphan who her uncle has kindly adopted and they live a pretty hand to mouth nomadic existence on his rickety boat going from port to port and ostensibly getting bit jobs here and thereH on the other hand is the heir of a wealthy family Yet he is no spoiled entitled kid either Though his fine education has been paid by his parents he wants to make his own way in the world because he doesn't really like them or their superficial lifestyle that much He is close to his abandoned grandmother the only relative to visit her in her white elephant domain from time to timeFrom this initial meeting follows a decade long relationship between h and H Initially H obviously sees her only as a little sister while h hero worships him Then beginning in her teens h starts crushing on him This unreuited love is pretty agonizing h has to watch the object of her affection casually date a bevy of beauties and get and absorbed in his academic and professional career leaving little time to pay attention to his “little sister” The h is steadfast in her love She is sweating it out crossing her fingers that he will not fall in love before she has a chance to grow up and reduce the age gap between them that makes it impossible for them to go beyond the bounds of platonic friendship for nowYears later they do finally get together but it is a short lived joy Though they love each other they have increasingly contentious arguments about h’s budding career as a journalist The hero though he himself has a strict work ethic ridicules heroine’s ambitions In his point of view all journalists are just sensationalist gossip rag sellers H finally proposes to h with strict conditions that she give up her profession and take up being a full time wife to him The heroine seethes at this uite understandably When hero was building up his business he prioritized it over everything including his relationship with the heroine Yet he expects her to give up all for him after she has studied and worked hard for many years and she actually enjoys her profession immensely When heroine gets a pregnancy scare she accuses the hero of purposely trying to get her pregnant to achieve his domination over her The relationship implodes very badly and the two of them separate They don’t see each other or speak to each other for five miserable years each thinking the other one moved on until h’s editor assigns her to interview the very reclusive H After some antagonism the two of them finally communicate with each of them acknowledging their past pigheadedness and immaturity their newfound willingness to compromise so they can both be happy together and avowing their undying love to each otherI wish I liked the hero but I found him to be cold selfish hypocritical and a control freak for most of the story so the about face at the conclusion of the story did not really offset my earlier negative impression of him Even after he realized h was growing up and changing that she was crushing on him and that he himself was beginning to have feelings for her he still went on casually dating good time girls Unforgivably he once took a vulnerable teenaged heroine out on her birthday along with another girl he had picked up for the first time earlier that afternoon He gave priority to his own career for many years keeping the h on ice and ensuring that she would never get a serious boyfriend by telling her she shouldn't sacrifice her career prospects to potential love affairs I guess only he could juggle dating and building up his company h was too much of a female or something After they broke up he was the first one to move on The heroine had the humiliation of having a mutual friend forward a magazine article featuring the H and his new partner hobknobbing at some glitzy event After their reconciliation the H has the gall to proclaim he was celibate during the five year separation and slut shame the h for assumed affairs that she engaged in I was not buying itI am not saying the h was a wronged lily white Mary Sue She ran after the H for so many years and then when she finally had him she took her relationship for granted and gave it up pretty easily The ugly scene where she accused the H of trying to get her pregnant on purpose to force her hand into uitting her job and assuming a full time wife and mother position was very insulting stuff towards someone whom you profess is the love of your life and your best friend for the past decadeHowever in the unlikability sweepstakes the H won in my opinion I never felt that he respected the heroine or her career or that he thought of her as an eual The whole story though beautifully written and illustrated left me with the depressing feeling that even in contemporary HPlandia the heroine is expected to make ALL the compromises in order to get her not so great endingOn a positive note the atmosphere of the story was beautifully rendered There was as usual a beautiful travelogue and delectable fashion porn typical of AW who always takes pains to create an authentic and vivid setting The hero’s spectacular home is actually based on the real life Palazzo Orengo which the author visited long after its glory days but whose passing through its gates remained one of the great experiences of a garden lover's life Below is the picture of the real life Orengo now renamed Mortola and in the care of the University of GenoaThere is also an antiue uniue vintage garment inherited by h from H's grandmother that plays a pivotal role in their courtship It is a thirties style evening gown in green velours devore with a plunging neckline and a high slit that is worthy to hang in a museum The closest image I could find on the net was Miranda Kerr in a vintage Gucci gown

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    Another unfortunate title However it was a nice enough story Anny is a successful journalist and is asked by her boss to interview the reclusive computer billionaire Van Carlisle Anny goes since she doesn't want to loose out on the scoop but she doesn't tell her boss that she and Van share a pastAnny meets Van when she is 9 and he 19 He visits his great grandmother in a dilapidated mansion along the French Riviera Anny and her uncle live on a boat and sometimes anchor off their cove They meet every year after and Anny and Van become good friends despite their age difference she also gets to know his great grandmother On her 16th birthday she realizes that she has a crush on him but he still treats her like A kid Van is into computers and trying to make a career out of it Anny has always wanted to be a journalist When she is 18 Van helps her get her first job for a newspaper in Paris They constantly email each other and Van visits her whenever he can She thinks he is only looking out for her When she is 19 he invites her to attend a family wedding with him and at one point they share a passionate kiss However Van still thinks Anny is too young for a serious relationship also Anny is very driven and wants to succeed in her job SPOILERSA year later when Van visits Anny he arrives when she is at a low point in her life he comforts her as she cries and one thing leads to another and they finally become lovers They move in together and they are so in love In fact they decide to get married but Van wants to restore his grandmother's old house and Anny doesn't want to live far from a major city where her job is Their relationship comes to a head when she is offered a good job in London Van refuses to go with her and gives her an ultimatum She breaks with him anyway and takes the jobNow it is 5 years after and she goes to confront the man whose heart she broke when she chose her career over him and who she never has been able to forget

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    Empiezo contando ue si bien la leí de un tirón igual no me terminaron de convencer ni la historia ni el nudo dramático ni los protagonistas Está escrita en el año 1998 y la leí en Ebook Novela rosa donde la protagonista Anny conoce al amor de su vida a los 9 años Él Giovanni le lleva diez años cuando se conocen Giovanni tiene 19 años pero congenia con la niña y durante las temporadas ue él pasa con su abuela visita a Anny y a su abuelo con uien ella vive en un barco incluso dan largas travesías durante las vacaciones Ella a los 16 años se da cuenta ue está enamorada de él y por su parte Giovanni empieza a darse cuenta ue la chiuita ha crecido llegará un momento un par de años después en ue ya no la verá como una hermanita peueña sino como una mujer uiere esperar unos años para empezar una relación seria con ella ya ue la considera muy joven para algo formal en el intertanto él se hace fortuna con las computadoras y ella se abre camino como periodista independiente Anny sufre mucho pensando ue en cualuier momento él se enamora de otra mujer mayor mas experimentada y con más roce social Algo de lo ue no tenía porue preocuparse porue él como decía mi abuelita “ya le había echado el ojo desde ue era una jovencita”El pero de esta novela está para mí en dos cosas la diferencia de edad y la actitud de él No tengo nada en contra de las diferencias de edad en las parejas pero esto ue la haya conocido de peueña y ue siendo una adolescente de 16 años y el un hombre de 26 años la empiece a mirar con otros ojos cuando está en bikini ? me causa cierto escozor Me parece distinto si ella hubiera tenido 26 y él 36 cuando se conocen porue ya son adultos en fin esta parte no me convenció mucho sobre todo ue cuando ella tiene 18 o 19 años él decide ue está enamorado y esperar a mantener una relación seria porue la considera joven doble ¿? Lo segundo es ue él en ese intertanto la ayuda en su camino como periodista independiente instalándole programas en su computador para ue trabaje mejor le revisa sus artículos y le ayuda con el CV pero finalmente cuando tienen una relación y ella está haciéndose un nombre en el área periodística él pretende encerrarla en su casona y ue se dediue solo a él la casona es su hogar y también su lugar de trabajo ¿Entonces para ue la ayudó a salir adelante en su carrera él sabía ue ella lo uería entonces para ue esperar y luego uerer cortarle las alas no hubiera sido mejor haberla convencido de estar con él cuando ella era más joven? Estos argumentos me molestan y terminan enojándome con los protagonistas y la historiaComo toda novela rosa finalmente todo llega a buen puerto y logran reconciliarse euilibrando o tratando de hacer un trato para estar juntos y ue ninguno pierda el rumbo en lo profesional pero finalmente es ella uien cede porue está enamorada y basta con ue él la toue para ue se le nuble la razón cuek creo ue últimamente no estoy muy tolerante con las novelas rosas ue tienen argumentos ue se dan vuelta y vuelta en lo mismo Las novelas rosas lo he dicho en muchas ocasiones tienen una base argumental similar pero es como se cuenta la historia y el encanto de los protagonistas lo ue finalmente logra ue un romance nos encante o nos disguste y en este caso no hubo ni lo uno ni lo otro Se lee y se olvida así de rápidoReseña en el blog

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The Impatient Virgin Her future husbandAnny was still a child when she met Giovanni—Van—Carlisle He was nine years her senior and Anny had soon developed a severe case of hero worship for Van Over the years her youthful infatuation has blossomed into loveAnny dreams of becoming Van's wife but how does he feel about her He still treats her as if she's a little girl to be looked after—but Anny is determined to show him the woman she can be About A MARRIAGE HAS BEEN ARRANGED Talented writer Anne Weale's…masterful character development and charming scenes create a rich reading experience— Romantic Times

About the Author: Anne Weale

Andrea BlakeJay Blakeney was born on Juny 20 1929 Her great grandfather was a well known writer on moral theology so perhaps she inherited her writing gene from him She was talking stories to herself long before she could read When she was still at school she sold her first short stories to a woman's magazine and she feels she was destined to write Decided to became a writer she started writing for newspapers and magazinesAt 21 Jay was a newspaper reporter with a career plan but the man she was wildly in love with announced that he was off to the other side of the world He thought they should either marry or say goodbye She always believed that true love could last a lifetime and she felt that wonderful men were much harder to find than good jobs so she put her career on hold What a wise decision it was She felt that new young women seem less inclined to risk everything for love than her generationTogether they traveled the world If she hadn't spent part of her bridal year living on the edge of a jungle in Malaysia she might never have become a romance writer That isolated house and the perils of the state of emergency that existed in the country at that time gave her a background and plot ideally suited to a genre she had never read until she came across some romances in the library of a country club they sometimes visited She can write about love with the even stronger conviction that comes from experienceWhen they returned to Europe Jay resumed her career as a journalist writing her first romance in her spare time She sold her first novel as Anne Weale to Mills and Boon in 1955 at the age of 24 At 30 with seven books published she retired to have a baby and become a full time writer She raised a delightful son David who is as adventurous as his father Her husband and son have even climbed in the Andes and the Himalayas giving her lots of ideas for stories When she retired from reporting her fiction income a combination of amounts earned as a Mills Boon author and writing for magazines such as Woman's Illustrated which serialized the work of authors exceed 1000 pounds a yearShe was a founding member of the The Romantic Novelists' Association In 2002 she published her last novel in total she wrote 88 novels She also wrote under the pseudonym Andrea Blake She loved setting her novels in exotic parts of the world but specially in The Caribbean and in her beloved Spain Since 1989 Jay spent most of the winter months in a very small pueblo in the backwoods of Spain During years she visited some villages and from each she have borrowed some feature a fountain a street a plaza a picturesue old house to create some places like Valdecarrasca that is wholly imaginary and yet typical of the part of rural Spain she knew best She loved walking reading sketching sewing curtains and slipcovers and doing needlepoint gardening entertaining friends visiting art galleries and museums writing letters surfing the Net traveling in search of exciting locations for future books eating delicious food and drinking good wine cataloguing her booksShe wrote a regular website review column for The Bookseller from 1998 to 2004 before starting her own blog Bookworm on the Net At the time of her death on October 24 2007 she was working on her autobiography 88 Heroes 1 Mr Right