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Juke Box Hero When I saw that Lou Gramm's autobiography ran fewer than 250 pages I wondered how such a prolific rock star could possibly do justice to his life in such a short book Well it turns out that Gramm says a lot in a few words I never felt he shortchanged any of the topics I wanted him to discuss and he covered both his childhood and his career uite thoroughly He doesn't dwell on his addictions like many celebrities do in their autobiographies Instead he treats them economically Rather than spewing out numerous stories with sordid details he gives you enough to get a sense of what he was like at the time and how he feels about that part of his past I recommend this to anyone who grew up listening to Lou's work with Foreigner Lou is very low key in this memoir Doesn't mention names of his ex wives nor tells about his issues Doesn't talk about heavy drug use and alcohol or sex romps although as a famous rock star one would assume all lead singers dealt with their share of groupies I don't know what else to say I really wanted to like the book but he talks alot about baseball and muscle cars Not many pictures I would have liked to see pics of when Foreigner was narrowed down to a uartet and when he had a solo career but you won't see any in this book Just disappointed He could have elaborated much butI don't want to re read it again People will forever relate Lou Gramm to Foreigner but he was so much I grew up listening to them around my dad He was a musician in his early days before I was born and I want to know what love is is my parents wedding song I cry every time I hear it I don't know why Lou is bitterly honest about his days in Foreigner which unfortunately aren't at all peachy but he also sticks to his love for performing and creating music Although Foreigner didn't uite work out it didn't deter him from having a solo career and side projects which takes a lot of guts I admire him for continuing to do what he felt in his heart even though surely a lot of people like myself wish he was still with Foreigner I never knew about his brain tumor or anything else about him really so I am very glad I purchased this book He will forever be a legend in rock n roll Thank you Lou for your honesty even if it pisses some people off Wow I admire Lou Gramm so much He’s a rock icon in my book but after reading this memoir I know he is than just a rock legend; he’s also a good man I can’t say that about a few other legends in rock Gramm is a man that can love his family make amends be remorseful and openly share his faith I was intrigued by his brain surgery ordeal and its aftermath He is truly a brave man and a strong one He has lived the rock n’ roll lifestyle survived his battles with Mick Jones and survived life saving brain surgery It all shows but after watching his performance with Mick Jones at their well deserved induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame The man still has it It's never good to end a book wondering why you picked it up So much rich possibilities but it went nowhere just couldn't get into it though it did make me dust off my foreigner music I thought Lou Gramm might have some interesting stories to tell and he does From the start you can tell he has deep affection for his hometown Rochester I enjoyed reading about his love of the town His attempts at putting a band together before Mick Jones was interesting Maybe the most enjoyable parts is where he discusses the work on Foreigner's first four albums and working on his first solo releases There is a little whining I stress a little because I think he does try to see the other side of things and he accepts responsibility for a number of things and then he probably does have something of a legitimate complaints He complains about critics calling Foreigner music 'corporate arena rock' That's a good description of Foreigner's catalog It's okay that they sought to make money Lou describes their songwriting process and how their songs freuently end up in the top 40 Their music was fairly inoffensive which is probably a major reason their music was in the top 40Probably the least enjoyable is where he is discussing his Christian faith It's Lou's book he gets to write about whatever he wants I have read other musical artists like Lita Ford and Gregg Allman describe their Christian faith in their respective books but they just wrote like 2 sentences and they were done with that subject He goes on about it for 2 or 3 pages and then brings it up in other parts of his book Solid if short book on Lou Gramm’s take on his life and careerWhat I liked about this book was Lou Gramm’s attempt to be as honest as possible while looking back over his career and in explaining why he made the decisions he did I think Foreigner fans would have liked Gramm to have been a part of Foreigner for a longer period of time particularly in his younger years before his brain surgery because it would most probably have produced even excellent and memorable music for us to appreciate and listen to Gramm’s journey through his life and music has been his own however and it is interesting to learn the whys and wherefores of his decisions and the path he chose to follow Thanks to him for that I would have liked of an in depth look than this small book gave into the window of his soul and his days l and nights including friendships with fellow musicians but I get a sense that Gramm is perhaps too private of a person to share much than he did Now that I’ve read the digital version of Juke Box Hero I think I’d like to buy a hardback version in order to peruse the photographs taken throughout the years of his career to get an even better sense of his life as he lived it and those he lived it with Lou Gramm rose from humble working class roots in Rochester New York to become one of rock’s most popular and distinctive voices in the 1970s and ’80s singing and cowriting than a dozen hits with the band Foreigner Songs such as “Cold As Ice” “I Want to Know What Love Is” “Waiting for a Girl Like You” “Double Vision” “Urgent” and “Midnight Blue” are among 20 Gramm songs that achieved Top 40 status on the Billboard charts and became rock classics still played often nearly three decades after they first hit the airwaves and the record store shelves Juke Box Hero The My Five Decades in Rock 'n' Roll chronicles with remarkable candor the ups and downs of this popular rocker’s amazing life—a life which saw him achieve worldwide fame and fortune then succumb to its trappings before summoning the courage and faith to overcome his drug addiction and a life threatening brain tumor Gramm takes the reader behind the scenes—into the recording studio back stage on the bus trips and beyond—to give an insider’s look into the life of the man Rolling Stone magazine referred to as “the Pavarotti of rock” Jukebox HeroFor anyone that loves rock music this is a must Still today Foreigner is on all my play lists and I have many CD’s It shows the journey of dreams to reality some great some devastating but all a part of Lou Gramms life

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