The Russians Tender Lover The Sisterhood #3 PDF ç The

The Russians Tender Lover The Sisterhood #3 Great story bad editingThe storyline is beautiful as all Elizabeth Lennox stories but the editing is really bad grammar compromised and spellings unchecked The Russians Tender Lover #3 By Elizabeth LennoxLoved the book as different but good love story glad it ended well I really enjoyed it I know you Will enjoy it too I have read Elizabeth Lennoxs' books but that one was kinda weak for meThe gal have great verbal responsesbut behaved like dumb on most of time which made me confusedThe hero was better describedbehave as a traditional Italian than Russian businessman but its romance bookOverall i am kinda disappointed in the weak female lead Love this one the best Darcy and Sergei chemistry is hot but they are miss conceived of the others true personality They are perfect for the other if only they will let down their defenses to let the other inGreat book and I am so glad her brother gets a story Great book and series I smiled from the first page until the last page Not sure how the fourth book in the series will play out with Darcys brother I'm hoping it will include happy endings for Claire and Darcy since Emma already has hers tied up Darcy DiAngelo had two secret lives; one in the public eye courting the paparazzi and dancing the night away with gorgeous men all over the globe the other hiding from her Mafia boss father who would try and marry her off to the highest bidderNeither were the true Darcy and she longed to have the freedom to be herselfBillionaire businessman Sergei Anchova would not endure any insult to his family reputation When his sister’s fiancé disappears claiming to be in love with the party girl Darcy DiAngelo the issue must be resolved Bringing the glamour girl to a private island while he searched for the missing fiancé was not only expedient but perhaps he could teach the woman how to be a productive member of society during her stayBut Darcy taught Sergei the meaning of the words love and passion She also showed him he shouldn’t believe everything he read in the tabloids and that the world really could be a bit less mercenary if he chose to look for the good in people 2249

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