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Birthday Games Spy Games #15 What do you get the spy who has everything for his thirty fifth birthday A menage of course Secret Agent Jake Anderson can't believe his good fortune He's always had the hots for his best friend's blonde bombshell wife but Kate is also his partner and he knows better than to cross the line unless Chase gives the word But all lines are erased for a night of sinful pleasure with his best friends and even better Jake gets to be in charge Since Jake loves nothing than missions that end in gun fights and car explosions he's gearing up for one smokin' hot birthday party Birthday Games is a short erotic story featuring Chase and Kate Sanders and of course Jake Anderson spies from the Spy Games series by Mia Downing This sexy hot read gives eager readers a glimpse of what happens between books 1 and 2 There is nothing revealed that you won't learn eventually but sometimes having advanced knowledge is half of the fun Story contains Explicit language smokin' hot kinky sex between consenting adults Expect to enjoy light BDSM spanking mfm action birthday cake and

  • Kindle Edition
  • 76 pages
  • Birthday Games Spy Games #15
  • Mia Downing
  • 21 May 2016

About the Author: Mia Downing

Mia Downing started creating heroes at age four but her heroes back then rode ponies and only kissed her on the cheek Today Mia's heroes still rescue those in need but the price of their toys and the expertise of their seduction leads to a lot When Mia isn't busy creating new stories for her readers she fills in as an underwear model for a prestigious lingerie company She lives with her

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    Happy Birthday to ME Ok it's not really my birthday but it felt like it when I was reading this saucy little number Jake is turning 35 and for his birthday he's getting a ménage a hell of a present if you ask me Ms Downing certainly knows how to write yummy sex scenes and she REALLY excels when it involves a trio of people HOT But besides the heat I was feeling it also made me laugh out loud Sexy AND funny a great combinationYes it's shorter than the actual novels in this series But I didn't feel shorted at all when I was done It was a great way to get my fix while waiting for another full dose of the sexy spies I've come to crave

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    It's always best to read books in order This is what I tell myself and for the most part I follow this rule stringently Why did I break this rule? I have no idea It certainly didn't help me here I was confused for parts of this story It felt as though I was missing some vital pieces of information I think I did myself a disservice by reading this story firstStill Ms Downing did a great job of relating some of the information from a previous book I wasn't completely lost This book can function as a standalone My guess is that it wouldn't be as enjoyable What it did do was two things One I want to read the first book in this series Two the menage was HAWT and made me horny I liked the little special game Jake played with Kate and Chase That was not only hot but rather creative I've read my share of menage and this is something I've never come across So kudos to Ms Downing for inventiveness She's also made me want to work on my languages again It sucks to not know many languages If there is one thing I regret is my parents not forcing me to learn five different languages when I was a child I think Kate can sympathize with my regret Although I don't know if I could learn Russian It would be interesting This book is a sweet inside look at three people who are than just co workers The BDSM in this story is lite Not exactly SugarKink but sweet enough that I can recommend to the devoted SugarKink readers

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    My Reviewsigh I just love these three characters and love how at ease the three of them are together They truly love each otherand not in a romantic way although they are all very sexual beings so when they express their love that way it gets really hot really uicklyAnd this is one HOT little novella but even in the midst of all that wonderful heatas Diana says this book will leave you suirming in your seatthere is of that wonderful emotional angst that Mia writes so well Jake is torn He's always been drawn to Kate so having permission to whatever he wants is a dream come true for him but thoughts of Tia keep intruding giving you little glimpses of what's to come in Book #2 And there are repercussions from this book which reverberate into Book #2 No you absolutely don't have to read the whole series to be able to enjoy ANY of the books but believe meYOU WANT TO This entire series rocks And is HOT And always leaves me crying So freaking goodshort review for a short novellahehe

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    After the mission in Trained for Seduction Chase Jake and Kate could use a little funand um WOW they do get it in these spicy little novella It's short but packs a seriously hot punch that will leave you breathless You get of a glimpse into Jake's feelings here and where the series is headed with the next book I'm so happy the author did this because it gives us a look at the hero's frame of mind before we head into the next story You don't have to have read the first book to enjoy this novella but you will want to

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    What comes between 12 Mia Downing has made the perfect fit with book 15 of the Spy Game series It's Jake's birthday and he's given another night with Chase and Mia He also gets control The problem is controlling his feelings I love Jake

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    Sweet short story about Jake´s birthday Chase offers Jake a threesome with his wife as birthday present Her idea not entirely his It follows the life of Chase Jake and Kate´s job and personal life with some back story too We know Charlotte is still part of the team even though Kate doesn´t like her much We are also introduced to Tia another spy that is apparently sleeping with Jake We don´t really meet her in the book but she is introduced to get us prepared for Jake´s book Lethal Limits Yeah I like reading about menages MFM not the other way around How they command her and how she calls them backyes sir yes husbandThey go to the club and they spend a super kinky evening pleasuring one another Kate sees a flicker of something she can´t uite interpret in Jake´s eyes when he looks at her She thinks she is imagining things cause that look is lost when he´s talking with ChaseChase is so happy to share his wife with his best friend which he also lovesHe feels safe and happy sharing a woman with Jake in the past and now wife because of the connection they both have in the actJake loves EmmaKate as a second cousin he will fuck but things change and he starts living in conflict with himself He thinks he is falling for his best friends wifeNOT GOOD even though he is super respectful to her even while on missions where they have to fake being marriedI think Chase is kind of bisexual and he start developing emotional feelings towards his partner since Paris when they had faked being a couple I guess he enjoyed it than he wants to admit and thats why he feels so troubled when talking about it The only time he can get sexual with Jake is while doing threesomes feeling him through a woman But that´s just me I wouldn´t care either way EmmaKate is so lucky to have two super hot guys in her bed I envy her

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    This is one hot novella I really enjoyed reading about Chase Jake Kate This is a continuation from Trained For Seduction so I would highly recommend you read it first You can read my review hereJake is a loyal friend and a great spy He knows Chase has trouble sending Kate into the field and is determined to bring her back at all cost I think the danger and dependence lead him to feeling for Kate than he should He also seems to be a bit of comic relief and I love a hero that can make me smileKate loves Jake because he is her work husband but she is not in love with him She loves Chase with all her heart even if he drives her crazy She is a damn good spy and a bit of a bratty sub She has come into her sexuality and no longer holds it backChase has the hardest time because he is the boss husband and best friend That is a lot of hats to wear and he does it well Giving to Jake Kate as a birthday present showed Jake how much he meant to him He also knew Kate would appreciate it I love the dynamic between the characters You can tell they all care about it each They love fiercely even if it is a different love If a book makes me laugh out loud then it automatically goes into the re read pile and this book made it happen a lot The razzing between the characters makes it seem real The sex scenes were insanely sexy and well written I was amazed by how uniue the sex scenes were; you won't find any boring scenes here I love how they ate the cake ; It made me giggle If you are in need of some hot spies then the Spy Games series is for you Special Thanks to Mia for the loan of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    What do you get when you combine 3 sexy secret agents in a private birthday party? You get a whole lotta trouble make that hot and naughty troubleWhen Secret Agent Jake Anderson is presented with the perfect gift all wrapped up in a beautiful and sexy package how could he resist? Jake has been secretly pining over his best friends wife Kate since he can remember he just can’t walk away when he finds out his birthday present is a chance to finally have a little taste of what he has always wantedKate The catch? He can’t keep her and Chase Kate’s husband gets to participate – beggars can’t be choosy so Jake takes the plunge Can’t say that I blame him this is definitely the hottest 35th birthday party I have ever heard aboutBIRTHDAY GAMES is a sexy uickie that will whet your appetite for secret agent action and what a great way to get to know a little about the characters in the new SPY GAMES series by Mia Downing Though this is part of a series BIRTHDAY GAMES can definitely be read as a stand alone if you are looking for some uick action✳✳ Copy provided by the authorpublisher for an honest reviewIf you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

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    Rhayne's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews475 StarsSpy Games Birthday Games is an exciting funny smoking hot short story that gives us another glimpse into the lives of Chase Kate Emma and Jake This book is just a little of everything we got to enjoy in the first one We get a little history on some key players we get a little insight on how Jake really feels about being Chase and Kate’s third and we get a lot sweaty sheet headboard rockin’ ménage action For being such a short story the detail and the description was explained well As with all of Ms Downey’s work she does an exceptional job of painting a picture with words in your mind This story is much than just a few chapters of sizzling sex There was a lot of information handed out about the team and in particular Charlotte that help set the ground work for future books There is a BDSM aspect in the background of the ménage scene It’s told in a fashion that it is going to keep you invested and keep you turning pages if that is your pleasure It’s also light enough that it’s not going to push your comfort zone if it’s not your typical reading material It’s a very well developed mix Now here is the best part It’s free on I’m not sure how long so run grab it now You have nothing to lose and one very steamy passionate sexy tale to keep you entertained

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    Birthday Games continues the story of Jake Chase and Kate Kate decides to give Jake a threesome for his birthday Jakes comes to realize he loves Kate even though she's married to Chase He also realizes he's tired of being a man whoreThis was a nice interlude and was uite hot It does a nice job of setting up the next story We are introduced to Tia although she's not in this book she is discussed Tia is Jake's new fling in the next book It also sets up the next mission for JakeI have a feeling we're also being set up to get Charlotte's story We met Charlotte in the first book and will most likely be seeing of her in the next one I'm REALLY hoping we get Charlotte's story at some pointA copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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