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    Recap A young girl is found dead on the new Metropolitan line while the prime suspect Henry Cotton runs off into the night Her murderer is connected to Cotton via a series of coincidences Review I enjoy a murder mystery when I have no idea whodunnit and I had no idea It was an unexpected surprise The book is rich in detail obviously well researched and the characters feel genuine It's London with smog and gin and dirt and filth exactly as it should be back then There's a gritty realism to everything A fast paced read with a satisfying outcome

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    As the first example of historical crime fiction I've read I wasn't sure whether I'd like or be interested in the genre After what was a uick and relatively easy read I'm pleased to say I enjoyed this novel After what seemed to be a fairly slow start I ended up feeling intrigued to find out what had happened and what was happening about half way through I felt sympathy and empathy for the character of Clara which helped me get a little emotionally investedVery easy to read though still created a sense of the environment and streetscape of Victorian London A Metropolitan Murder was while not brilliant very worth the time and effort

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    Mr Jackson author of The Dictionary of Victorian London writes this wonderful series This is the first one I have read it three times just for the details he adds to the story about life in London This series can be hard to get since most are import only but they are worth the effort

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    A good racy thriller set in 1864 in the early days of the Metropolitan Line the world’s first underground railway line A uick read I read it in sittings with lots of historical colour small time criminals and philanthropic wealthy types Not dashing out to buy the other books in this series but it was entertaining

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    First in the Inspector Webb period series like what appears to be the time setting for Jackson's books it is set in Victorian era LondonAverage crime fare with some good parts but overall pretty forgettable

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    This was so much better than I was expecting and so much darker I wished there had been a little on the personalities of the characters just a few little details and that would have pushed it up to a 5 read for me

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    A good historical crime mystery It might not be a demanding readbut it is a book that would pass the time on a long train journey

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    Yes I'd read another in this series Well plotted with authentic characters especially the annoying but sincere clueless Henry Cotton Phipps

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    Well the blurb is a bit vague and really doesn't stick to the book At no point did I feel that Clara was a suspect for exampleIt's a crime story but the crime takes second place to the exploration of the seedy parts of London through the journalistic research led by Cotton aka PhibbsI liked Clara well enough and pitied Lizzie but it took me a while to find characters I'd care for Decimus Webb the Inspector is a caricature As for Phibbs he's a pretentious prick Basically the men in this novel are either asexual Webb or perverts pretty much everyone elseWritten in third person omniscient done well as would be expected with a novel written in the Victorian style The style feels a bit forced at times but is overall entertaining I would have preferred the writing to be modern with a few colourful words for mood but that's just my preferenceGood setting great vocabularySome parts were confusing Talking heads or vague descriptions as if the narrator was afraid of describing the horrible events he alludes to although it works very well for one particular scene with the 13 year old girl it's chilling Some scenes were so short I felt thrown in and out of them at the narrator's whimA good bit I just noticedBill who's mentioned on the first page turns out to be an important character later in the book Nice detail

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    I think it would be fair to say I've read a lot of historical detective fiction in my time set in all time periods and can completely understand why the Victorian era is still so fascinating for authors even nowIn A Metropolitan Murder the body of a former streetwalker is found strangled in the final carriage of the last train of the day on the newly opened Metropolitan line Inspector Decimus Webb a singularly unsympathetic character who I disliked from my first dealings with him is brought in to investigateI think I got about a uarter of the way into this book before I decided that actually I didn't care who or why All the characters seemed sanctimonious and unpleasant so it was impossible to summon up the necessary enthusiasm to finish A Metropolitan Murder The series continues with The Welfare of the Dead but sadly we'll be parting ways

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A Metropolitan Murder The last train of the night pulls into the gas lit platform of Baker Street underground station A young woman is found strangled her body abandoned in a second class carriage The brutal 'Railway Murder' brings Inspector Decimus Webb to the newly formed Metropolitan Line on a bleak winter's night His investigation leads him through the slums of Victorian London to the Holborn Refuge a home for 'fallen women' and to Clara White a respectable servant But Clara has her own tragic and shameful history As her past is revealed Inspector Webb must decide whether she is merely a victim of circumstance or a prime suspect Only then can he unearth a dark secret hidden in the depths of underground London Lee Jackson's second novel brilliantly recreates the sights sounds and smells of Victorian London taking readers on a suspense filled journey through its criminal underworld