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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Starch Solution
  • John A. McDougall
  • 24 August 2014
  • 9781623360276

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The Starch SolutionIt's about time I've read a book by Dr McDougall I've been hearing about him and seeing random tidbits from him here and there ever since I went vegan five years ago This book just might be a life changer for me Even though I have never bought into low carb diets and would always defend healthy carbs in whole grains beans fruits and vegetables I still held onto some carb phobia thinking I needed fat and protein to be healthy and satisfied Now once and for all I am convinced by the scientific evidence in this book Dr McDougall's decades of experience with his ownhis patients' diets and my own recent experimentation with my diet that a healthy high carbstarch diet will not make you fat will not give you diabetes and is indeed satisfying That last part about it being satisfying is a huge deal for someone like me to say I'm a lifelong food addict and have been overweight or obese mostly obese since I was 8 years old I am rarely satisfied; I either go hungry after a meal if I eat a normal sized portion or I stuff myself to discomfort There is almost never middle ground but I've noticed that eating starches gets me to that nice physically and most importantly for me psychologically satisfied middle groundA low fat mostly whole foods plant based diet with no calorie counting has worked for me in the past but I wasn't satisfied often enough so I went back to old habits even though I had lost 20 pounds I realize now I wasn't satisfied because I was avoiding eating rice or potatoes or other high starch foods with my meals and I was skipping out on fruit almost entirely The only reason I was avoiding these things was because of some pseudo science metabolic type diet book and just the general carb phobia in our cultureI am glad Dr McDougall included a chapter called The Fat Vegan I can't stand when some writers mislead people when they say stuff like If you go vegan I promise you will lose weight or Fat vegans are extremely rare Yeah right Maybe I lost like 2 pounds when I went vegan but I then uickly gained it back plus about another 20 when I figured out where to buy all the fatty vegan products nondairy sour cream cream cheese cheese butter cookies etc and how to eat for comfort just like I used to with nonvegan food It's about time that writers start making the distinction between a low fat plant based diet that can help you lose weight and a vegan diet done solely for ethical reasons which can include chips vegan cookies cakes pie ice cream french fries tater tots dark chocolate and the list goes on From Atkins to Dukan fear of the almighty carb has taken over the diet industry for the past few decades—even the mere mention of a starch heavy food is enough to trigger an avalanche of shame and longing But the truth is carbs are not the enemy Now bestselling author John A McDougall MD and his kitchen savvy wife Mary prove that a starch rich diet can actually help readers lose weight prevent a variety of ills and even cure common diseases By fueling the body primarily with carbohydrates rather than proteins and fats readers will feel satisfied boost energy and look and feel their bestIncluding a 7 Day Sure Start Plan helpful weekly menu planner and nearly 100 delicious affordable recipes The Starch Solution is a groundbreaking program that will help readers shed pounds improve their health save money and change their lives Most important do not just skip to the recipes in this book As good as they are I believe it's important to read and understand the detailed information on the basic building blocks of nutrition and the even essential information on the health benefits and dangers of individual food typesI bought and read the first McDougall book many years ago in the 1980s At that time I read it straight through and followed the plan for a while Unfortunately I slid away from the basics and my health suffered as a result Although I was a lacto ovo vegetarian since the end of 1982 and have been a vegan since the middle of 2007 and although I have read a great many articles on veganism and tried to maintain a reasonably healthy version of a vegan plan I found when I read this book that I had forgotten some elements and that likely McDougall knows even now than he did then For example When he says starches he really means starches Potatoes rice bread pasta legumes among others These types of foods need to take over at least half of your plate Non starchy vegetables take up another segment and fruit the rest The evidence is in the book in the form of several studies over many years Isolated soy protein is as bad for you as animal protein This I didn't know I love my Gardein cutlets and Tofurky sausages but from here on these items have got to be for special occasions only Foods made from isolated soy protein or for that matter isolated wheat protein have significant impacts on the development of cancers and other serious diseases The name of the game here is protein Do not overdo it It's dangerous Fish oils do not protect us from heart disease They do provide us with dangerous levels of mercury This is something I did know but it's good to see it stated here with evidence Supplements are not only not necessary except possibly B12 and in rare instances small amounts of Vitamin D but can be dangerous When these nutrients are separated from the rest of the whole food they come from they cause our systems to react to the concentrated form and this reaction can be lethal Don't be fooled into thinking can't hurt might help because it's likely that they can hurt Calcium Interestingly those who consume less calcium make better use of it Those who consume large amounts do not benefit from the extra We know this is true of the calcium in milk products but it's important to realize it's also true of calcium supplements Get your calcium from vegetablesThere is a great deal to read and absorb For those who are new to a plant based diet McDougall offers answers you can offer to your concerned meat eating friends Knowledge is power and it's also stress reducing Now to the recipes In the early McDougall books the recipes were very simple and I had the impression that the majority of them called for canned tomatoes or sauce Understandable given how useful and low fat these foods are Now however Mary McDougall has developed far interesting and sophisticated recipes that continue to be easy to understand and prepare and that call for familiar ingredients for most of us I am excited to try them and have committed myself to starting over armed with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm I hope you join me This book contains a lifestyle diet It is very well written complete yet not technical with references to peer reviewed articles This is basically the same diet as recommended by The China Study The Engine 2 Diet The Texas Firefighter's 28 Day Save Your Life Plan that Lowers Cholesterol and Burns Away the Pounds and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease While modern medicine is excellent for curing contagious diseases it fails miserably against the so called chronic diseases of the affluent Dr McDougall's approach is very much anti medical establishment A nutrition system that helps people avoid expensive medical treatments and really cures or reduces chronic diseases is not in the health industry's economic interest But Dr McDougall has been treating patients for many years and his nutrition guidelines really work They worked wonderfully for me so I highly recommend this book One of my colleagues recommended this book as following the diet has helped her child with an autoimmune condition Although I'm glad it helped her child this is not for me A couple of things I didn't like about the writing first McDougall cites confounding lifestyle factors when a study disagrees with his philosophy but he completely ignores them when it it convenient to do so; second he claims absolute incontrovertible evidence of causation good and bad in studies that show only correlation I'm sticking with Walter Willett and his moderate This is what we have evidence for and it might mean thus and such so our best guess it that is the way to go until research proves or disproves approach McDougall's absolute certainty that he is right about everything makes me itch; I'd rather take my dietary advice from a guy who will tell me what he is reasonably sure of while admitting that we still have tons to learn Solid health advice from a medical doctor with decades of experience using a starch centered low fat vegan diet to help people improve their health Not a lot of new information for me since I've read most of the author's previous books and monthly newsletter but I do enjoy McDougall's writing style and the fact that he backs up his recommendations with references in published peer reviewed medical journals Mary McDougall's recipes are great too Yes I was already doing most of the things Dr McDougall recommends in this book but how satisfying to read all the science behind why it is good for me and why I can continue to eat rice potatoes and pasta with veggies and salsa as much as I want whenever I want A comprehensive detailed and top notch review of all nutritional myths This book as others I've read is an eye opener A lot of my information was corrected not only that but he support whatever he is saying with evidence It's not his opinionI think this book would change your life no matter if you are sick obese or not It will give the information needed to change your ways with foodIt worth every minute you spend reading So don't waste your time and start reading Study cherry picking agenda selling piece of propaganda The man's a rare genius and makes sense than I've heard in a long time Highly recommended for everyone

About the Author: John A. McDougall

John A McDougall is an American Irish physician and author whose philosophy is that degenerative disease can be prevented and treated with a low fat whole foods plant basedvegan diet – especially one based on starches such as potatoes rice and corn – which excludes all animal foods and added vegetable oils