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    i think i am tired of minotaur intercoursean unbelievable statement no?? but i am i read this for my seeecret monsterotica reading group but this wouldn't have been my first choice; i like to diversify when it comes to my monsterporn and having already read The Horny Minotaur i mean one doesn't read master and margarita and then go read the cat in the hat behemoth is the ne plus ultra of cats the horny minotaur redefined the minotaur porn genre and reading another minotaur book is just a letdown even if this minotaur does have multiple genital piercingsi am still having difficulties wrapping my head around minotaur triple penetration there just seems like too much body to permit such an act i decided to do the neighborly thing and GIS triple minotaur penetration for you and this is what came upsoooobut also this kids look awayview spoiler image error

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    Sexxy Monsters Book Club Book of the Month October 2012

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Bred by the Minotaur Army All Sera ever wanted was to be was a fire sorceress but when she’s expelled from the Pyromancer’s Academy it seems her dreams are over Then tragedy strikes the bloodthirsty Minotaur army led by the black bull Bjorn slaughters the academy and all that Sera once held dearNow Bjorn the Minotaurs’ black hearted general wants to breed the nubile young sorceress giving her body to his men as the ultimate reward and the ultimate violation Can Sera pull victory from the jaws of defeat and find a way to destroy the Minotaur army before she loses control of her body mind and soul and becomes a mother to monstersWarning This story contains 6308 words including mf monster sex forced sex masturbation domination and a slave girl taken by a minotaur gangbang and is for adults only

  • Kindle Edition
  • 21 pages
  • Bred by the Minotaur Army
  • Jane Amber
  • English
  • 04 March 2016