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Ministry Once again my stroll down memory lane proves to be a slight waste of time I loved Ministry growing up so I was pleasantly surprised to see Jourgensen's face peering up at me at my local book shop Al Jourgensen? I wonder what he's up to these days? I thought to myself Apparently uite a bit I'd lost interest in Ministry after Filth Pig so I was amazed to find out that the group has gone on to make another 8 albums since Considering he was a hard core junkie for a large part of the past twenty years that's pretty prolific in my books But I admit I haven't listened to any of his recent stuff so I cannot comment on the uality of his music But as a writer of memoirs he's not very good It's Al Jourgesen is great; Al Jourgesen is fucked up; Al Jourgensen is mental; Paul Barker is shit And repeat Ad nauseum The man's self delusion and lack of self awareness makes pretty tedious reading I'm happy he's come out the other side of his addictions but I don't think he makes a very reliable witness of his life story to date As a big fan of Ministry this book proved to be a very difficult read It is very apparent that Al has read The Dirt thought Oh I can be outrageous than that and is trying too hard to out do Motley Crue to the point that he is laying it on far too thick It seems that every other paragraph mentions debauchery There is nothing frustrating than being told what to think when reading a book Show don't tellThere is also something very tragic about this book if Al is to be trusted The Dirt showed that the 4 members of Motley Crue had a crazy time but they also went through periods of personal growth and came out the other end better people You didn't get that impression reading The Lost Gospels It tells the tale of a self centered man child who becomes a rock star making enemies than friends along the way and comes out the other side a self centered man child who is pleased to death about itThe book is very much a testament to his selfishness In the prologue he talks about his daughter and abandoning her and after that she is barely mentioned We want to know how the relationship got back on track or do we assume it never did? Or does it mean God forbid focusing on someone else who isn't Al?Yes some of the anecdotes of what he got up to in the 80's90's were funny but they're too few and far between to be considered anything like a redeeming feature and they were all tainted with that desperate Look Look at me I was crazier than Motley Crue and Ozzy combined back in the day There was no reward at the end of this book Nothing gratifying No big pay off No redemption You'll close over the back cover and think you've wasted your time on an utterly pointless book And in a way maybe that is the pay off A pointless book reflecting the life of a pointless man 375 stars Thirty years of a band's existence in less than 300 pages ably pasted together by the co author from conversations with Al Jourgensen I laughed out loud and felt the need to uote passages to my roommates and brother I am happy to have read the book and was pleased that it wasn't the lose all respect for the artist horror show I expected though there are certainly drugs and debauchery in these pages than I can imagine It doesn't endorse the indulgences in the book Al reports himself to have been clean for some years now but it would be a lie to say it doesn't also glorify them simply by endlessly yucking it up about that time even when Al allegedly feels it was a dark one Don't get me wrong the drug crazed train wreck anecdotes are the most memorable sections of the book But to me it seems a waste that so very little of the book is spent talking about writing recording and playing live other than saying that the memories are fuzzy or that these creative acts suck the life out of him When discussing the making of an album the reader mostly gets recollections of the studio antics involving every conceivable vice In effect it is as if the periods in which Jourgensen was actually making music were the darkest times for him not the overdoses and the other conseuences that came from his excesses He admits to hating a lot of things his fans love classic Ministry albums playing live the recording process most of his collaborators but the act of trashing everything that made him who he is only goes so far with fans who value those things And while Jourgensen would happily write off the people who most enjoy songs from the first fifteen years of his band it seems injudicious of him to have zero appreciation that the reason his new music gets heard or his book gets written or read is because of the success of his earlier work I don't think he is obligated to lie and pretend that was his favorite period but simply skipping ahead to mayhem instead of talking about the music 9 times out of 10 is disappointing He says he cannot even listen to the music from certain time periods because they represent darker times to him but this saddening statement is a little befuddling when paired with jovially recounted anecdote after anecdote of the crazy ride he was on during his decades of addictionAbout two thirds in to the book my experience shifted from gleefully addicted page turning into let's just finish this This wasn't because the band's peak came in the early 90s nor because Jourgensen's life calms down when he makes the admirable lifestyle choice of becoming drug sober At some point the entertainment value of the craziness and debauchery wears thin an appropriate story arch but nauseating to those of us who have never envied substance addiction and it gets gross as well as unconvincing if you were looking for a scared straight program not that I believe that was Al Jourgensen's goal Another tiring thing is Al's general annoyance and lack of patience with most of mankind especially his former collaborators Paul Barker was in the band for 17 years but his contributions are only mentioned in brief dismissive insultswell until the vague but not vague allegations the book makes about Barker's decision to leave the band At first it is weirdly humorous how Jourgensen befriends people who are crazier than he but it loses its sheen eg He holds grudges against people who go through his food and alcohol backstage but believes himself and his friends to be lovable lunatics when they do it to others I didn't expect Al Jourgensen to be a voice of sobering maturity but these moments that totally lack self awareness are honestly a little sadI feel I should restate that I AM glad I read this book It is an entertaining document of the time period though lacking lots of information that would interest fans or fellow musicians I got to read some funny anecdotes and some train wreck anecdotes It had a nice flow for most of the book much thanks to what must have been a laborious task for the co author in piecing together the chronology of all of these events Because I mostly enjoyed myself I can imagine myself reading this years from now when I'm feeling nostalgic for my favorite music I listened to in the 90s but while I'll probably still laugh a lot I will likely feel the same disappointment in not getting pages that focus on the music itselfview spoilerTidbitsTaken to hospital regarding ulcers When he is there 3 days into a 7 day stay he tells the hospital he will purchase the NHL network for his room just so he can watch the games When they say that isn’t possible he unhooks his IVs and informs them he’ll be leaving because it is three hours until the puck dropsPepper sprayed at age 10 after running away to witness the 1968 Democratic National ConventionGrandfather invented a method for inseminating cows in Cuba He was 6 when they came over to AmericaHis first influential rock n roll moment was seeing the Rolling Stones play Paint It Black on Ed SullivanStarted coke at 13 Stole car at 14 arrested in KY en route to visit dying grandmother in MiamiStep dad had Bears and Blackhawks season tixAt 13 baseball teammate struck dead by lightning on fieldAt 16 Lakeshore mental HospitalCollege in Colorado Boulder Sold coke Arrested Part of his parole is that he must attend college What actually happens is after he moves back to Chicago he ends up teaching electronic music at SAICTil Tuesday’s “Voices Carry” is about his relationship with Aimee Mann“Every Day is Halloween” and “All Day” were composed when his girlfriend Patty later wife was pregnant and they were both cleanEarlier he’d been clean doing “With Sympathy” The record company wanted him to do pop So at 22 he did heroinHe toured with Front 242 at this time thereby meeting Richard 23 Sire Records pursued him and he agreed if they bailed out Wax Trax Doing this effectively made Al a partial owner of Wax Trax Part of trying to win Al over to Sire was when they introduced him to MadonnaJuly 1987 1st RevCo show which was supposedly also their live album The opening act shot chandeliers raining glass down and released live chickens into the crowdTwitch recorded in London Big Sexy Land recorded in Bruseels Both were mixed in BerlinLearned mixing or stole ideas from Adrienne SherwoodBack in Chicago they took over Tax Studios in Boystown A giant orgy party went on for weeks and weeksLand of Rape Honey’s cover is a TV still of a Holocaust DocumentaryInvited KMFDM to open on tour in 1989 launching KMFDM’s US presenceInfluences on heavy guitar sound were SOD Anthrax side project and Rigor Mortis who featured Mike ScacciaLayne Staley was a sniffer but first shot up with Ministry in HawaiiSupposedly Ian MacKaye drank beer during Pailhead sessionsIn college he was at a Ramones show in Colorado with 20 or so people in the audience Turns out some of them were Wax Trax founder and Jello Biafra“That’s called a flying ham sandwich—you shove food up your ass and charge somebody backwards” 101 He did this at MetallicaAround Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste Danny Wirtz invited him to a Blackhawks game Al went though he already had Blackhawks season tix Wirtz was a huge fan and was made Al’s personal assistant on the roadDespite all the drugs and debauchery Al was always a hard worker with a strong work ethic He attributes this to his upbringingOn the Beers Steer ueers tour Skatenigs opened They set up a BB grill onstage and flung scalding meat at the crowd while their music played in the background According to Phildo Owens this was actually US Mos a performance art piece he threw together not SaktenigsOn RevCo tour 4 track got busted before a show in Cleveland Someone brought in a local fan with the same 4 track Trent Reznor Reznor became a roadie for the tour This was before NIN Al later produced “Get Down Make Love”Once hit R Kelly in the head with a suitcase after Kelly’s crew ruined his grand piano at Chicago TraxCalls Paul Barker and Chris Connelly the Book Club Along with Bill Rieflin they didn’t do much drugs or debauchery and acted as superior intelligentsiaMet William S Burroughs and shot heroin with him at Burroughs’ Kansas home This meeting was for the “Just One Fix” videoOn 1992 Lollapalooza tour slapped Ice Cube with his dick But amends was made when Al’s crew beat up some racists 139Set off a firework in their Lolla tour bus setting it ablaze The bus still ran thoughMet Randy Johnson during Lolla and gave him a Ministry shirt Johnson wore it under his jersey all 2002 season and won the Cy Young He asked for a replacement shirt for 2003 season but when he got injured he never wore the shirt againHe gave Bushmills spiked with acid to some kids backstage Ended up the kids he gave it to went on to become ToolTimothy Leary met him at Burroughs urging This was during Lolla tourWhen Madonna started Maverick Records she wanted to meet with Al about producing the artists’ albums He sent Mike Scaccia to the meeting Mike had started playing with Al on the Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste tourKirk Hammett asked to join them onstage in SF during Psalm 69 tour Played “Supernaut”Timothy Leary did spoken word on Linger Ficken GoodWent to rehab for two weeks and relapsed immediatelyVideo for “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” was shot a mile away from where Waco was happening in 1993 They chatted up the FBI agents each nightPaid a TX town 12000 to clear his name of 6000 of speeding ticketsThrew up on Barker while presenting an award at Austin Music Awards having accidentally choked on chewing tobacco when they said he couldn’t smoke therePlayed a show in Johnny Depp’s band on lap steel Puked and tackled Johnny Deppon the day of and at the same club where River Phoenix died Mike Scaccia had noticed the body earlier and had kicked it hoping to get a sign of life not knowing who it wasMet Ronald Reagan Jr at a hotel when Pearl Jam concert was canceled Messed with him but Reagan played it coolGabby Haynes and Al were invited to live with Timothy Leary in 1996Played an acoustic set at Neil Young’s Bridge Benefit in 1994Keith Richards and two other Stones visited his compound in 1995 but Al was messed up going through withdrawal and didn’t meet himhis idolStole Courtney Love’s heroin multiple times on an Australian Festival Tour and slept with her once when she was out of heroinDated White Zombie bassist after Rob Zombie broke up with her Went to live with her in LA and got kicked out It was after this that Timothy Leary invited him to move in Leary kind of used Jourgensen as a guinea pig for hallucinogens and took notes on the resultsOnce fellated himself in front of Ron Jeremy at a Hustler party after Jeremy called him “Trent Reznor”Part of Leary’s will was paying for an ounce of Al’s ashes being launched into space after Al’s deathOnce accidentally lit the Wirtz’s dog on fire with his cigarette ash Through the Wirtzes he met Bill Murray Dan Ackroyd and John CandyStanley Kubrick asked him to do AI before he died Al hung up not believing it was really Kubrick but things were sorted outWhen Spielberg took it over things changed He didn’t know Al Al introduced himself saying he was uitting because he’s thought the movie was a porno AI Anal intruder After Spielberg realized it was a joke the two got along fineAfter AI Al felt suicidal and decided to kill himself But it occurred to him to call a RevCo groupie he’d stayed in touch with the woman he later called his wife Angie They had stayed in touch over the years and it is actually her voice on “Dream Song” Angie says the two would usually talk a couple times a yearAl’s father in law is Al Lukacin a former Montreal CanadianSubstance sober during Animositisomina tour He’d run off to a bar after shows and they’d have to find him He’d refuse to leave They started rolling him up in a rug in order to get him out of the bars and back on the busPaul Barker uit after Animositisomina This happened a around the time Angie Jourgensen confronted Barker about the bad books she’d discovered that had a lot of money missing for Al and b when Al got sober something Barker had wanted all along He was in the band 17 yearsGot paid 10000 to produce a track for Fred Durst Fred asked for a “Thieves” sound to his vocals but didn’t approve of Al’s “Thieves” patch Al had him singing naked in a cowboy hat to mess with himAngie was pregnant Then Al saw an alien a “grey” in their bedroom Angie didn’t miscarry but the baby was just goneWas playing the same city Columbus OH as Damageplan on the night Dimebag Darrell was shot They’d tried to work out sharing a bill at Dime’s reuest but it hadn’t worked outHad a breakdown during MinistryRevCo’s MastabaTour because pulling double duty was too much stress hide spoiler Savage brilliant funny and I could not put it down Even when I desperately wanted too I love ministry and my only minor uibble is there wasn't enough descriptions of his studio time and those mixing techniues he ahem appropriated from Adrian Sherwood His recounting of his encounter with Madonna is worth the price of admission This is a tough book to rate Al has two personalities One is likeable one is repugnant If you asked me if I enjoyed the book it would depend on the day and which Al I was reading about Having worked in the extreme underbelly of the music industry myself I thought I was inured to tales of debauchery decadence and bad decisions but Al proves me wrong with this incredibly entertaining read I have met uite of few of the characters in the book his descriptions are spot on and hilarious He hides nothing and yet doesn't waste our time with rationalizations of his life relentless drugs booze and punishingly loud music an easy read every page is wonderfully interesting or disgusting or simply odd The story of the genesis of 'Jesus Built My HotRod' is typically entertaining the incoherent Gibby Haynes added to the recording to finish the song then delivered to Warner Brothers who expected a full album not a single only adds to the aural rush of the song I had to youtube the video while reading the passage His accounts of his time with Timothy Leary and William Burroughs are both funny and insightfulI promoted or attended thousands of punk and metal shows back in the day seeing the expanded Ministry lineup at the Hollywood Palladium in 1996's 'Sphinctour' remains the single greatest concert I saw in the genreWhile he doesn't really get credit given his predilection for overdosing and passing out Jourgenson's mad mixing skills revolutionized hard rock in the 90s This is a great book if you love metal punk You have to give Al Jourgensen a bit of credit he doesn't care what you think of him of his music or his life If you are not part of anything in his daily comings and goings it doesn't matter to him That being said I had heardread of his attitudes concerning these issues and he does not disappoint in this memoir Rude crude and terribly honest Al tells it like it is The debauchery the drug abuse holy the music I enjoyed the book a lot but still find it hard to believe that the music he created in the early to mid 80's is still held with such disdain to him and his attitude towards the fans who love that era of music and came to know the band thereafter is much the same The never ending abuse of drugs and alcohol were the hardest parts to get through Sure early on its a fun tale but part of the way through the book it was a struggle to see someone who is so talented nearly piss it all away It is sad really but hey walk a mile in someone else's shoes and you see a different picture and besides who am I to judge his life? Ministry The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen is demented ride through musical history I'm just glad Al is alive to tell the tale I couldn’t wait to get this book I’m not the type to read pompous rock star biographies because those books are usually fake and really lame but this was different I consider myself a huge Ministry fan and to have a book written by Uncle Al himself? Sign me up I bought this the day it came out The lady at BN had to get it from shipping and receiving because they hadn’t put it on the shelves yet Ha One of my earliest memories of Ministry is going to a club on The Hill in Boulder CO with my friends and band and slam dancing with a bunch of skinheads when the song “Thieves” came on That was brutal And awesome I also remember nearly killing myself several times in high school while driving 120 mph to “Jesus Built My Hotrod” and “Psalm 69” Good times This book is exactly what I expected bad fuckin ass What else would you expect from the frontman of Ministry? His stories are hilarious and I enjoyed reading this book tremendously Jorgensen's rock n roll stories make everything else look like ginger beer I will say speaking as a publisher this book could have used another round of editing But then again there's no such thing as a perfect book From rockstars to indie authors every book has its flaws Amazing read you won't regret it A few things make me glad I read this at the bookstore instead of wasting money on it 1 Al puts down everyone who helped make him famous2 Al puts down all the hit songs that helped make him famous3 If it wasn't for the Book Club keeping an eye on him and keeping him straight enough to make the occasional album every 3 5 years he never would have achieved the fame he attained 4 They really should have had the editor give this book a serious run through in the grammar department and the fact checking department5 He should have had a serious ghost writer working on the book instead of a fan boy reporter6 His drug tales get old fastand 7 According to various stories from various people who talked about Al over the years he's probably not the nice guy he makes himself out to be half the time8 He doesn't seem to realize that the years up to FILTH PIG were his most popular ever with the band and that most people don't give a rip for his heavy metal persona he's portraying now Ministry is a memoir both ugly and captivating revealing Al Jourgensen as a man who lived a hard life his own way without making compromises He survived prolonged drug addiction—twenty two years of chronic heroin cocaine and alcohol abuse to be precise—before cleaning up straightening out and finding new reasons to liveDuring his career Jourgensen has engaged in all of the rock ’n’ roll clichés regarding decadence and debauchery and invented new forms of previously unachieved nihilism Despite this and his addictions he created seven seminal albums including the bonafide hugely influential classic The Land of Rape and Honey 1989’s The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste and 1992’s blockbuster Psalm 69 The Way to Succeed Ministry imparts the epic life of Al Jourgensen a survivor who tempted fate beat the odds persevered and put the pieces back together after unraveling completely

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