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The Russians Pregnant Mistress Seeing Damon Petrov across the dance floor sparked something inside of Gabby that was unfamiliar and dangerously thrilling She couldn’t believe it when he approached her offering her coffee and conversation The exchange melted into a weekend of incredibly moving encounters that made her shudder with excitement and desireUnfortunately the end of that weekend came much too uickly when Damon disappeared without a word while she slept Gabby struggled to recover from her encounter with the most amazing man she’d ever met She was finally pulling herself together when he swooped back into her life She was furious that he thought he could just march back to her with no explanation or apology for the way he’d left But the shock of discovering that she was pregnant overshadowed her anger leaving her shaking and terrifiedDamon had finally met a woman who wanted just him not his money or the prestige that came from being seen on his arm or even the creature comforts his wealth could offer her Gabriella Smith was sweetness and refreshing honesty all wrapped up in a luscious sexy package But when she got too close he ran pushing her away because he didn’t want to deal with feelings that he had previously associated with pain and heartacheSo when he discovered she was pregnant he moved uickly to move her into a situation where he could ensure that the baby survived protecting his unborn offspringHe uickly re discovered that Gabby wasn’t like the other women he’d been with in the past And as he protected his unborn child he forgot to protect his heart from those feelings that had terrified him the first time around Gabby’s tender touch and sweet sighs of happiness worked their way through the protective barriers he’d built up over the years and he found himself defenseless against her smile and gentle touch

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    This was a really sweet book It was love at first sight when Gabby and Damon saw each other in a bar Gabby was there with her friends at a bridal shower and Damon was there to find his brother They left the bar together to have coffee One thing led to another and they spent the weekend togetherIt was Damon who figured out Gabby was pregnant before she knew herself He was not a jerk at all actually he was very sweet and wanted to take care of herThis book was also funny When you are pregnant you never know what you will crave Damon came home and found 25 boxes of mac n cheese He gentle asked her about them and never once laughed at her I laughed when Damon was trying to figure out what to name the dogs Gabby and Damon made wonderful characters Daman was defiantly alpha mail Gabby however didn’t back down easily she held her ground Gabby loved him when she found out how he grew up He didn't have a home and often times found food in trash cans for his brother and him to eat Not only did he survive he is now a billionaire That part of the story touched my heart The only way this book could have been better is if it was longer and had a few details I would have like to have read about Gabby going into labor I am glad however that the book included an epilogueSample from chapter 6Gabby realized that it didn’t matter too much that Damon didn’t talk about himself much or his past at all He talked to her about the things that mattered to him now and Gabby knew that was as important to her as learning about why he was the way he is She tried to stay awake and listen to him longer loving the deep sound of his voice but by nine o’clock that night she was too tired to hold her head up She tried to walk up the stairs but Damon just lifted her into his arms and carried her despite her protest He put her into bed then took off his clothes and slid in behind her his hand covering her belly as he held her sleeping

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    uick fun read with a bit of romance thrown in

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    Loved itI absolutely adored this book and can't wait to read another book from this author It was just the bit of push I needed to start my day

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    This story was a great read I really really liked Gabriella as the heroine She was smart knew her own mind and didn't take any crap Damon had the typical moments of tycoon arrogance but he was invested in the uniue experience of savoring Gabriella's innocence something that always spells doom for the heroes in these stories Enjoyed the dialogue and the addition of a motley crew of rescued pound dogs which make an appearance near the end Well done BTW the edition I purchase had a different cover which I much preferred to the one shown hereThe Russian's Pregnant Mistress

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    The Russian's Pregnant MistressThe story starts out at a club She is there for her girlfriends bachelorette party She was not impressed with the other girls there She did spot a very handsome man across the room When two divas from her group go after him she has had enough He follows her out Then after a very intense weekend he disappeared When he comes back a couple of months later things go upside down He figured out that she was pregnant and didn't want him to know The story revolves around the pregnancy from here on out He asked her for marriage But she figured out that the only reason he was back was to make her his mistress Will there be an ending that they both get their happy ending?

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    ReviewsGabby was with her best friend and others celebrating the friend getting married The women were playing games to get men to buy the woman a drink They saw Damon Petrov and two went over and the bodyguards made the leave then they tried to get Gabby do it and she left but she has seen him thinking he was out of her class She was leaving and he came up to her and they went to the coffee shop He spent the weekend with her and left while she was asleep They both couldn't get over the other He came back and they found she was pregnant He told her she was marrying him and she said no They moved in together

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    Awesome I loved Gabby and Damon’s story It drew me in from the very beginning and kept me captivated throughout the entire book I couldn’t stop reading it until I was finished with the last word It was an absolutely Amazing love story I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an amazing read

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    The Russian's Pregnant MistressA delightful read Full of angst and drama A story of innocence vs insecurities and past vs presence vs future Indeed a great story and oh so heartwarming

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    Loving the Russian Great fast read Hot wealthy guy see girl they have a fabulous weekend Then he freaks and leaves When he comes back he wants his woman back Really enjoyed the read

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    Good readIf only good guys were like Damon Solid writing Enjoyed the story very much Enjoyed the flushing out of each character

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