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Relish Love love love love everything about Relish This is a whole lifestyle guide It talks about everything from relationships to working out to food to getting stains out of things to how to build a bar cart and set up your dining area to what pieces of clothing are worth investing in I know most people will pick this up for the food and IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT The veggie mac 'n' cheese to the fudgy banana flax muffins there is something for everyone's taste buds made in a wholesome way This is half cookbook half general lifestyle guide I really liked what sounded like Daphne Oz's personality shining through the stories about her personal experiences and life goals The recipes also sounded delicious What I wasn't crazy about what the fact that she tried to accomplish too much; I don't need a recipe for a cocktail followed by her telling me I should meditate followed by advice on what I should keep in my medicine cabinet Plus there was a tinge of a privileged background that seemed to be coming through I could be totally wrong but her dad is Oprah's favorite doctor and she seemed a little out of touch as far as what normal people have access toIn general this book made me a Daphne Oz fan I might watch 'The Chew' at some point and her gorgeous looks and style certainly make her worth admiring Way too general a book though if you're looking for anything in particular Relish by Daphne Oz – bestselling author of The Dorm Room Diet cohost of the hit daytime talk show The Chew and daughter of Dr Mehmet Oz – offers simple practical and personal advice to help you live your better life right nowDaphne Oz made a splash by sharing her secrets for avoiding the dreaded Freshman Fifteen in the perennial bestseller The Dorm Room Diet Now this lifestyle guru shares essential advice on how to relish your food your home and your life in order to maximize health and happinessIllustrated in full color with beautiful food and recipe photos images of real world and aspirational decor examples and lots of creative lifestyle ideas Relish An Adventure in Food Style and Everyday Fun will help you envision a life that’s highly desirable and eminently achievable So first of all the book is great and definately worth the read Positives The book is well written with anecdotes about Daphne and her family and contains some family photos The book is than a cookbook with information about organic foodsorganization style Its a fun read with lots of helpful tips The recipes look delicious and I can't wait to try many of them Negatives Many of the recipes are time consuming the majority of these recipes are not for a weeknight when you need to get dinner on the table uickly Secondly many of the ingredients are not readily available at your local Walmart lol Because I do want to try some of the recipes and eat healthier I have placed an order on for some items which leads me to the next negative cost Many of the ingredients are uite expensive For example a recipe calls for organic tuna in olive oil using the website recommended in the book 9 cans are 3800 That said you can always use regular ole Chicken of the Sea as a replacement which I will be As you can see by my rating overall it is a great book and worth checking out if your a cookbook aficionado like myself Having recently read Daphne’s second book I chose to read her first one Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as the second As always Daphne is an engaging writer but she inexplicably smushed a polemic railing against GMO and conventional agriculture in the middle of her book Not only are her claims specious but she doesn’t even attempt to substantiate them with facts GMO are demonstrably safe as proven by a bevy of studies to say otherwise is a lie Organic food whatever that means given the many definitions is not necessarily better for one’s health In fact chicken that is ‘organic’ is worse for one’s health it’s full of arsenic metabolites due to the feed used As someone who regularly gardens I will concede that vegetables grown at home tastes fresher and ‘crisper’ than that found in supermarkets but we can’t compare the products of small scale farming to that of conventional farming The latter does reuire ‘cutting corners’ in a sense by dint of economy of scale this is obvious It is irresponsible to hawk organic and non GMO food when scientific studies show that GMO and conventionally grown food is perfectly safe If the goal is to promote healthy eating why discourage people of limited means on the basis of pseudoscience? The author’s anti science rant is infuriating and I knocked off a star for that reasonWith respect to the recipes there are a few good recipes I’ve always liked her approach to cooking healthy clean and easy while using butter and sugar whenever necessary instead of substituting with unappetizing alternatives Cute lifestyle and cookbook We tried the chai raspberry chia seed pudding and it was uite good and used up a lot of chia seeds I'll definitely try recipes and refer to the book for inspiration I love the name of the book relish encouraging us to relish our lives This was fun but not my favorite It's a cookbooklifestyle book Funnily enough I was sure from the advice and presentation that the author was much younger than me and obviously did not have any children much to my surprise she's only a few years younger than me and has four kids Who would have thought? Not the people reading this book The lifestyle bit was interesting but a bit to glitzy for me I'm not sure who she is intending her audience to be? My advice is to check it out at the library like I did Made some notes for a few recipes but could leave the rest I picked this book up because of the uniue recipes which are predominately veg friendly They are something new to me What I didn't like about the book is that it over steps her boundaries as a nutritionist and starts into the lifestyle maven mode of we need to fit all of who I am now in the spotlight of fame as into my first book While they may be helpful ideas for some; I would rather have recipes Oz is only a few years younger than me and yet I can't help but feel that I was being lectured by a teenage niece about how her grown up life would be It just had a naive feel to it That said the recipes look delicious and I can't wait to give a few of them a try This book makes my inner hostess heart SO HAPPY I love how Daphne inspires you to live life in the moment and uses the love of food and cooking to bring joy into your home I read this book several years ago but just had to pick it back up for this fall season I didn’t regret it