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The Ruthless Caleb Wilde Caleb Wilde infamous attorney has a merciless streak and a razor sharp mind Years of relentless work have hardened Caleb’s heart – until one New York night changes everything Now he’s haunted by the memory of tangled sheets unrivalled passion and one woman – Sage Dalton The siren of his dreams is in reality the woman who played him for a fool – but still nothing can satiate his burning desire for her So when he learns that Sage has something very precious that belongs to him a gift from their one night Caleb will stop at nothing to claim it

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    Trigger alert sexual assaultHh’s “meet cute” is when lawyer hero rescues the waitress heroine from a drunk party guest who is trying to rape her He escorts her to her rundown Brooklyn apartment and they have a ONS When heroine’s gay roommate shows up hero thinks heroine cheated on a lover and storms out before getting any explanationsThree months later hero takes on a client who wants custody of his unborn grandbaby His son died after being struck by a car and his girlfriendroommate is pregnant and poor Guess who the pregnant and poor roommate is?You got it in oneHeroine didn’t tell hero she was pregnant because she didn’t know his last name and she didn't try to discover it because she was angry he misjudged her Willaful used the word “roller coaster” to describe this story And I think that’s accurate The hero goes from rescuing knight to dark avenger some great drama when they meet again – and the scene where he goes in with her for the paternity test is fascinating to rescuing knight to crazy in love all within the space of several days The Hh are angry one minute in bed the next Same with the opening – heroine is cowering in fear and then loved up and passionate with a guy with no last name within hoursIf you can get past the ups and downs of their temperaments you’ll probably enjoy the ride SM has the usual brothers talking about the mysteries of women conversations but they don’t go on too long thank goodness climbs on soap box So tired of bromances in my romances Just stop authors Especially if it’s used to put women downshow we’re irrational I don’t mind heroes having those kinds of thoughts when they are in the grip of strong emotions but when the bystanders spout this casual misogyny in the interest of humor I get irritated

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    H is an International Man of Mystery that leaps to conclusions like a lemming from a bridge Match made in HP as the heroine does as well Leap that is

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    Caleb Wilde hotshot lawyer is attending a party where he meets Sage a waitress actress When he witness Sage being sexually harassed he runs to her rescue takes her home and ends up having a one night stand with herWhen he wakes up and finds another man in her apartment David he believes Sage is a cheater and he goes back home They reunite when David's father and Caleb's client claims Sage is pregnant with his now dead son's baby I highly enjoyed this book Caleb is handsome loyal fierce and an extremely decent hero Sage was a real lady with lots of love to give a real backbone and intelligence every heroine should have I loved her so much I smiled every time she calls Caleb her Sir Knight and every time he calls her sweetheartThe angst scenes were intense and so were the romantic scenes Caleb and Sage are a perfect match sexy exciting and romantic

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    My feelings about this book went up and down like a rollercoaster We started on the downward slope with a lot of pet peeves not calling the cops on a would be rapist unprotected sex and then went up up up into a angsty area culminating at the peak in a classic yet original Sandra Marton being a romance hero against his will moment which had me ready to forgive all But then it was mostly downhill from there as the juicy stuff ended and the bickering began with a replay of many other Marton books I've enjoyed I'll give a decent grade for the big moment and some good snappy dialogue

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    A book that totally lacked a story HeroHeroine fall in bed together hero thinks she is involved with someone acts like an ass broods for months and then kind of learns she is expecting Confusion is cleared baby is his they look at each other and clothes just melt Honestly they only had sex in the book and it was such a typical Marton that is all I have to say

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    It was an ok read really And even though the guy was an ass at some point he was comparatively less of an ass than most heroes And less cynic as well I guess Caleb is one Wilde brother who believed in love and commitment than the others

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    Like the previous book there's an insta lust going here and they jumped to bed immediately And because of some misunderstanding they went their separate ways without knowing about each other And like most of the HP stories the heroine ended up pregnant And from there we got to see of Caleb and Sage fighting making love and then fighting again which I pretty much devoured What can I say? I'm a sucker for a couple who always fight because it shows passion and of course there's grovelling Which wasn't disappointing And again my complaint was the fact that it was too short and there's no epilogue

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    Sandra Marton has her original blend of romance elements that you can find in all her books uirky humor witty banter uncontrollable attraction irrepressible emotions lots of inner dialogues an arrogant but tender hero and a feisty heroineCaleb Wilde may be ruthless and a little arrogant for his own good but he is also tender and caring He may act foolish A lot But that's because he is in love and doesn't know it yet Sage may be delicate but she is also feisty and independent She stands up for herself and refuses Caleb's high handedness This is what I call a perfect match

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    I found some of this novel awfully bland but what ticked me off the most was it was incomplete or felt incomplete to me I know it's a series but it should have finished with these characters in a major way I thought Caleb was a bit of an idiot at times but I loved feisty Sage I just wanted and the author didn't give it unfortunately

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    Once again as I always am I was pulled into this book The Ruthless Caleb Wilde and I felt like I knew the characters Caleb Wilde is at a party he doesn't want to be at he see a man forcing himself on a waitress and no one helping so he steps in and helps He then helps her get home and decides that he shouldn't leave her alone he lets her know he just wants to make sure she is okay they do end up spending the night together and in the morning all heck breaks loose don't want to give the story away Caleb goes back to Texas The family knows something is not right but Caleb won't talk Travis asks him to help a client out in New York and Caleb and Sage are reunited in a way and Caleb is not leaving her a second timeSandra made these characters so real to me that I felt all the ups the downs and my heart broke in a few scenes and I was ready to strangle Caleb in a few for jumping to conclusions and then she brings you the happy ending you weren't to sure was comingI could not put this book down had to read late into the night to finish it now I am impatiently waiting for April when The Merciless Travis Wilde is released

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