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Road of Skulls We take a pause in our regular storyline to sueeze in some good old flashback episodes I found this story to be a bit of a slog partially because it's shoehorned in so uncomfortably into the existing timeline with it being sometime before the events of Skavenslayer book 2 but utilizing characters settings and devices Felix would later wonder at upon first meeting later on starting with Dragonslayer book 4 so the timing is hamfisted at best Further a great deal of the book is devoted to the Chaos horde ranging southward and a bunch of mooks that just want to kill things and be unpleasant doesn't make for very interesting plot development That said I did find Gotrek and Felix to be very well written in this as if Reynolds realized that Gotrek can be allowed to have emotions than dour and can even speak with than three words at a time Additionally it was nice to get a bit of the sparse backstory for Gotrek filled in with his relation to the the slayer hold of Karak Kadrin spelled out a bit plainer Despite these positives I still feel that the negatives drug the book down too much for it stand very high in relation to the rest of the series You can find the full review over at my blog reviews the latest Gotrek Felix novel“uite possibly one of the best Gotrek Felix novels to date this also cements Josh Reynolds’ place as a solid writer for both the Gotrek Felix franchise and the Warhammer Fantasy setting” Shadowhawk The Founding FieldsI’ve been a fan of the Gotrek Felix series ever since I read Bill King’s Trollslayer in the series’ first omnibus A collection of short stories the novel really immersed me in an incredibly rich fantasy world from the point of view of two of the most unlikely heroes ever Since those early days around 2007 I’ve always had a great fascination with the series because of how the books approached the source material Each book focuses on a particular monster or villain and is themed to show how the unlikely duo of the Dwarf Slayer Gotrek and the warrior poet Felix win the day whether it be dragons or daemons or skaven or vampires or any other creatures of darknessThe series is also notable for the fact that it is the only Black Library series that I can recall which has spun off into two separate book series the Thanuol Boneripper novels by C L Werner and the Ulrika the Vampire trilogy by Nathan Long who took over Gotrek Felix after the departure of King from the publisher In my estimation barring Herr Werner the series could not have been in better hands than it was in Nathan Long’s He’s delivered some fantastic stories and reading his work has been a great joyBut then news filtered down last year when Gotrek Felix An Anthology was released that Nathan too would be stepping down and that the third Ulrika novel Bloodsworn would be his last for Black Library for a while This created uite a void in the ranks of WHF authors since other than Herr Werner and Chris Wraight who were both already busy with several projects there didn’t appear to be any other author who could step up to take the reins given that Dan Abnett was already heavily invested in Warhammer 40000 along with Gav Thorpe and Nick Kyme was similarly busy with other projects in addition to his editorial duties And that’s where Josh Reynolds a newcomer to the publisher stepped in with his novella Charnel Congress last year and the first Gotrek Felix novel in several years Road of SkullsThe uestion was always going to be whether Josh could have written a novel to match what Bill King created and what Nathan Long helped keep alive As far as I am concerned based on Josh’s story in the anthology and this novel the series is in very capable hands and the future looks rather bright Josh’s first book for Black Library was Knight of the Blazing Sun and while a good book it wasn’t all that interesting overall and had a fair few flaws Since then however and a little bit before then he’s written several pieces of short fiction for WHF and what little I’ve read I’ve been impressed with I went into Road of Skulls with high expectations tempered with my experience from Knight of the Blazing Sun and I’m uite happy to say that Josh has surpassed my expectations Not only did he deliver a story that feels very true to the original vision from Bill King but he also explores the setting itself in depth and leaves his own stamp on the series Very odd plot choice This doesn't follow on from the last book and is something of a preuel It is left ambiguous when this is supposed to fit in with the timeline of the rest of the books It's just a confusing choice considering there is no warning or explanation that it's a preuel and the prologue mentions events that have never happened in previous books Plus the plot occurs in the place where the heroes were supposed to be headed to last book making me wonder if this confusion was in someway intentional It gets an extra star because of the appearance of the dawi zharr who have never been characters in any of the WF books I've read so far 35Liked the story the Chaos champions' infights Canto was the best one a real different Khorne worshipper the hints about Gotrek's past background and the fights real page turnersBut the idea of the Khorne Chosen keeping alive his cousin a Chaos Champion of Tzeentch to make him read his fortune was just heresy for me And the GotrekFelix relationship far well developed by other BL authors seemed just this here This is book 13 ? is the Gotrek and Felix series which tells the story of a dwarf who is looking to find his doom and his chronicler sidekickI've only read book one in the series and then this one and I felt that I got a complete story that didn't reuire any further background knowledgeThe story essentially takes place in a specific place over a short period of time It feels tight and uite rightly one of many epic adventuresAs with many series that follow the same protagonist throughout I felt that the story added small but interesting insights into the main characters However the main interest in these sort of novels comes from the personalities and background of the antagonists and other characters On this occasion I really enjoyed the dip into the dwarf lore and the variety and depth of the antagonists There were many named side characters and I felt that the majority added something special to the storyI felt that the action was really well written A problem I have with Black Library's 40k line is that ''bolter porn'' long descriptive battle over plot and character is boring However I never felt that was the way here There are a few battles and skirmishes in the book but they are very well written and they are they culmination of events rather than just a way to move the story onThe overall story was enjoyable I felt that it fit well into the background and it perfectly foretells the End TimesThere were a few negatives The flow of the novel in the middle felt a bit repetitive particularly the battles I felt that the conclusion final climactic scene was a little but to full of events and the conclusion was a touch anti climactic I also felt that the tone of the story felt adventure and cartoon y? in places rather than dark and I would have preferred it darker I would also have liked a little time on the resolutionOverall I really enjoyed this one I'm really hoping this is the beginning book of the series that will see Gotrek meet his fate He and Felix are awesome characters but I'm starting to get tired of this whole he has a grand fate in front of him thing They need to resolve the character's fateThis book unto itself was awesome Joshua does a really good job at characterization which is a hard thing to accomplish in a high fantasy world I also enjoyed how the story was built upon established mythology of the universe and in general he brought about sides of both main characters that hadn't always surfaced very well in the past including Felix's constant teasing of Gotrek which Gotrek seems not to hear In itself it is a good book but it lacks the fun factor that I come to expect from a gotrek and Felix novel In hindsight it would seem as if this book and the Gotrek and Felix we get in it are preludes to the Gotrek and Felix we get in the final two books of the series Gotrek having lost his occasional sarcastic humor and Felix reduced to a melancholic Sancho Panza type desperate to get through the ever tickening clouds around his friend and boss's mind So yeah a decent book but not a very memorable one Hell Canto the unsworn was by far the most interesting character and if I had had my way this would have been his book and Gotrek and Felix could have swooped in near the end to give it a surprise ending; that would have made a much interesting read I've read most of the GotrekFelix novels by now but this is one of the best Even as I grew bored of the standard formula in previous entries this book immediately grabbed me and became a real page turnerWhat I liked was the menacing threat and the scenes from the perspective of the bad guys as well as the details of Dwarf culture and social interaction shedding some new light on Gotreks past as well Gotrek and Felix unsung heroes of the Empire or nothing than common thieves and murderers The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between and depends entirely upon whom you ask Gotrek and Felix race to the dwarf hold at Karak Kadrin finding it besieged by one of the grand armies of Chaos warlord Garmr When King Ungrim Ironfist speaks of the legendary ‘Road of Skulls’ and of the hated foe’s attempts to open a portal into the Realm of Chaos Gotrek senses that a great doom awaits him – though it may not be the one he would choose for himself As the king’s own son leads his army of Slayers to fulfil an ancient prophecy it seems that Garmr’s hour of victory may be at hand Wow this was fun I'm currently in the process of reading re reading the Gotrek and Felix in order of events rather than the publishing order It's fun and interesting and a wee bit infuriating as I'm trying to place all the short stories in some semblance of order but also the modern novels are not in the 'Slayer' series line Of course the world has been ret conned but I can hand wave that and try and best guess where the newer books should go Well 'Road of Skulls' comes immediately after the short story 'Charnel Congress' available as an ebook and in the 'Lost Tales' anthology and is definitely after Trollslayer but before Skavenslayer One of the things I really liked about this book is that it is epic in nature and indeed some of Gotrek's feats in later novels almost seem overshadowed by events in this one I think this is an important touch Due to the nature of the first ten books there was a sense that Gotrek was always searching for bigger and nastier stuff to kill however it's important to consider that by the time Gotrek and Felix meet Gotrek is already an immense killing machine By having 'Road of Skulls' having such a tremendous set of foes it also shows that Gotrek simply doesn't 'level up' through the booksThe book also foreshadows 'The End Times' Whilst I think Games Workshop's destruction of 'The Old World' is akin to a child smashing a toy because they wanted no one else to play with it at least it's given Reynolds novel a bit of added depth I'm not sure if Reynolds was aware of GW's plans in 2012 when writing the book but it sure seems to click into place with what's passed as 'canon' todaySo the basic plot is a horde of Chaos is besieging the Dwarf stronghold of Karak Kadrin just as Gotrek and Felix turn up The Chaotic horde is well developed Sure there are tons of mooks the Chaos Marauders and Beastmen are there to be wiped out but there is a complexity and depth to the Khornate legion The army is led by Garmr the Gorewolf He's a centuries old Champion of Chaos endeavouring to slaughter as many as possible to open a portal to the Realm of Chaos traversing a path from the Chaos Wastes and creating a Road of Skulls His lieutenants Ekaterina Hrolf and Canto are plotting against him and each other whilst fearing him in order lead the warband and preserve their own skins Underneath them still are about six other Champions with reuisite mutations all trying to defeat their superiors and ascend the hierarchy such is the way of ChaosReading about the nature of the Army and it's loose associations I had a hankering to dig out the Realms of Chaos books from the late 80's and roll up a warband or two for a skirmish if I had any minatures and someone to play with that is The list of evil foes for the Dwarves isn't complete though Gorewolf has a deamon hound monstrosity linked to him by it's soul It makes Chaos Hounds look like puppy dogs Gorewolf's cousin is a Tzzentch sorcerer held captive and rounding out the wicked are the Chaos Dwarves with their daemon weapons Personally I've felt the Chaos Dwarves are a minor part of the world and seeing them feature here makes me hanker for Reynolds has one twisted imagination as the Chaos Dwarves have rather ingenious and tortuous ways to achieve their goalsThe book is action packed from start to finish and exceptionally violent and gory The genocidal nature of Chaos isn't flinched away from and this isn't a book to read if you're not found of skulls getting smashed in by hammers on every pageAs someone who has never been a 'give all my money to GW for minatures' kind of guy but someone who is aware of the world on the periphery through roleplaying sometimes the Gotrek and Felix books can be a bit 'here's an army list you can buy now watch them fight' That happens here the first half of the book seems like a giant battle what saves it is the perspective of the various Chaos champions and also that the action is well put together The pacing is fast and the siege in particular is nail biting The use of siege giants is particularly graphic and evocativeWe see a lot of Dwarf culture in Road of Skulls and it stacks up well with the backstory of Gotrek which we get in Orcslayer I've never been mad for Dwarves but in the two novels where their culture is explored fully both authors have presented a dying race of millennia with an unbending cultureThe interaction between Gotrek and Felix is a bit off as other reviewers have commented but I would like to add to this in defence of Reynolds this is early in Felix's career and is the first time he has engaged a 'world ending' enemy and an 'army' He isn't yet the swordsman he becomes and can't yet hang in battle For those who have read much of the series this isn't the Felix we know but it is probably the Felix you remember after TrolslayerThis isn't great fiction by any stretch but as a uick fantasy novel it's a lot of fun It's a page turner and an easy read Unlike some of the short stories post King and Long this feels like it belongs

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