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The Greek's Acuisition When dealing with the devilIt's taken years for the Dimitri Kalakos sized hole in Louise Frobisher's heart to heal Yet now she has to face him once again she needs the ruthless magnate's financial helpbut absolutely nothing Be prepared to play with fire Louise is offering the one thing Dimitri thought his money couldn't buy the Greek island that should be his She thinks she can I had an ebook of this for than a month now but I had bought the hard copy in the bookstore just a week ago since it just costs in the lowest price it could have The story was good though what I can say there was really a story not just about sex and lust and the blas like most HP haveI like the part that they had a child the miscarriage part and also about Madelleine Its just too cute that there is a cat in the story I was a little disappounted to know about the ectopic pregnancy and was like oh God no there should be a child in the end andimmediately look if there is an epilogueand thank God my dream was not crash hahaha I really like it when there is a child in the story or in the end of it That's also the reason why I've been addicted with HP's right now because most plots written here are about secret baby and the likes Heroine is desperate for money She needs them for her terminally ill mother The only man who can help her is the man who broke her heart seven years ago sexy Greek tycoon Dimitri Kalakos He agrees to give her the money but only if she becomes his mistress for two weeks Louise accepts his crazy proposal but they find themselves falling in love with one another all over againChantelle Shaw is a great writer Her books are romantic steamy and always heart wrenching I loved the angst the passion and the sweet HEA I loved that hero was heroine’s first and only lover Hero was a notorious playboy but oh so sexy 35 stars The story is good but too predictable too familiar Same old plot A helpless h in immediate need of money to save her dying mother an arrogant H who thinks she is a gold digger a blackmail the big uestion to be a mistress or not to be What make things complicated is that Louise' mother was Dimitri's father's mistress who broke his family apart Also Louise and Dimitri had an affair 7 y ago that ended badly A uick tepid read The h and H meet again as a second chance They have some intermingled past and the h is asking for the H’s help as a first and only resort I didn’t care much for either of the mc’s Lou Lou was a bore and Dimitri was a passionate lover but not as forbidding and ruthless as I mostly prefer my H’s to be I would’ve given it 4 stars but there was a lot of internal monologue in this one and not much movement in the plot Easy reading from CS

  • ebook
  • 192 pages
  • The Greek's Acuisition
  • Chantelle Shaw
  • English
  • 10 August 2016
  • 9780263891119

About the Author: Chantelle Shaw

I grew up without a TV let alone DVD’s computer games etc that my kids spend so much time engrossed in but I learned to read at an early age and from then on I was always entertained – so much so that my friends used to hide their books when I visited them because all I wanted to do was readWhen I was a teenager I discovered Mills & Boon romances in my local library and so began a lifelong lo

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