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The Diabetes Rescue Diet Imagine a diet so easy and yet so powerful that it could not only balance out of control blood sugar but effectively reverse insulin resistance freeing people everywhere from the restraints of type 2 diabetes That plan has arrived Diabetes Rescue Diet promises good wholesome food without making readers count calories buy exotic supplements or completely change their daily routines—no sacrifice reuired The plan is inspired by a Mediterranean diet chock full of whole grains olive oil and hearty fare that is proven to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease and other serious health threats Readers will still eat favorites like pasta meatloaf and pork tenderloin chocolate and ice cream too but will also savor new dishes like Oven Fried Tilapia and Pineapple Roasted Sweet Potatoes Diabetes Rescue Diet isn't just about food though Also included are a 21 day walking plan to get readers moving and improve blood circulation in just 15 to 30 minutes a day; a dining out guide that proves delicious doesn't have to mean dangerous when it comes to diabetes; and a chapter of healthy shortcuts to try right now for head to toe to protection from disease With than 80 mouthwatering dishes and expert advice Mark Bricklin's Diabetes Rescue Diet is the last stop on the road to reversing diabetes and attaining great health for life This book is phenomenal The author understands how to write a book in a style that makes the reader want to keep on reading Even if you do not have diabetes you can read this book and get some wonderful ideas for improving your health habits The author gives numerous helpful tips on making wise food choices Do yourself a favor and read this book This book had a lot of great information in it I plan to put most of it in practice for my family very soon Having been diagnosed with Type II diabetes in mid December 2019 I have read a lot of diabetes diet books to try to figure out what to eat and what not to eat I’ve read so much conflicting advice One doctor says “this” is bad for me the next book says another doctor’s diet will cure me They don’t agree I’m a pretty good cook but not necessarily gourmet One chef diet book included so many ingredients I’ve never heard of and such long prep time that I could spend my the rest of my life cooking and shopping which I don’t want to do Another had recipes that yielded scones that even the dog wouldn’t eat and my friends were not excited about “trying” my new recipes One even went out and bought a “healthy” whole wheat scone to see how far off I was and found that the purchased diabetic scone was not any worse than the one I baked which redeemed my cooking skills but did not help in the what I can eat that tastes good department I've read so much conflicting advice I like the fact this author takes each food subject that should matter to me and breaks down how it helps These food groupings are 12 15 pages each nuts only 9 These food groupings are whole grains olive oil fish nuts vegetables beans fruits red wine and alcohol dairy and meat With clear concise wording the hazards and benefits of each are spelled out This helps educate me and helps me decide my approachIt’s based on the Mediterranean diet but with healthy additions The book cites a lot of medical studies and those paragraphs make it a difficult read but the chapters include a lot great information Specific descriptions of grains veggies and beans than I ever knew existed Ideas for meals Charts of which foods are the best buys for carbs and antioxidents and how to convert recipes to olive oil instead of butter The reference material is greatParts I’m not sure about are the sections about breads and pasta I’ve lost 36 pounds not eating either and I went to a workshop that specifically told me not to eat sour dough bread which I love Fast food deep fried food chips self declared chipaholic fries energy drinks sweet tea fancy expensive coffee drinks original soft drinks because I think sugar free is bad for people and too much chocolate got me to where I am in life’s journey So yes I need to discover brown rice uiana chia seeds and other things I bought I’m also not sure drinking wine or alcohol is a good idea despite what the studies show The sections about health benefits from this kind of eating are great as well as the suggestions for adding vitamins I especially love the menus which you can mix and match to fit what you like and the recipes which are neither expensive nor weird ingredients I’m currently experimenting with what will become my go to choices and which I will try and not make again or make less regularlyAll approaches are the same in a general way but I can develop my own diet based on this knowledge I liked the book so much I bought it after reading about 30 pages from a borrowed library copy

  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Diabetes Rescue Diet
  • Mark Bricklin
  • English
  • 15 March 2016
  • 9781609618483

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