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Take The Fall WHO KILLED GRETCHEN MEYERFear grips the residents of Hidden Falls the night Sonia Feldman and her best friend Gretchen Meyer are attacked in the woods Sonia was lucky to escape with her life but Gretchen’s body is discovered at the bottom of a waterfall Beautiful popular and seemingly untouchable Gretchen can’t be gone Even as Sonia struggles with guilt and confusion over having survived the whole town is looking to her for informationcould she have seen something that will lead the police to the killerAt the top of the list of suspects is Gretchen’s ex boyfriend—and Sonia’s longtime enemy—Marcus Perez So when Marcus comes to Sonia for help clearing his name she agrees hoping to find evidence the police need to prove he’s the killer But as Gretchen’s many secrets emerge and the suspects add up Sonia feels less sure of Marcus’s involvement and afraid for herself Could Marcus the artist the screwup the boy she might be falling for have attacked her Killed her best friend And if it wasn’t him in the woods that nightwho could it have been

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss “Gretchen’s dead” This was an okay mystery story but it took a while to get goodSonia seemed uite intent on finding out who killed her friend although it seemed a bit of an odd idea to team up with the person who was the most likely suspectThe storyline in this started out really slow and the book didn’t really seem to take off until the 70% mark which was a bit late I liked the mystery over who the killer was though and I didn’t guess right at allThe ending to this had some interesting twists and I was satisfied with the way things turned out although an epilogue would have been nice65 out of 10

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    35 starsMy first young adult murder mystery book of the year Suspenseful and dark but so fun to read It had a great dose of twists and surprises I was convinced I knew whodunnit up to the end but then WAM Emily Hainsworth got me That’s the kind of thing you want from a good murder mystery Red herrings are always a plus There were shades of Twin Peaks throughout making for a uniue tone and setting It seems everyone has their secrets Take the Fall is about Sonia and the search for her best friend’s killer By the end of the prologue Sonia has escaped an attack in the woods and finds out her best friend Gretchen Meyer has been found dead at the bottom of the falls At the top of the police’s suspect list is Marcus Gretchen’s most recent ex boyfriend He insists his innocence and asks for Sonia’s help clearing his name While their list of potential suspects grows the threat of danger against Sonia grows Will they find out who killed Gretchen before it’s too late? Are the police right about Marcus after all?I thought the story was really intriguing at times but was missing something to make it unputdownable There was a good amount of character development I really enjoyed how layers of Gretchen were revealed slowly throughout In ways I was reminded of Pretty Little Liars because of the friendship dynamics and town full of secrets If you typically enjoy murder mysteries and young adult novels this is a perfect combination of the twoI received an ARC in exchange for an honest review via edelweiss

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    45 StarsTake the Fall is one of the most suspenseful books of the year The reader will be turning the pages like mad eager to learn the truth This crime novel is action packed as the characters try and catch a killer and the focus is on the mystery not the romance which is enjoyable However the ending may be disappointing for some in this whirlwind of a storyTake the Fall has all the components of a good mystery characters searching for possible suspects and attempting to uncover evidence and the massive reveal of the murderer’s identity at the end Also there is so much suspense as the characters get closer and closer to the truth Add the fact that it is action packed and this book contains that right mix for a perfect who done it that will keep the readers on the edge of their seatsThe subplot in this book is really enjoyable as well and adds to its overall appeal There is a romantic theme in Take the Fall between the two main characters While these types of dramas in books can sometimes take away from the plot it isn’t the main focus of the story As a reader I want to focus on the solving of the problem and not get distracted by unimportant details This love affair was just the right amount to keep Hainsworth’s story at its fast paceThe only thing really lacking in Take the Fall was the ending It is hard to provide details without spoiling the book however the whole ending didn’t really make sense For such a well written novel it was surprising to have it end the way it did If perfect endings are important to you then this book might not be your cup of teaTake the Fall is a suspenseful mystery with a focus on crime not romance Though I enjoyed most of this book the ending didn’t really satisfy me However I would recommend fans of the mysterythriller genre since this book really fits the bill with the crime aspects

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    Who doesn't love a good heart pounding pulse racing thriller? We are immediately thrown right into the very heart of the story as the novel opens with Sonia frantically fleeing the woods for her life after being attacked and nearly killedRight off you know this will be a mystery that is gong to mess with your head and while I did have most of it figured out way early on in the story the author managed to put twists and new turns into the story that than once had me uestioning whether or not I really did have it all right and whether or not I really did know who attacked Sonia and killed GretchenBut even though I ended up being right in the end this story still managed to hold my attention and keep me interested with the suspense the mystery of why and of course the slight love interest that was completely forbidden for so many reasonsAll in all this was an engaging read that kept me turning the pages right up until the endARC copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    I really enjoyed Emily's other book so was beyond thrilled to get my greedy hands on this oneI really liked Sonia She's smart and being in her head had me captivated right from the beginning There are a lot of secondary characters cough suspects cough and Emily did a fantastic job at getting me to believe that everyone was involved and no one could be trustedThere are some excellent plot twists that I didn't see coming Every time I thought I had it figured out something new would be revealed It's a delicious game of mindfuckery and I loved every bit of itMy main complaint for lack of a better word is that I wish there would have been an epilogue Don't get me wrong the ending totally works with the story but I'm greedy and wanted Perhaps something a bit future orientatedHuge thanks to Balzer Bray and Edelweiss for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review

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    This was an enjoyable YA murder mystery and much of my enjoyment came from the fact that the author is clearly a Twin Peaks fan Randomly coming across references to the show is always a treat for this fanThe book opens with a murdered girl in a small townShe was murdered near a waterfallThe sheriff as well as the girl's best friend investigate her murder and secrets gradually come to lightThere's a Deputy BrennanAND the sheriff has a mug that says Damn Fine CoffeeThe evidence is clear A definite fanHowever the book is its own entity entirely There is a distinct lack of the supernatural and weird Instead it's about everyday friendships and how those friendships might not be everything you think they are It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a YA offering so I'm happy to say that I hung on to every word of this book despite the occasional uestionable decisions the main character made Recommended for those who enjoy YA mysteries

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    This started strong for me but then the plot just went around and around and around in endless circles which was frustrating While I think some people will enjoy the ending I found it annoying than surprisingFull review to comeRead of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on Bloglovin Thanks to the publisher for providing a free advance copy of this book for me to review

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    Take the Fall similar to Mister Death's Blue Eyed Girls and The Pact was much better than I expected What if one of the people you knew was a murderer? This book was well written and haunting and a great YA novel

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    HmmmI liked Take the Fall by Emily Hainsworth Didn't love it but I did enjoy the mystery aspect of the story The book begins with an account of an attack on the main character Sonia She survives the attack but her best friend Gretchen is found dead The rest of the story unfolds as Sonia and the police try to piece together the cluesAbout halfway through the book I was a little frustrated by Sonia's Nancy Drew imitation I mean if you are getting threatening notes in your locker after your best friend has been murdered wouldn't you not run to the police for help? Not our Sonia She holds on to the postcard I did keep reading because I was curiousThe last bit of the book surprised me I didn't see that coming Recommended for young adult readers Thank you to Edelweiss and Balzer Bray for a review copy of this book

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    DNF at 30%I wasn't connecting to the story or mystery I had a theory so flipped to the back and I was right about a portion of it I think if you can connect to the writing and characters you'll enjoy this but it wasn't for me

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