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Hitler An icon of true evil Adolf Hitler is arguably the most important figure of the twentieth century No one has so patently demonstrated the horrific capabilities of mankind In Hitler The Terminal Biography D Harlan Wilson tracks the life of the infamous monomaniac from struggling artist to mass murderer Based on than ten years of archival research and German sociological study this one volume account covers ground previously uncharted by other biographers drawing heavily on newfound diaries letters memos and phonograph recordings of Hitler’s closest confidants as well as the Führer himself“An extraordinary and masterful work Wilson has written the biography to end all biographies” —Gideon Johnson Pillow Professor of History and Chair of African American Studies at the University of Fostoria

  • Paperback
  • 146 pages
  • Hitler
  • D. Harlan Wilson
  • English
  • 21 January 2015
  • 9781935738589

About the Author: D. Harlan Wilson

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    This book is hilarious and has almost nothing to do with Hitler who is only mentioned a couple times It's about writing and the definition of story This is a playful and fun book that challenges traditional notions of story telling If you're looking for character development and plot you won't enjoy this but if you want a new perspective on literature and daily reality with a strong dose of humor be sure to check this out

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    Not only is this THE perfect biography of Adolf Hitler it is also an explosive trek inside the mind of a most complex author and teacher at the University of Fostoria No That's not right as the introduction to a review close but something's off something's dripping This is actually an autobiographical biography without a subject to biographize if that's a word? which is also a story without any discernible plot it does have arcs twists confrontations exploding airports seminars diet tips and marital banter though so maybe I'm wrong I could be wrong My wife often tells me I'm wrong about many things I've come to believe her to some extent No This is creative nonfiction philosophy cloaked in fiction cloaked in tom foolery that will also help you to become a better bodybuilder and just maybe a better person or at least not as flabby as you currently are you lazy bum You will also study Lacan You will study Hitler and D Harlan Wilson via Lacan Sounds good right? Right You will finish this book not uite understanding what you read because books like this just don't get written and published and read and reviewed What you thought was a book about Hitler terminal as in airport terminal perhaps ends up being you talking to yourself on the page as you try to craft a readable review a readable and proper review that Goodreads users members fanatics historians librarians will relate to something to give them a frame for deciding whether they should or should not read this book by D Harlan Wilson Perhaps you succeed You probably will never know You don't know much of anything And that's a problem

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    There are already some very good reviews on this book so I will keep mine short and to the point1 This book is NOT about Hitler2 This book is hilarious3 If you read this book in public there are points where you will laugh out loud; this will make people angry as they presume you are reading a book about Hitler and laughing manically

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    To begin this review I will state that some of the information I include here will be pertinent to the remaining books in the trilogy and the other reviews I do will take this into account and won’t be repeatedBefore you look at the rest of the review please know that this book and the others after it are hardly intimidating You don’t need to be an “intellectual” to enjoy these books Several of the passages are funny and a lot of thought provoking anecdotes are included that relate to things we seedo on a daily basis The prose is tight and fast moving I didn’t understand every single philosophical allusion and I don’t think I suffered because of itReferred to as “The Black Author Trilogy” throughout the books the entire series must be read to experience or understand the concept in totality There are consistent snapshots or template variations that are used throughout; for example there are the random explosions daddy daughter moments analysis of writing and genre and dietary advice among others I call these templates because that is the simplest term that I can use to describe the complexity of the entire trilogy’s FORM These templates will become familiar to the reader throughout the trilogy but their application is different in each book; the templates are designed to work with a theme that coincides with our common knowledge of each biography’s subjectThis first book is easier to reflect upon after reading the rest of the series; the book’s contribution to the overall trilogy is a superior way to analyze its effectiveness but I must think of this book as a standalone piece to review it The synopsis states that the book is something of a “mental map” though I don’t know if that’s accurate The book is a self aware composition in which the writer is speaking directly through the narrative by acknowledging that the piece itself exists and the writer is engaged in the process of writing it This format is also present during the other books However the Hitler book serves to illustrate a sense of megalomania and awareness of the self in which the narrative piece acts as a vehicle of demonstrating a sense of superiority; the world revolves around the authorpersona and the book is a means of acknowledging the authorpersona’s ability to acknowledge THIS FACTThe book isn’t nearly as convoluted as my review is making it seem I am looking at the piece on a deeper level At the surface we have a meta fictional journalistic enterprise that is written with a matter of fact decisive voice that aggressively latches on to your own thoughts Just as a reader picks up a copy of A Clockwork Orange and begins to think in terms of the language Burgess uses so too will the reader become invested in the language and depiction of the authorpersona The Hitler biography serves as a cynical perspective on reality and fiction; this book shows us that the reality of the self is the only reality while the other books in the series challenge this perspective and maybe even validate it Hitler’s biography is a demonstration just as Hitler “demonstrated” his racialFacist ideals war speeches autobiography Hitler inflicted his philosophy upon others and his concept of reality was delivered to the masses This book has already sold several thousand copies and I think that’s mostly due to the fact that the Hitler concept is interesting and people are interested in cultish personalities and god like celebrity personas I could easily write an extensive essay on the content of this book; if you enjoy reading about Hitler you will enjoy this book If you enjoy reading about explosions and the mindset of a celebrity author this is the book for youIn my review of the next book I will refer to the first sentence of the third paragraph in this review and you should repeatedly refer to it as you read the next two books I should also note that you’re not supposed to over indulge in the text though you should allow yourself a “cheat day” in which you can gorge yourself on several pages at a time If you’re a fan of Donovan Ogg’s films then I believe this is a must read book

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    This was everything I have come to expect from D Harlan Wilson and so much The man is probably going to be remembered as one of the great writers of our times in the future

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