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    dirrrrrtythis is a story about two 18 year old girls who go to summer camp what are 18 year olds doing going to summer camp when they are at the age when they have you know other options? Ready for camp bitch? Mira asked MirandaThrilled Miranda responded with sarcasmWhy do you like camp so much? The outdoors makes me wet Mira said rubbing her finger over her crotch and then licking itoh it's like that well then by all means go to camp and so they do did i mention that these girls are twins?? and that they don't need to stray too far from the womb for sexual gratification? because yeah it's twincest Margret moved her fingers faster and faster and Mira was riding her hand Mira screamed with ecstasy as she came to her climax Margret licked her fingers clean and Mira gave her the biggest kiss sueezing her breast sayingDamn i got the best sister everany sisters out there want to contest that title? i didn't think so that is truly the best sisterso they go to camp and they have sexual congress with all the boys and each other a lotmeanwhile their friend a relative good girl decides to shed that image and become like her friends however she lacks a twin what's a girl to do? fortunately her salvation cums in the form of a campfire horror story Ten years ago the tale was discovered by a camp counselor trekking through the woods He found a diary with a very hard shell buried in the dirt near an old oak tree It told the tale of an Alpha Wolf who looked for girls in the form of a virgin The Alpha would then kidnap the virgin and take her deep into the woods and fuck the shit out of them The dairy that was found belonged to Raffi Garvin The boy kept a daily entry in the hunt for his sister The first entry was about how they came to a clearing in the woods were there was a stump that was shaped like a diamond that lied in slanted position His sister was sitting on this rock and he was near by He says he turned his back for a second and then saw a large Alpha Wolf running deeper into the woods with his sister cradled under his arm Since then five girls have disappeared from these camp grounds One of those five made it back alive but was devastated that she was raped by an Alpha Wolfi mean if being raped by a wolf doesn't turn you on you are destined to be one shriveled old virgin so our heroine dresses up like little red riding hood and takes her virgin ass to the diamond shaped rock and lo the alpha wolf appeareth and they have sexual congressa lotso the moral of this story is if you are an 18 year old virgin at a coed summer camp please be responsible and wait around for an alpha wolf because at least you won't get pregnant

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    I don't often read much erotica but being a lover of the written word in general and all things perverted in particular it's actually uite surprising that I haven't read of the stuff Having recently picked up The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over free on Smashwords I can't say for certain how it compares with the other smut currently on the market but I can state with confidence that Mr Armfield as a writer is just about as perverted as they comeAt first I found the premise a tad absurd — 18 year old girls at summer camp and not as counselors — but then I considered all the hardcore fuckin' they wind up doing out there and so I came to accept the conceitAs should be evident from the title naturally this book involves a rapacious wolf beast having his bad doggy ways with various all too willing victims Members of Team Jacob might fail to recognize their own bestiality fixation but unlike Meyer Armfield makes absolutely no pretense as to the animalistic lust which seems to drive most affairs — especially those between young nubile women and big dicked wolf monstersI must admit that I did find the story humorous than titillating at points and I'm not entirely sure how much of that was intentional but personally I found the balance uite nice Three chuckling chubs

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    I can't really do justice to this read I'm a retiree from the horrible grim dreary UFC cage stage that is heterosexual sex Awful boring stuff I didn't pork teenagers voluntarily when I was one either because teenaged girls are Trouble with a capital OhmyfuckingawdSo a big part of the appeal of the tale sailed past me at a good clip Armfield does manage to make the stage appealingly clever and his credentials as a Dirty Old Man are not in any doubtI hope that as he does writing in the series he spends effort making the transitions less herky jerky and the descriptive passages less obtrusively tonally different from the dialogue Translation Dialogue is as important as description work on itFor me this is filed under Straight People Stuff and can safely be purged from my memories So all of y'all straight people might like it very well particularly men over 35 in long term relationships

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    EDIT I may have come across as prudish in my earlier review so I'd like to make a few additional comments now Some may find it surprising but I don't read erotica I gave that up a LOOOOOOOOOONG long time ago when Penthouse Forum got boring and passé A LONG time ago I find my current reading phase very hard to describe I like weird gross funny unexpected disgusting filthy nasty mayhem crazy unbelievable ridiculous gut busting and guts busting books It is very difficult to keep myself entertained for very long That's probably why I started reading anthologies That said I don't mind reading about naughty little sex whores using their sex to trap as many flies or wolves as they desire Hell who don't? And I don't mean WHORE in a bad way It's just the way it is sometimes Amirite? Summer camp is a magical time in a young girls life where she gets to shed parental authority and enjoy the freedom of self exploration Apparently this is not the summer camp I remember from my girlhood These bitches is crazy Even I thought these girls needed a swift and sound spanking and not in the good way Whores Wow just unbelievably whorish whores from whore island I can't even imagine what kind of crafts these girls might whip up out of glue and macaroni manicotti noodles Well yes I can imagine Oh and there's a very large Alpha male with big wood in the woods but I probably didn't need to tell you that part NOTE TO DONALD Relative to his overall size Alpha needed a much larger penis This one may have been Alpha's cousin on his moms side I'm just sayin' That is all Oh and this

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    Its my book so I can be bias A spicy readI get a lot of talk about this being poorly edit and blah blah Look past that at the concept ITS A STORY TO GIVE YOU A BONNER A rough draft of whats to come from the Alpha Wolf Series

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    I don't really want to read it but the title made me lolwtf? so it had to go on my bookshelf In fact l may need to construct a new lolwtf bookshelf especially for cases like this

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    It was free on smashwords and so I sat down and gave it a goTo be fair this story is erotica than horror but I’m always down for smut However I was disappointed that the Alpha Wolf played such a teensy role The premise of the story is pretty basic slutty step sisters at summer camp discover urban legend about an Alpha Wolf’s insatiable lust for virgins I was hoping to see doggy stalking and frothy teen homicides in the woods but alas I guess there is only so much you can pack into a 3000 word story Anyway the story wasn’t bad Just not what the title advertised The slutty stepsisters got action from human boys than werewolves It was a free story so I don’t feel gipped But yeah don’t go into it thinking you’ll see lots of carnage and beastly transformations This isn’t that kind of story Still I’m glad I picked it up 35 stars out of 5

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    Not sure why everyone has twincest on this story they are step sisters that look like twinsHot little story Would have liked to read about the wolf the only thing that made it sound like a wolf was how he drooled all over her back Some guys do that too lolol Super fast naughty read Will look for by this author

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    I've never read an erotica story before so I'm not uite sure how to rate it I didn't get a boner so I guess I can't give it five stars But I kept being interested in what would happen next so I settled on three starsWhile I was a little distracted by some editing oversights I saw that the author has a strong story telling ability and I'd like to see future work from Mr Armfield But I'd recommend that he use a female pen name because let's face it the story would be way hotter if a chick wrote it When I was a kid and I'd read Penthouse Forum the stories the ladies wrote were always the strongest in my opinion I might have gotten a boner or at least a half chub if I thought the story was written by a girl Maybe there should be a seuel with wolf and less chicks? I dunno Like I said this is new to me

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    When I heard the title I thought okay this should be interesting and indeed it was I'm not really into Erotic fiction but my cousin wrote this and I wanted to give it a try It's written very well and the story lives up to it's title As I was reading I kept picturing a Friday the 13th movie waiting for the Wolf to come but he never did so that left me slightly disappointed It's a bit graphic but hey it's gotta be for a erotic novel right? In all aspects it delivers on the erotic front and if you like a good bizarre and erotic novel then I suggest you read this book also if your look for something different this book will definitely open your eyes

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