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Rebirth Nick Klein’s grandfather was the RocketFor three decades the Rocket and his team were the Heroes League—a team of superheroes who fought criminals in the years after World War IIBut Nick and his friends have inherited than their grandparents' costumes and underground headuarters they've inherited the League's enemies and unfinished businessIn the 1960's Red Lightening betrayed everyone creating an army of supervillains and years of chaos The League never found out why Now Nick and the New Heroes League will have no choice but to confront their past

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    I encountered this story first of all on Podiobooks and it's a testament to how engaging a story it is that I listened to the whole thing despite what I would have to rate as the worst audiobook performance I have ever heard The reader's delivery wasn't just flat; what emphasis he did put in was reliably in the wrong place Second time around several years later I read the ebook and again the story kept me engaged despite the fact that it needs a good editor There are missing words added words missing commas added commas and inconsistent or incorrect apostrophes most notably the author doesn't seem sure whether to put one in Heroes' League or not Nothing truly egregious and I only spotted one minor homophone error but there are uite a few instances of the same issues He credits two editors and many online readers who've spotted a great many typos so I hate to think what it started out looking like More proof if proof were needed that the best predictor of a clean book is a clean manuscript since even a very good editor will miss things if there are too many errors to begin withSo what was this story that kept me so engaged? It's a young superhero's first person story of the revival of the Heroes' League yes the apostrophe should be there started by his grandfather along with some others whose grandchildren are now also teenagers and are also ready to join the new League The narrator is Nick hero name the Rocket who has inherited his grandfather's powered armour and apparently his interest and skill in engineering though not his grandmother's phasing ability it appears It's not clear why in most cases the powers and other abilities have skipped a generation assuming that they have; only one of the fathers is a super as far as Nick is aware though I presume there may be others unrevealed But it leaves the teens with limited guidance and supervision from their elders and they have to figure out the moral dilemmas of superheroism for themselves Nick is often not sure what to do and ends up doing nothing which is realistic though less exciting than the usual headstrong character one often gets in these stories There's a good deal of mundanity in his life and his description alongside the hero issues I think that on the whole this is a feature rather than a bug; it highlights the hero stuff by contrast The plot gradually builds and the action scenes are well distributed and well handled The characters are mostly distinct and well drawn I never could get a handle on Marcus but he's the one Nick knows least well Overall an entertaining story and if I could get some kind of reassurance that it would go past a good editor I would definitely want to read the next one

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    I read this all on the web version which does have a few extra words and missing words on occasion I have not really seen many spelling problems So really Jim Zoetewey does an excellent job of keeping his ongoing work on the web in both tight story and excellent grammar For me though what really helps is that this all take place in Michigan Being a native of Michigan the story brings a slice of home into the world buildingThe Legion of Nothing is mostly the story of Nick and his struggle to live up to his grandfathers expectations while trying to complete high school and stay in his parents good grace His friends and co heroes are all too helpful which is probably really no help until he finally commits to being a heroI don't want to call him a reluctant hero It's just difficult when all his friends Haley Cassie Daniel Vaughn Rachel and Travis have real super powers while he's uite normal If he can be normal having a grandfather who taught him how to make super armor and a martial arts trainer who is an enigmatic mercenaryGoing out to fight crime the first time seems like a great idea on a boring night It uickly turns into a dangerous and deadly turn of events that exposes them to a wide range of super and not so super villains who really don't want anyone interfering with their comfortable lives of crimeIt goes without saying that school is going to interfere with their crime fighting work a lotThis story has it all along with a cast of thousands that I have to admire Jim for being able to keep up with If you liked those old comic heroes and or want to see a little something different then this book is for you There's a lot of that sly humor you get in those books And Jim does such a good job of description and keeping things moving that you hardly notice that there are none of those pictures in each panelCan't wait for the next book And I won't because I'll just keep up with his web siteThanks for a fun read JimJL Dobias author of Cripple ModeHot Electric

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    Michigan's finestBeing a native of Michigan myself I couldn't resist reading this Sick of New York being the only place that has superheroes This is a group of legacy heroes in high school Their parents or brand parents were the predecessors to the Legion I have a soft spot for golden and silver age heroes This story takes place in Grand Lake Michigan There isn't a city in Michigan called Grand Lake I'm assuming this takes place in southwest Michigan There is a Grand Lake body of water but that is in northwest Michigan Both very nice areas of Michigan The main character is Nick better known as the Rocket Iron Man like armor He inherits everything from his grandfather the original Rocket Money H and the Rocket armor Plus accessories His teammates are also descendants of former leaguers They slowly humble along as heroes because they all lack any experience It is well paced and There is action as well as back stories I won't say any If you like DC's Young Justice or Marvel the Champions you will like this Looking forward to the next book

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    Good solid superhero lit

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    LEAGUE OF NOTHING Rebirth by Jim ZoeteweyLEAGUE OF NOTHING is the first storyline in Jim Zoetewey’s series focusing on a league of super hero teens in and around the Grand Lake Chicago area As part of the FBI National Hero Program Super Human Affairs Branch the original league disbanded in 1983 With the resurgence of evil villains the new crop of super heroes are the grandchildren of the original league members The New Heroes League as the media has named them will face off against a group of villains with connections to former league members dead villains and political rivals As the grandchildren and progeny of the original League each of our Heroes and villains manifests the same power and ualities of their grandparent’s line From a town where everyone has a connection to a super hero or villain League of Nothing reads like a comic book story If you are a fan of the latest super hero comic book action movies you may want to take a lookWe are introduced to Nick Klein and his fellow League members and friends who have taken on the persona and identity of their forebearers Nick is the Rocket and story narrator who has inherited the mantle power euipment headuarters and testing lab from his grandfather Cassie is Captain Commando and one of the few females on the team Daniel Cohen aka the Mystic has inherited telepathic powers With his ability to read minds he can also sense the future and change directions during a fight or pursuit Travis and Haley are children of Nightwolf with the ability to blend in the shadows and shape shift the speedy Jaclyn Marcus the Shift with a combination of two super hero powers and Vaughn aka Storm King descendent of Red Lightning with the ability to control the weather and electricity Born without any powers Vaughn has continued in his grandfather’s footsteps using a power elixir and a power impregnator to gain super power and strength But Red Lightning was not a heroThe villains or anti heroes were amassing and their connections led to the possible death of businessman Martin Magnus and a former associate in his office When Nick recognized an Egyptian hieroglyphic marking similar to the Red Lightning insignia Nick informed the FBI as to a possible connection between the two And the FBI found a connection to the power elixir and Magnus The mayor’s office was somehow involved and little did Nick realize that the mayor was not without some power of his own The mayor’s accusations and media campaign to smear the heroes was in full swing And it wasn’t only the New Super Hero League looking to take down the mayor There were other older heroes looking for payback and revenge The New Super Hero League has made a few enemies and bad press and the FBI is refusing to back up or offer support But a call from Magnus proved anything but reassuring to Nick The mayor would prove to be a worthy opponent but someone else was pulling the strings An attack against the young heroes would prove if they worked together as a team nothing could defeat them except for some negative media propaganda and that would be something that would eventually become the Rocket’s responsibilityThere are many other characters both friendly and villainous that at one point I thought I needed a power point to keep everyone aligned Mindstryke as Daniel’s father Man Machine a villain from the old League days Nick’s Uncle Larry aka The Rhino and Jason Swan as the Gray Giant Dark Cloak Vengeance Tomahawk Red Bolt Future Knight and the Elementals To be honest there are many heroes past and present to list but it would take another paragraph or two to list them allThe author uses many references to current day television and media including late night TV board games and video gaming phenomenon With the popularity of many of the current super hero movies THE LEGION OF NOTHING reminds me of a comic book filled with action and adventure that my younger brothers would have read into the late hours of the nightBut a couple of complaints the copious number of costumed heroes and their names It may be difficult for some younger readers to keep everyone organized labeled and named without a spreadsheet And like many premier storylines there is a vast amount of information and back story to digest The final chapter of the book is a flashback to 1953 and the Birth of the Heroes League Legion of Nothing Rebirth is an interesting story ala comic book style including fight scenes bad guys and super hero movesCopy supplied by publishersee all of my reviews at thereadingcafecom

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    The grandchildren of famous superheroes decide to take over and rid the world of all the evil Taking it under themselves to be vigilantes and work their way from stopping petty theft's to fighting well known villain's will prove a bit difficult but not impossible for this young group of SuperheroesI absolutely loved this book Now I was willing to give this book a try because I love me some superheroes but this was totally out of the genres I usually read in Who doesn't love teen superheroes? Come on I know you watch Teen Titan Kick ass superheroes with some eually kick ass powers? I'm in We're first introduced to Nick who's talking with Daniel and Cassie about making their rounds around the neighborhood From there everything picks up and goes into SUPERHERO mode of course All these kids are still in school and they balance their school life and their secret life because no one can know who they are DUH really well Seriously Nick has a curfew to keep and fighting crime past 10 o'clock is a no noI liked that the superheroes were teenagers and that they were just starting to get their group back together and work out a system to fight crime Coming into their prime and bonding together as a team to fight crime and evil is really something else I also liked despite my big romantic heart that there was little to no romance in this book What I didn't like was the big scene skips I think it might just be me though I prefer to read books that flow nice and easy This one had a few bumps but nothing major I feel like the book spanned a good few months from beginning to end But overall I think this book was freakin' awesomeI would definitely recommend this book If you love yourself some superheroes and love books with action then this book is for you This book is definitely action packed and a page turner that will leave you satisfied and wanting by the time you flip to the last page

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    Back in World War II there was a group of Superheroes who fought crime and villains and had their headuarters underground at a downtown shop There were the telepathic the one that could run up to 200MPH the wolf the rocket and These heroes were also family men who had kids and grand kids that had their ability The grand kids one day came up with the idea to do what their grandparents did and fight crime That is where things start to go wrong they have men following them the mayor digging for information on them and the FBI coming up on their government line All this is happening and the kids still go to high school and do daily teenager things all while trying to take the mayor down The part I think I like the best is the 'new' superheroes that knew each other when they were five but didn't keep in much contact except for the 2 best friends became a team They found the best way to work together and to accomplish fighting or outsmarting the things going up against them This book has the action that when thinking of superheroes has you on the seat of your pants to figure out what they will do next The inventions that the grandfather made still work 50 years later and those in themselves are amazing Anything from a car that flies to a state of the ark security system It does have a story that kind of goes on and on that makes you want to get to the action faster but over all you will be glad that you got to 'meet' these kids All in all this was a good book that keeps wanting and I would definitely recommend others that read this genre to try it out for themselvesI would give this book 35 stars

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    In a world where superheroes are real Nick Klein never meant to follow in his grandfather's shoes I first read The Legion of Nothing on a whim I was looking for a new online story to read after finishing Sailor Nothing I wasn't sure what I was walking into a serialized superhero story? But I haven't been disappointed yet Rebirth includes Book I from Zoetewey's website and I highly recommend checking out the rest of the series It's a good solid start The characters are mostly introduced the world is well described and it really does feel like the world from a teenager's POV I keep up with the serialized story online and I'm excited to reread it again in print

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    I've been following the story as it develops online It is a very fun and uniue spin on both the superhero and young adult genres Great insight in the mind of a teenage genius Lots of geeky inside jokes too

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    35 stars

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