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  • Paperback
  • The Ultimate Seduction
  • Janelle Denison
  • English
  • 10 June 2016
  • 9780373790654

About the Author: Janelle Denison

It’s hard for me to imagine that I’ve been writing romances for over twenty years now I started at the young age of 21 just after I got married Reading romances and then writing them came about as a result of having too much time on my hands When I first married my husband Don I was working a regular nine to five job and he worked swing shift from four in the afternoon until midnight It w

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    Hot and Bothered is the third book in the Some Like it Hot series by Erika Wilde Each book is a stand alone but all the novels in the series are good so I would recommend reading them in order I believe that Noah is the only single Sommers sibling and in this book it's the time to change that status I liked the book but to be completely honest I was a little bothered by the whole amnesia plot Natalie was very adamant about not dating Noah and once the amnesia plot began it it was like she let loose and suddenly she was on board for everything Noah tried to dissuade her but in the end he gave up and their faux relationship began When I was reading the book I was liking the flow and everything but then this was popping up in my mind and I was a little thrown off It was like he took advantage of a drunken Natalie in my mind and that's why I am going with 4 stars instead of 5 I would like to see books in the series especially Bobby's story

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    I really enjoyed this story between Noah and Natalie Lots of suspense and mystery going on with twists and turns He's always loved her but when she had an accident that makes her temporarily has her losing her memory Noah steps in to take care of his fiance The story kept me turning the pages and I was waiting to see what would happen if and when she remembered who he really was Loved this story so much

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    ARC Provided by the AuthorWhen you pick up a title by Erika Wilde you know you are going to get a story that blends romance and erotic romance and this one is no exception to that ruleNoah and Natalie are attracted to one another but she is unwilling to become involved with him due to some issues in her past But when she is inured and briefly loses her memory all of the emotions and the attraction are there but without her reasons to deny themwhich is the perfect excuse for Noah to step in especially as he has always wanted This one as she doesn't remember her past and Noah isn't totally truthful with her does have the potential to be a little off putting like he is taking advantage of herbut this is avoided skillfully by the author and the characters so it was not an issueI enjoyed and recommend this title

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    Hot and Bothered is the the third book in the Some Like it Hot series and is giving us Noah and Natalie's story I knew right from the start that I was going to love where this storyline was taking me The characters have such amazing chemistry Get ready for a slow sexy buildup mystery suspense and a swoon worthy leading man Noah is a PI and Natalie is a waitress college student hiding from a past Noah has played it cool when it comes to the lovely and reserved Natalie She has refused his courting for months When a injury leaves Natalie with memory loss the protective Noah finds that he can't help but keep her safe Natalie soon realizes that the right man may have been in her life the whole time Loved it Michele McMullen

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    This book is so good This book has hot romance secrets and suspense I can’t imagine growing up in foster care like Natalie I can understand how she wouldn’t want to get attached to anyone as she was afraid they would leave her But how can you resist Noah? He sounds like someone that is hard to resist Natalie has a secret reason for being in town but hasn’t confided in anyone When something happens and Natalie gets short term amnesia Noah is there to help and protect her I liked his uick thinking to say he is Natalie’s fiancé This begins their close relationship that Noah likes but also feels guilty This is a very good book that I strongly encourage you to read I was given a copy of the book and voluntarily wrote a review

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    My favourite of the series 5 starsI am a huge fan of Erika Wilde’s books she always delivers an interesting tale full of rich characters who always have intense love as well as deliciously sexual connections And this tale is no exceptionHot and Bothered is the third story in the Some Like it Hot series after Hot and Sexy and Hot and Heavy You do not need to have read either of the first 2 book to understand and enjoy this one as each book focuses on a different coupleNoah is our carefree bachelor who has never committed to one woman before I do so love it when a hero falls hard for a heroine and is slightly overwhelmed and confused by all these new feelings Couple that with the fact that Natalie is in real danger and Noah feels the need to protect her and we’ve pretty much got the perfect hero because of course he’s deliciously sexy tooNatalie is as Noah himself states a fascinating mix of different character traits On one hand she’s fairly timid and wary understandable given her history but she’s also feisty knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it as well as being sweet and maternal I really enjoyed her And she’s 50s pin up gorgeous tooAs expected with every Erika Wilde book there’s a huge dose of sexiness incorporated in the story There’s a number of encounters but it never overshadows the main romanceThe same is true of the ‘suspense’ element of the story It’s not nice but it’s also not properly scary thankfully as I’m a complete wimp and wouldn’t be able to cope if it wasThis is a delicious romance with just the right blend of action suspense intrigue romance and sexiness The chemistry between our 2 main characters and the personal obstacles they have to overcome to be together really make their happily ever after worthwhile Loved it 5 stars

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    Apple Worldwide Nook Kobo GoogleNoah has always had a thing for Natalie but his playboy ways have precluded him from ever doing anything about it Then she needs him and he's there for her It's a slightly unusual situation though and reuires a bit of subterfuge on his part When Natalie finds out will it spell the end of their newly developed relationship?I LOOOVED this installment of the Some Like it Hot series actually it's my favorite of them so far Noah and Natalie are such a wonderful couple so hot together with the lie hovering in the background making for a layer of intensity and tension that only added to their chemistry I'm not sure if there's to come in this series but I sure hope so because it's been a ride with these PIs ARC via author for an honest reviewReview Release Blitz Live Through Books Blog Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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    Noah and Natalie are one HOT couple They take a little while to get there but once they do BOOM FireworksNoah is a PI for his brother's business and has been after Natalie for the past nine months but she has been playing hard to get and has no intentions of being caughtNatalie ran away from her past and it plays a big part in why she is reluctant to get close to Noah or anyone for that matter Until one night her past comes back to haunt her and she gets terribly hurt and gets amnesia She remembers most of her past but does not seem to really remember the last few years Noah tells the doctors and everyone else that he is Natalie's finance He mainly does it so he can make sure she is ok and to also help protect her Before she is discharged from the hospital he pretty much moves her stuff into his house and they play at being engaged But Natalie does not know that it is all just to keep her safe she actually thinks that her and Noah are engaged to be married some dayAs the rouse goes on Natalie's past keeps making himself known and she has no idea she should be scared She feels safe with Noah and trusts him but once her memory comes back and she finds out the truth will what the two became all be over?Noah falls and falls hard but he has tremendous guilt over lying to Natalie about the truth about their relationship He knows he needs to tell her the truth before her memory comes back But is it too late? Will he get his heart broken after he handed it to Natalie? Will Natalie be able to forgive the like that Noah created in order to keep her safe?Loved these two A great way to end the series Erika knows how to weave a great story with great characters and have her characters feel so deeply for each other She pulls you in from the first page and you never want to leave the worlds she creates

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    In this new story to the Hot series brings Noah and Natalie into the spotlight Natalie works at a bar that Noah freuents and every chance he gets there is a flirtatious comment One night while she was working Noah walks her out and tries again to get her to go out with him Then something happens and Natalie thinks she sees her past coming at her so she kisses Noah as a distraction That causes her to run and gets into an accident This will cause her to lose a little bit of her memories and Noah to claim her as his fiancée While Natalie is trying to get her memories back Noah is trying to find her stalker They are both living under the same roof and Natalie cannot fight he desire she feels for Noah He tries hard to not give in but sometimes that does not go as you plan it to go Everyday bits and pieces come back to her right up until the moment her past comes face to face with her When she is faced with her past her fight or flight instinct kicks in and her memories flood back What happens to her and Noah once she remembers everything You will only find out if you read their story and you will not be disappointed when you do Their story is filled with intrigue fake engagements amnesia and the love of a good person The plot will pull you in and the characters will keep you engaged with their obvious chemistry and loveI read an ARC and this is my honest review

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    In Erika Wilde's final in the series Some Like it Hot the last Sommers brother Noah has his sights set on Natalie he has openly flirted with her for months but she wouldn't take him up on his offer to go out with him no matter how many times he asked Natalie also wanted to be with Noah but she's keeping a secret from him everyone in her town She's running from an ex who was abusive domineering dangerous All of a sudden things change for Natalie fears come back to haunt her only they were real her ex found her in a split second decision her world turns on its axis Natalie Noah end up living together from that decision only Natalie is still in grave danger Noah who works as a PI at his brothers business sets out to uncover Natalie's secrets who is after her Along with hot off the charts chemistry between them happens as Natalie let's down her walls openly seduces Noah along with a great romantic suspense story keeps the pages turning I absolutely loved this final in the series I could not put it down I read this in one sitting I recieved this book as an ARC I am voluntarily leaving my review for Hot Bothered 

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