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Exile Guardians of Ga'Hoole #14 After I read this book I thought that it was very well written because when I read the title Exile I got confused and at the same time curious about what it is was about As I read through it I started to understand it much This was one of my five top favorites out of the whole series The other four where Legends Of Ga'hoole Battle of the Ember The Burning and The Rescue As I read each of these books so many thoughts about the story raced through my head There are 15 books in total sometimes when I think about when i read the books I wish that they would be one story to the series a 16th book Overall it was a great read and I hope someone takes interest in this Ok so This Book Was AMAZING this is one of my favorites from the whole series the with all of the previous books developing the characters it allows for you to really feel their emotions and allowed me to connect to the book The plot involving The Striga was incredible It totally caught me off guard and I loved it Definitely read this series I am super excited to read the next one these books are getting weirder and weirdera BLUE OWL named striga has gained control over coryn's mind making him EXILE the band as well as making owls burn their so called vanities WHAT THE HGFGEUHFDHDSAHBGRUOFGMGDSDHHCDWAGYJHFMNXBXNCVHJSIEUGFYEJEBFGEJDBFHEHDFBFHDNDHFHSBCHFKWCJKJHBVSDHUIULNFHDBKUNHCKWHFBUWKHFKDFHWKJFHUHEWBUHF This one was good Rather dark I would say The Striga is slowly taking over Coryn's mind Tricking and deceiving him As Striga has said at the heart is decite now the band has been banished It's the classic fight between good and evil It uestions power And it begs the uestion Do we live under power or moral values Exile Jason Clemente 13017 English 10 7th hourAuthor’s Background“Kathryn Lasky has had a long fascination with owls” “She thought she would someday write a nonfiction book about owls” “She realized though that this would indeed be difficult as owls are shy nocturnal creatures” “So she decided to write a fantasy about a world of owls”She “wanted to include as much of their natural history as she could” Kathryn Lasky was born on june the 24th in 1944 and grew up in indianapolis “She received a bachelor’s degree in English from the university of Michigan and a master’s degree in early childhood education from Wheelock college”2 Literary Time Period 2007 was the year the book was published 3 SettingThe setting is the Great Ga’hoole Tree and Ambala the place of the living books4 CharactersSoren Barn Owl Coryn’s adviser Guardian at the treeGlyfie Elf Owl Guardian at the treeTwilight Great Gray Owl Guardian at the treeDigger Burrowing Owl Guardian at the treeOtulissa A teacher or ryb at the tree usually goes with the others on missionsBess Boreal Owl “The Knower” Bess is the keeper of the Palace of MistsStriga a former dragon owlTengshu “ui master and sage of the middle kingdom”6Plot Summary They invited the Striga a blue owl that saved Bell to come back to the tree with them The Striga got Coryn to cancel the harvest festival that was held every year at the tree because the striga wanted to remove what he said was vanities The Striga started giving out blue feathers for a blue feather club which was his means from removing vanities while away from the tree They eventually find out that the Striga was stealing books from the library and burning them after they were sent on a research trip which they were “exiled” by the Striga Some owls in ambala started the place of living books and explained to the band that the blue brigade has been stealing and burning books and other valuables8 Memorable uotes 3 minimum“No pun intended but even the Band seems to have been disbanded” This is one of the scarier books in the series All communities deal with ideas if good and evil Lasky's owls are no different Intense Slowly inexorably the Striga a mysterious blue owl from the Middle Kingdoms gains control over young Coryn's mind An then the unthinkable happens The Band is banished from the Great Ga'Hoole Tree The Striga institutes a harsh new regime that will not stop until learning itself the very foundation of the tree becomes suspect and books are consigned to flame Somehow the Band must open Coryn's eyes to the Striga's malign influence But how They are in exile The Band is exiled from the Tree when an evil blue owl the Striga gizzard washes the young King Coryn Can The Band get rid of the Striga before it’s too late for Coryn I was pleasantly surprised by this fourteenth installment of the Ga’Hoole series There’s a little life left in this series after all Like The Golden Tree the 12th book this installment was an allegorical critiue of organized religion this time it criticized witch hunts censorship and apocalypticism I was a little disappointed at what Lasky did with the Striga’s characterhe seemed so nice in The River of Wind and since we were omniscient and could therefore hear his thoughts you’d think we would have noticed that he had an evil streak in him After all can someone go from wonderful kindness to pure evil in a period of one month In fact time makes no sense in Lasky’s world But I guess that’s what I get for reading children’s fantasy JP Tulacka Guardians of Ga’ Hoole book 14 The Exile is a great book I could hardly stop reading it was so suspenseful The characters are the Soren Gylfie Twilight and Digger which makes up the band Outilisa a noble Spotted Owland and Coryn the King of the Kingdom There also is The Striga who is an evil blue owl who came from the Middle Kingdoms and takes over Coryns mind He convinces Coryn to send the band to go do weather research and once the band has left The Striga has the blue brigade his secret society come in and wait for the night of celebration so that they can take over the great tree and burn all of its vanities and rule the kingdoms I liked this book because I have been a fan of the series for a while now and all of the books are excellent I think you should read it because it makes your imagination go wild I always enjoy the GoG'H books when the Band go off on their special adventures It's always funny because they are such old friends they are always joking or suabbling with each other In this book the Band and the other Guardians of the tree are invaded from the inside by the new owl who has recently taken up residents in the Great Tree This evil owl grows closer and closer to Coryn and farther and farther away from reality The young king is blinded by the new comers evil ways And in the proses the evil owl does the unthinkable he burns books owls and he banishes the band into exile Can the Guardians and the Band defend them selves from such an evil owl whose forces are growing stronger by the day Or will the six owl kingdoms fall into the fatal talons of the evil new comer

  • Paperback
  • 207 pages
  • Exile Guardians of Ga'Hoole #14
  • Kathryn Lasky
  • 15 July 2016
  • 9780439888080

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