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The Orchid Hunter Silhouette Bombshell “IN THE JUNGLE YOU STAY SHARP OR DIE I TRY TO STAY SHARP”More hunter than botanist Dr Jessie Robardshad dedicated her life to tracking down theworld's rarest flowers But finding the DeathOrchid was different The legendary medicinalflower could save her dying uncle—if she couldkeep the precious bloom out of her greedycompetitors' hands But she'd need thanher scientific mind and strong legs to survivethe perils of the This time theindependent adventurer would need thecourage to trust a man she barely knew ona journey into the heart of darkness

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    This is a perfectly crafted story by a master storyteller who's a talented author Lots of action romance and drama in an exotic setting What could one ask?

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    Dr Jessica Robards is an orchid hunter for a private collector a mercenary in competition with others for rare orchids removed illegally from their habitats Her latest assignment is personal Her great uncle has been part of a bogus trial medication study which damaged his heart an her employer says this orchid can provide his cure if found and developed uickly So Jessie heads to the to search but finds a few distractions along the way including a researcher hunting a moth a Yanomamo village entangled with an illegal gold mining operation and her usual competitors out to steal her orchid Good adventure and romance

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    THE ORCHID HUNTER manages to capture the essence of the Silhouette Bombshell line about as well as I've ever seen A highly charged action adventure tale with a romantic subplot Ms Moore has managed to interweave a ton of separate plot elements into a book that is destined to become a feature on your keeper shelf For Jessica Robards keeping her client supplied with the rarest flowers found the world over is a job that takes dedication skill and an unerring sense of survival Linus von Brutten III expects nothing but success from his employee and Jessie refuses to fail This time however the job is personal Von Brutten has promised to save her dying uncle if she brings back him the Death orchid How her employer knew that her uncle a honky tonk owner who suffered horribly from a pharmaceutical research experiment is dying and how to cure him is a uestion that Jessie can't afford to analyze too closely She sets out for rainforests of Brazil and is immediately faced with trouble on all sides Local tribes who simply want her to leave them in peace tough guy CIA agents with unknown agendas and even fellow rivals looking for the same Death orchid all hope to watch Jessica fail But then she meets Rick Kincaid an entomologist studying a moth who just so happens to pollinate the same flower she's hunting for THE ORCHID HUNTER is wonderfully interspersed with detailed accounts of the landscapes that Jessie and Rick wander through rich tellings of the rainforest and its inhabitants and details about flowers that I honestly had never even heard of before Between the kick butt action the steamy attraction between Jessica and Rick and the bad guys hot on their trail THE ORCHID HUNTER is Bombshell at its best

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    This could’ve been great if it wasn’t for the heroine going all James BondIndiana Jones on the reader in the first few chapters For a botanist that was uite a change of paceThe rest of the story pretty much went blah from there and stayed blah until the end I felt absolutely no connection Disappointing

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    not that believable

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    I like her voice so far Just started I really enjoyed this book great writing wonderful sassy narrative voice; intriguing and topical issues in the plot Great job Sandra

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