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The Bridal Bed Lettura scorrevole anche se non è tra i migliori Harmony Ci sono storie che sono proprio tirate per i capelli; la trama di uesto Harmony è basata proprio sul nienteA tratti noioso 375 I would have gladly given this 4 if not for the TSTL heroineSPOILERS SPOILERS Suzanne was a LAWYER Sloane actually said she had a lot of COMMON SENSE? I nearly choked LOL This legal eagle should be a great judge of character right? Maybe he'd been blinded by love When Sloane her beloved fiancé was away on a business trip handling an important case she got a threatening note telling her to leave him She ignored it Then little incidents happened which she dismissed as accidentsuntil one day she was nearly driven off the road The culprit was a socialite who verbally abused and warned Suzanne to leave Sloane or else the next time she won't be so luckyWhat did this independent professional modern woman do? She packed up and left the love of her life without telling him the truth It wasn't even like the psycho threatened to harm Sloane so she had to leave him for his own goodI really felt for Sloane He's pretty much the perfect hero Smart wealthy gentlemanly yet strong and tender He never gave up on Suzanne and their love He knew her better than she did herself The way he stood in the shower letting her punch him repeatedly to vent off OMG There's no doubt Suzanne loved him but she felt insecure not coming from the upper crust Why oh why did she not tell Sloane after he's back? Her reasons were she did not want him distracted during his big case and she refused to divulge the identity of the psycho socialite because she respected the crazy's prominent father I can't evenI wonder at their HEA thoughWhen the next challenge came would she pack her bags and leave again?The island resort was an exotic and beautiful setting How Sloane pulled off this second wedding in the family in the same weekend was touching and impressive This was very typical Helen Bianchin It was a very romantic book and both interesting I really enjoy Suzanne in this book Re The Bridal Bed Helen Bianchin does the fourth book of the Do Not Disturb miniseriesAs this IS HB and we are going to do all things High Fashion HB gives us her hotel setting on Dunk Island a beautiful place along the Great Barrier ReefThis is a very standard HB outing and honestly I can't do a better spoilerization than Naksed's incredibly funny take on this situationBut just for those special little HB flourishes I will give a uick synopsisThe h and H fell in love and he put an engagement ring on it before the story even starts While he was on a business trip the h was stalked and run off the road by a deranged socialite who told the h to get out of her relationship with the H while she was still breathingNormally I would think this was way Over the Top but as this h was from a regular middle class background and a hard working lawyer I could appreciate that she just did not feel up to the daily cat fights that seem to be so much a part of HB's High Society Tho the h seemed to positively luxuriate in all the wardrobe changes So the h moved out with only a note for the H He stormed into her office at her legal firm but the h is determined to stay away She refused to press charges because the Deranged Socialite who never appears in person on page has a very prominent father and the h respects him hence the discretion about hauling his daughter into a police stationI like Naksed's explanation for this tomfoolery a lot better thoSo when the story starts we walk right into the h's Huge Mopey Moment We only get four or five showers the entire book too and one of them was the H and h sharing because the HP Water Conservation Commission dropped a warning for HB's excessive consumptionThat means that when the h's mum calls up and announces her weekend wedding on Dunk Island to the H's father we have to do a full wardrobe evaluation a lot of moisturizing and lipstick color consultations are mandatory but there were no specialized bath products demonstrated during the making of this romanceWe get some H POV in this one and HB makes it clear that the H is going to manipulate this situation for all he is worth he isn't leaving Dunk Island without a firm ball and chain wrapped around his girlSo the h and H meet for dinner and the battle strategy is to pretend the engagement is still a thing The h and H will need to share a room because a HB mum is all about the female boudoir sharing liberation thing and actually expects the h to dig right in there and put all out for her man In a very lady like and discrete way of courseWe all go to Dunk Island and we get a LOT of food porn HB was reading Charlotte Lamb again and some interesting bikini descriptions with a copious amount of sunscreen application We also get some nice Dunk Island travelogue too for those HP Voyagers who like the descriptive background informationEventually the H who is touted as one of the world's great legal minds figures out that the h was threatened For once he tells the h she should have called the police and the h explains about the Deranged Socialite father situationThe h refuses to name any names but the H doesn't have to work to hard to deduce the responsible part and puts his minions into action Meanwhile he does his sneaky sharing a bedroom with the h moves and manages to resume the lurve club purple passion bouncingThe h's mother and the H's dad have a lovely wedding and we get imported High Society day trip guests at the wedding We also get the reuisite HB High Society verbal cat fight but the Deranged Socialite was left off the guest listAfter the big night of boudoir bliss the h's heart just can't say no when the H pulls out a special license and demands the h marry him in the morning The H also reveals that he called the Deranged Socialite's dad and got her discreetly shipped off to a mental hospitalWith the murderous Socialite getting the care she desperately needs the h and H are free to marry and make their own way HB gives us two solid chapters of Dunk Island Romantic Bliss and a very nice H True Love and Devotion Forever declarationWe leave the H and h married and in love and celebrating the rosy sunset with a kiss Now we can all pull out our revered bottle of Veuve Clicuot and raise a glass to HB's new awareness of water conservation and another Pink Sparkly HB HEA outing The wedding deceptionSuanne was thrilled that her mother was remarrying But everyone expected her to attend the wedding with her own fiance the very gorgeous Sloane Wilson Wlloughby the bridegroom's son How could Suzanne admit their engagement was offBut Sloane had a plan For the weekend of the wedding they'd play the part of a happy soon to be married couple Which meant sharing a suite and a bed And secretly Sloane also intended bringing about the second family wedding of the weekend DO NOT DISTURB Anything can happen behind closed doors

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