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The Little Secret Jane is the only one to befriend the strange new girl in her class All the other children think Staffa is weird with her paper white skin strange way of speaking and funny old fashioned clothes But Jane thinks Staffa is fun This is a contemporary fairytale full of mad invention adventure and colourful characters Excited to find a new children's book imagine my disappointment when I found it a great chore to finish it In fact I skipped a great deal of the last several chapters A girl Jane with many brothers is befriended by a little girl Staffa who is basically Wednesday Adams Staffa's mother is a torrentially overdone villain as though someone were trying way to hard to make another Nanny McPhee or other odd character only evil I love surprises and fantasy Characters riding a bumble bee? No problem Characters who are really elf mice in disguise? Love it However I cannot tolerate unbelievable actions For example would you as a mother of a 12 year old girl allow her to leave the country for several weeks with a girl she has only known for a few months? I think not Further would you as a mother allow said 12 year old girl to go to such a place where cellphones are not allowed and she can only converse with you via post cards? I think not againThis book was full of ridiculous actions such as these I give you another example Character A tells character B where character C is Character B comments therefore making the reader realize that she knows exactly what's going on and where he is Two pages later Where's character C? Uh he would be where you were told he was 5 seconds ago And then she acts all surprised with his predicament an emotional reaction she did not have in that prior 5 second window The plot was beyond obvious to any leveled reader yet the characters seemed completely baffled by results of theirs and others actions That and by the end of the book I was literally gagging with the constant mention of sweets Whole cakes for every meal? GagAnother major flaw was the writing or lack of variant writing One example that I pointed out to my husband was three sentences in a row all starting with She looked These were not written in such as fashion as to make a statement or be funny Even my husband noticed and that's not his forte Repetition was rampant in this book Pronoun verb object pronoun verb object There were no varying structures or even vocabularyNow one could surmise that this was because it was written for children Any human being whether children or adult could not possibly enjoy this fashion unless they were still on the Dick and Jane series This book was far thicker than its apparent intended audience When I pick up a children's book that is written for a younger audience than I prefer I place it down and do not review it But this book was presented in an older format as though for an older audience It drove me crazy Even though Jane was reluctant at first she and the new girl at school Staffa become close friends Even Staffa’s controlling mother Lady Matilda is happy with their growing friendship Lady Matilda even gains permission to have Jane join her and Staffa on their summer vacation As their vacation begins Jane notices that Lady Matilda acts strangely around a small beautifully painted box that she warns the girls never to touch When the group reach their destination on a lonely Scottish island the box is opened and all three of them are sucked into the miniature world inside In this world Lady Matilda is an oppressive ueen over her children and subjects But when she tries to control Jane’s future Lady Matilda underestimates Jane’s powerful potential Saunders creates a uniue fairy tale adventure in The Little Secret In this world bugs are the means of transportation and food and sugar is a valuable commodity But in this micro kingdom ueen Matilda is a dictator that forces anyone including her children to obey her every whim When Jane is tricked into joining the Matilda’s kingdom Jane becomes the lynchpin that inspires a kingdom wide revolution A smartly written and lively tale with great descriptions and details told from an insect like perspective Fans of such classic children’s books like Stuart Little or The Borrowers would enjoy Saunders story Great for young readers ages 8 and up Found on Children's Compass Chronicle childrenscompasschronicleblogspotcom One Sentence Review I think the problem with this book wasn't the writing which was nice but not particularly gripping so much as the extremely unfortunate illustrations which caused me to repeatedly cringe while reading When Jane is invited to spend her summer vacation with her new—but admittedly odd—friend Staffa it feels like a dazzling daydream Jane is lured by the promise of beautiful gowns as delicate as cobwebs fancy parties as elegant as castle balls and fun than she can possibly imagine But there’s something menacing about the gleam in Staffa’s mother’s eyes Something not uite right about the long drive over the hills of Scotland Something strangely alluring about the mysterious glowing box she is told she must never open Never ever for any reason Until of course it is opened on her behalf If Jane goes home with Staffa—if she enters the world of the box—will she be trapped forever? Or will she become every girl’s secret idea of a princess? from book coverThis delightful story made me laugh out loud in places Filled with themes of friendship determination and over coming obstacles this story is just the right mix of fantasy and adventure This story would make a great read aloud and is a 2010 2011 Maine Student Book Award Nominee

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • The Little Secret
  • Kate Saunders
  • English
  • 06 February 2016
  • 9780333997727

About the Author: Kate Saunders

Kate Saunders born 1960 is an English author actress and journalist The daughter of the early public relations advocate Basil Saunders and his journalist wife Betty née Smith Saunders has worked for newspapers and magazines in the UK including The Sunday Times Sunday Express Daily Telegraph She and CosmopolitanShe has also been a regular contributor to radio and television with appe

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